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Travel Diary #5 | Cara ke Jungfraujoch, Switzerland
Hello Guys ! Dalam video ini aku menjelaskan cara ke Top of Europe Jungfraujoch yang berada di Interlaken. Switzerland adalah negara favorit di Euro T...
4 years ago - 67,731 views
Visit to Jungfraujoch, Switzerland / Jalan-jalan ke Jungfrau, Swiss
Akhirnya tercapai keinginan untuk mengunjungi salah satu gunung es tertinggi di Eropa.. Jungfraujoch Mountain.. dan Swiss adalah salah satu negara yan...
2 years ago - 48 views
Lauterbrunnen, Indahnya Seperti di Negri Dongeng | Swiss Vlog
Di Video ini Saya dan temen-temen jalan-jalan ke kota Lauterbrunnen di Swiss. Ternyata beneran indahnya seperti di negeri Dongeng. Kota Lauterbrunnen ...
4 years ago - 386,113 views
Switzerland Train Journey l Interlaken to Jungfraujoch
Switzerland #Train #Jungfrau #Travel It was dream come true for us. We took a train for Jungfrau ( or Jungfraujoch) from Interlaken East. The train jo...
3 years ago - 395,123 views
Jungfrau Switzerland Travel Tips & Things To Do in Jungfraujoch
Do you need travel tips and information about things to do in Jungfrau Switzerland? On this episode we share travel tips and things to do around Jungf...
2 years ago - 13,169 views
Should you visit the Jungfraujoch in Switzerland?
Should you visit one of the most popular tourist destinations in Switzerland - the Jungfraujoch? It's amazingly beautiful, but also has a very high ti...
2 years ago - 5,943 views
GRINDELWALD JUNGFRAUJOCH Top of Europe Switzerland 4K 🇨🇭 What to do in Switzerland in Summer
Switzerland video 2020 Grindelwald Jungfraujoch Top of Europe Switzerland - What to do in Switzerland in Summer Berner Oberland Bahn Train ride from ....
11 months ago - 56,970 views
Jungfrau Switzerland Travel Guide - The Top of Europe
A travel guide for riding the train to the Jungfrau in Switzerland and exploring the Jungfraujoch, the Top of Europe. The Jungfrau is one of Switzerla...
4 years ago - 135,390 views
PART 2 | JUNGFRAU | TOP OF EUROPE | SWITZERLAND | TRAVEL VLOG 7 Hi guys! Welcome to the second part of my trip to Switzerland. For this episode, we .....
1 year ago - 2,333 views
The BEAUTIFUL Jungfrau Region Switzerland | VLOG 014
From Interlaken to Lucerne and everywhere in between, including the picturesque Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald. We can't wait to hear what you think of...
3 years ago - 5,629 views
DOUBLE RALLY KINGDOM 1945 to KINGDOM 1846 - Rise Of Kingdoms Indonesia
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5 days ago - 3,461 views
Europe trip to Netherland, Switzerland ,Austria|Belgium |Belgium |Switzerland train trip 2018
Hi guys! I am very excited to show my trip to Europe. We went many places to Explore their culture, food,sports ,languages and shopping ....We starte...
4 years ago - 1,000 views
Exploring Top of Europe | Mata Mata
Dahlya Maryana, Mata-Mata Narasi TV di Swiss mengajak kita jalan-jalan seharian menjelajahi pegunungan Jungfraujoch, puncak tertinggi di Eropa. Nggak ...
3 years ago - 4,232 views
Jungfrau & Grindelwald Switzerland - The Best Swiss Alps
Booking a trip - Start here - All the hiking and camera gear we love - Subscribe here -
3 years ago - 220,429 views
INTERLAKEN Switzerland Video 2020 🇨🇭 Travel Walking Tour 4K Ultra HD 🌼 Swiss Alps Travel Diary
Switzerland tour 2020 A Travel Walking Tour through Interlaken, the beautiful city between two Lakes [Switzerland Video 2020] This travel walking tour...
