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About English Heritage
Discover how English Heritage cares for over 400 historic buildings, monuments and sites - from world-famous prehistoric sites to grand medieval castl...
7 years ago - 23,645 views
Bagaimana bertanya khabar dalam BI/english
Sebut hi dan hello dengan mudah. Simple english.
2 days ago - 12 views
English Learning: How to Express Condolonces
In this ESL learning video, we will learn how to express condolences.
2 years ago - 206 views
How to describe personality and character in English (with pronunciation)
This English vocabulary lesson will teach you how to describe character and personality in English with adjectives and British accent pronunciation. I...
3 years ago - 652,025 views
5 Things You Can Do Today To Improve Your English
In this English lesson I'll teach you 5 neat little things you can do to stay motivated while learning English. As any learner knows the secret to suc...
2 days ago - 22,494 views
QnA bareng Bule Brazil | Bagaimana English disana??
Hello there! Kali ini saya kembali mengundang teman saya dari Brazil buat cerita tentang Bagaimana Bahasa Inggris disana Nah, ga ada salah nya kan k...
1 year ago - 245 views
How to speak English CONFIDENTLY | My Top 5 Tips
How to speak English confidently! Visit my website for free PDFs and an interactive pronunciation tool!​ MY SOCIAL MED...
5 years ago - 787,366 views
How to get better English | Bagaimana caranya biar Bahasa Inggris kita jadi bagus | The Onthel PARE
How to get better English | Bagaimana caranya biar Bahasa Inggris kita jadi bagus | The Onthel PARE @Ahmad Mustaghfirin PARE.
4 months ago - 72 views
What’s The Problem With This? - Return of goods| English for Real Life
What should you do in case you want to return a new product? Watch the video to learn how people deal with this situation! Learn English and improve g...
2 days ago - 21,943 views
BATHROOM VOCABULARY | Learn English Vocabulary
Vanity, plunger, faucet, and so much more! Learn English vocabulary for the bathroom. SUBSCRIBE!:, Study with me in a FREE mini-c...
5 days ago - 22,527 views
(Part 1/3) Ini Cara Paling Senang Nak Improve English
Subscribe to Youtube Jai & Pink di Hentak Melantak atau link bawah: Part 1: Cara untuk ...
2 years ago - 305,538 views
Blippi Wonders - Ocean Sea Creatures! | Blippi Animated Series | Cartoons For Kids
Blippi's trusty BlippiMobile safely transports him to a whole new underwater world! He dives into the sea, where he gets an ocean tour from a local re...
2 days ago - 483,082 views
Bagaimana Bilang "SUDAH" Dalam Bahasa Inggris II Sudah In English II Bahasakuinggris
Hello sahabat bahasaku .. Bagaimana kabar kalian, Pada kesempatan kali ini, kita akan belajar tentang '' Makna ' SUDAH' Dalam Bahasa Inggris yuk belaj...
1 year ago - 2,678 views
Dokter 24 - Stroke Berbahaya, Bagaimana Tanda dan Gejalanya ? (with English Subtitle)
Terkadang, penyakit Stroke tidak diketahui datangnya. Tiba-tiba menyerang dan membuat penderitanya kewalahan. Tahukah Anda, bahwa sesungguhnya ada ...
4 years ago - 1,259 views
6 Ways to Speak English FAST (Like a NATIVE)
Today's lesson is all about connected speech! We're talking about 6 ways you can cut and reduce sounds just like native English speakers do! So this l...
6 days ago - 17,202 views
YARGI epi - 12 | English subtitles | en español subtítulos| Pinar Deniz kaan Urgancioglu
Trailer of episode 12 Yargi which continues to attract great attention on the Kanal D has been released, so what happened in the trailer Here are the ...
14 hours ago - 1,350 views
ALIBABA Group KURSUS MARKETPLACE Bagaimana Sukses Marketing Online Training [ Indonesia - English ]
Alibaba Group Kursus Marketplace Sukses Marketing Online Training, 5 Desember 2017 kemarin kami mengikuti Alibaba Group Course Marketplace, beberapa ....
4 years ago - 527 views
Mega Live - Bagaimana anak anda mampu terer English
Mega Live bersama PLF Faris dan PLF Rafizah untuk membincangkan tentang cara dan tips anak-anak mampu kuasai Bahasa Inggeris.
3 months ago - 9 views
Bagaimana Menguasai 4 Skiil Dasar Bahasa Inggris ini ? ( Cara Mudah Memahami English Basic )
Orang yang fluently in english pasti menguasai ke empat skiil ini, kemampuan dasar bahasa inggris ini bisa dipelajari secara otodidak tanpa harus kurs...
1 year ago - 44 views
How To Respond In English To UNUSUAL Situations? Useful Everyday English Phrases | Learn English
How To Respond In English To UNUSUAL Situations? Useful Everyday English Phrases | Learn English #evrydayenglish #englishphrases #letstalk ...
4 days ago - 30,712 views
Bagaimana Penggunaan Kata Will dan Would - 60 Second English (Bro. Rian)
MRBOBSUPERSERU #KAMPUNGINGGRIS #KAMPUNGINGGRISPARE Hallo Guys How life. Great.......... Excellent..........Yey....! Hari ini kita akan membahas ...
2 years ago - 278 views
Bagaimana ya cara berkenalan dalam bahasa Inggris? ENGLISH SUBJECT 2nd grade "Introduction"
Video ini berisi tentang materi pembelajaran "introduction" untuk anak kelas 2 SD/MI. #study #english #introduction #belajar.
5 months ago - 185 views
How And Why Did The Standard Of English In Our Schools Decline?
To destroy a nation, there is no need to drop bombs or use violent threats. Just mess around with the education system. Destroy the future of our chil...
6 days ago - 28,973 views
Belajar Bahasa Inggris Online 6 Bulan Bagaimana Hasilnya? | Digital English Program Bersama PDSM!
Industri pariwisata lokal kian melesu semenjak pandemi. Hal ini tentu berdampak juga kepada industris pariwisata di dalam negeri. Menyikapi tantangan ...
1 year ago - 1,700 views
Kelas Inspirasi : English Everyday, Want to Try?
EnglishEveryDay #KelasInspirasi #InstitutTazkia.
11 months ago - 14 views
Episode 3 Belajar Bersama Diyah Adikara kali ini membahas tentang belajar Bahasa Inggris dari Miss Amida Yusrina S.I.Kom, M.I.Kom, seorang dosen ...
9 months ago - 65 views
Bagaimana Terapkan Grammar Dalam Kehidupan Sehari-hari? World English Kampung Inggris pare (WE)
Hallo english learners!! kali ini kita coba yuk terapkan penggunaan grammar yang kalian bilang susah itu, kedalam kehidupan sehari-hari, seperti apa j...
2 months ago - 342 views

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