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Nutrition is key to sports performance
Good nutrition is an important aspect to athletic training. There's no substitute or supplement for a balanced diet, as Kacie Vavrek, MS, RN, LD, expl...
4 years ago - 147,520 views
How Should Athletes Diet? | High Performance Sports Nutrition Tips For Athletes
What foods should athletes eat? How should athletes diet? These are questions that athletes and coaches ask all of the time. Olympic Strength and Cond...
10 months ago - 45,443 views
Meet the Experts: Nutrition Tips for Young Athletes - Food, Supplements, Hydration
What types of food do young athletes need to eat? Are sports supplements safe for teens? What are the top 3 foods every athlete needs in their kitchen...
12 months ago - 9,416 views
The Young Athlete: Eating for Sports Performance | Oakdale OBGYN
Are you raising a young athlete? Registered dietitian (and mom of two) Kim Plessel explains how whole, nutritious foods can give them an edge in the g...
6 years ago - 9,401 views
Sports Nutrition & Hydration for Youth Athletes
Sports nutrition and hydration for youth athletes-understand the science of how athletes should eat. Athlete's diet optimization presentation from UCS...
6 years ago - 37,529 views
Vegan Diets for Athletes! | Better Endurance and a Healthier Heart
Many vegan athletes report that a plant based diet provides them with an edge. Now, a new study backs them up with science! Learn why vegan athletes h...
3 years ago - 126,782 views
What does the diet of an Olympic athlete look like?
A look at what some Olympic atheletes eat every day.
3 months ago - 102,227 views
Endurance Athlete Nutrition | Carbohydrates
Today we look at some of the most recent scientific reviews relating to nutrition guidelines for healthy adult endurance athletes. We specifically tak...
9 months ago - 10,303 views
Top 11 Superfoods For Endurance Athletes | Healthy Foods For A Balanced Diet
Supporting your triathlon training with a healthy balanced diet is essential to performance. In this video, we look at which superfoods can give you t...
3 years ago - 350,900 views
My Diet As An Endurance Athlete | FULL DAY OF EATING
GET MY NUTRITION COURSE HERE: Subscribe: Watch More here and below: ...
1 year ago - 536,551 views
Athlete's diet: Eating like an Olympian
CNN's Phil Han takes a look at what some athletes have to eat in order to stay ahead of the game.
9 years ago - 238,609 views
Donovan Mitchell Shares the Diet That's Keeping Him Ripped | Eat Like a Celebrity | Men's Health
Utah Jazz shooting guard Donovan Mitchell gives us a rundown of his diet while social distancing — breakfast, lunch and dinner– breaking down the ...
1 year ago - 464,207 views
Here's What Olympic Athletes Typically Eat
You've heard the stories: Swimming legend Michael Phelps downing 12000 calories per day. Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, eating 1000 Chicken...
3 months ago - 11,764 views
How Dwyane Wade's Chef Created His NBA Diet | The Assist | GQ Sports
Richard Ingraham has been the personal chef to former Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade and actress Gabrielle Union since 2004. An athlete's diet is an impo...
1 year ago - 168,685 views
I Dieted Like A Vegan Pro Athlete For 30 Days
"Honestly finishing these workouts while changing my diet is very concerning." Quinton loves to work out and has always thought that he needed to eat ...
1 year ago - 894,431 views
Low Carb Diets For Endurance Athletes
LowCarbDiet #EnduranceAthlete #Biolayne Citation: [ Low Carb Diets for athletes are the topic of intense debat...
1 year ago - 18,460 views
How Boxer Badou Jack’s Nutritionists Prep His Meals | The Assist | GQ Sports
Most UFC champions are about 36 or 37-years-old, so if you want to win, you need longevity, and if you want longevity, you need perfect nutrition. Sur...
2 years ago - 875,024 views
How to Properly Fuel Your Body for Peak Performance | Nutrition for Athletes
04:52 Sports Nutrition Coach — Clients are demanding a trainer and coach with extensive k...
3 years ago - 10,580 views
Periodisation of nutrition for track and field athletes, Trent Stellingwerff
International Conference on Medicine and Science in Athletics Periodisation of nutrition for track and field athletes, Trent Stellingwerff https://www...
2 years ago - 904 views
What Athletes Eat Before They Compete
Find out what LeBron is really full of... Share on Facebook: Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: Share on ...
7 years ago - 9,639,679 views
Best Nutrition Guidelines for Athletic Performance | Overtime Athletes
Performance Nutrition Out Now! ==================================== Vertical Jump ...
2 years ago - 33,543 views
Meal Prep For Athletes | What I Eat As A Professional Athlete
Mealprep #Athletenutrition #mealprepping Meal Prep For Athletes | What I Eat As A Professional Athlete // Your nutrition is 100% crucial when it comes...
1 year ago - 27,229 views
Lean Protein: Important For Athlete's Diet
Like carbohydrates, protein-rich foods are an important part of a youth sports diet. The best diet contains adequate, but not excessive, protein to bu...
10 years ago - 1,303 views
49ers Dietitian Discusses NFL Athletes and Emerging Nutrition Science
NFL players hit harder, run faster, and jump higher than ever before. That means they need all the help they can get in fueling peak performance and r...
3 years ago - 40,424 views
LeBron James' Insane Diet (Don't Try This On Thanksgiving)
34-year old LeBron James is on the verge of another MVP season. Want to be the next Bron? You're going to have to eat like him first. IMAGINE TRYING T...
2 years ago - 532,780 views
What Do Pro Athletes Eat? | Food Intolerance | Triathlete Nutrition | Team Charles-Barclay
Ever wondered about the diet of a pro athlete? Lucy and Reece dive into to the meals and snacks that they eat on a normal training week, and what it t...
2 months ago - 183,750 views
Eating for gold: What do athletes eat to compete?
Athletes like Venus Williams, Diana Taurasi, Maya Moore, Gwen Jorgensen, Kyle Snyder, Connor Jaeger, Tori Bowie, Joe Kovacs, Simone Manuel and Alise ....
5 years ago - 205,442 views
SIMPLE Food Schedule for Athletes! (WHAT TO EAT AND WHEN TO EAT IT)
SIMPLE Food Schedule for Athletes! (WHAT TO EAT AND WHEN TO EAT IT) // If you're looking for healthy food for athletes or nutrition for athletic perfo...
1 year ago - 24,956 views
An athlete's diet
Olympic athletes are known to consume anywhere from 1200 to 10000 calories per day depending on their caloric needs and whether are trying to lose, .....
9 years ago - 10,383 views

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