1 year ago - 310,752 views
Highest Railway Station In Europe | Jungfraujoch In Switzerland | Europe To The Maxx
At an altitude of 3454 meters, Jungfraujoch is Europe's highest railway station. Its construction was a pioneering technical achievement, carved by co...
2 years ago - 3,223,099 views
Tips & Things to do in the Jungfrau Region, Switzerland (Winter edition)
The Swiss Alps is where it's at in winter so I teamed up with SnowTrex to check out the ski resorts and things to do in the Jungfrau Region to give yo...
5 years ago - 53,604 views
GIRLS DIARY - Cerita Tentang Gunung Eiger Dan Desa Grindelwald Di Swiss (4/11/18) Part 1
GIRLS DIARY =============================================== TAYANG SETIAP HARI SABTU & MINGGU PUKUL 14.30 WIB ...
3 years ago - 15,861 views
Jungfraujoch Switzerland: Is it Worth It - Top of Europe - with kids and family - tour in 4K
We've spent a month in the Jungfrau Region of Switzerland and finally spent the money! In "Switzerland 4k: Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe - with kids an...
2 years ago - 1,647 views
Jungfraujoch - Europe's Highest Train - The Top of Europe
P L E A S E • S U B S C R I B E - Jungfraujoch not only steals your breath with it's pristine views it also takes it away due ...
3 years ago - 13,649 views
Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe
Icy air streams across your face, snow crunches under your feet, and the view nearly takes your breath away: on one side the view of the Mittelland up...
4 years ago - 161,593 views
@hildaswiss goes to Jungfrau Joch, Top of Europe in Switzerland
Hallo! Minggu, 23 May 2021 kita berdua menyempatkan diri liburan lokal ke Jungfrau Joch, yang terkenal dengan jargonnya Top of Europe yang ada di kant...
6 months ago - 427 views
Zermatt Switzerland – Best Things to do during Winter – Beautiful Alpine Panorama [Travel Guide]
Zermatt is the place to seek amazing panoramic views up in the Swiss Alps. One of the world's most famous peaks can be spotted in here: The iconic ...
8 months ago - 361,563 views
GRINDELWALD Switzerland Video 4K Ultra HD 🇨🇭 one of the best places to visit in Switzerland
Switzerland tour 2020 The Alpine Mountain Glacier Village Grindelwald is one of the best places to visit in Switzerland! [Switzerland Video 2020] This...
1 year ago - 485,094 views
EPIC SAVAGE!! Destroy Everything! 92.6 Win Rate of Lapu-lapu by Learning. - Mobile Legends
EPIC SAVAGE!! Destroy Everything! 92.6 Win Rate of Lapu-lapu by Learning. - Mobile Legends Find Learling. on 〣 ...
11 months ago - 341,552 views
Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland's most beautiful Village
Lauterbrunnen is perhaps the most beautiful village in Switzerland. Located in the swiss Alps valley, it is also known as the waterfalls village as it...
2 years ago - 15,741,334 views
GRINDELWALD FIRST │ SWITZERLAND. Day trip to Mt. First explained. Stunning Swiss Alps views.
In this episode, we show you how to get to Grindelwald First by cable car, and all the tourist attractions along the way: First Glider, First Flyer, m...
2 years ago - 673,446 views
Hiking in Jungfrau Inn-to-Inn Trip
The Jungfrau region is, quite simply, one of the most beautiful places on earth, and a Jungfrau hiking tour is the vacation of a lifetime. It's a glis...
5 years ago - 4,673 views
Grindelwald , Most Beautiful Village in Switzerland , Swiss Valley | grindelwald first [ 4K ]
Grindelwald , Most Beautiful Village in Switzerland , Swiss Valley | grindelwald first Grindelwald Village in Switzerland Grindelwald, a village i...
10 months ago - 931,512 views
Should you buy the Swiss Travel Pass? | Switzerland Trains
If you want to travel in Switzerland you will ask yourself, if you should buy the Swiss Travel Pass? The Swiss Travel Pass is a ticket that is valid i...
2 years ago - 16,721 views

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