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10 Reasons Why The INFJ and INTJ Are Highly Compatible
10 Reasons Why The INFJ and INTJ Are Highly Compatible. INFJ and INTJ relationships in the world are absolutely rare since each personality is also ra...
2 years ago - 47,954 views
INTJ - INFJ Relationship
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9 months ago - 4,416 views
INFJ & INTJ Compatibility and Comparison: Friendships, Relationships and Dynamics!
infj #intj #authortube #16personalities If you would like to support my efforts creating awesome content!!! BUY THE BOOK! It's an epic Supernatural Fi...
3 months ago - 2,009 views
These Are The Reasons Why INTJ and INFJ Fall In Love
Uncover the person behind A USERNAME - Medically Proven Solution to Anxiety - ...
2 years ago - 10,459 views
INFJ Female and the INTJ Male Relationship | Is it the best it can get for the INFJ Female?
In this video I discuss the success or failure of the INFJ female and the INFJ male relationship. At first glance it looks like it might work but base...
1 year ago - 9,847 views
How INFJs see INTJs and vice versa
Get to know your INFJ: This chat is a response to a message from an INFJ viewer, who says: Wish you were ...
10 years ago - 33,505 views
A brief description of how INTJs and INFJs behave in relationships. Join our couples course at
4 years ago - 2,470 views
Female INFJ-Male INTJ Relationship
Describe an INFJ-INTJ relationship - its challenges and advantages.
7 years ago - 15,519 views
Are you curious about INTJ & INFJ relationships? What is their dynamic like? What are the difficulties and what do they enjoy about each other? Come h...
4 months ago - 1,061 views
INFJ Compatibility | INFJ and INTJ Relationship | INFJ Best Match | INFJ Relationships
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7 years ago - 22,534 views
[Top] 2 MISLEADING Differences - INFJ vs INTJ Personality Types | MBTI
Can you tell them apart? INFJ vs INTJ? It can be challenging since there is so much overlap between the 2 - and a lot of misconceptions. In Today's vi...
2 months ago - 2,894 views
APA ITU INTJ ? | MBTI BAHASA INDONESIA | 16 Tipe Kepribadian | 16Personality | 16 Personalities
Hi, ini link Instagram aku ya @andellaromelia , spy kt bisa jadi teman . Bagi kamu yg ingin mendapatkan akse...
2 years ago - 26,450 views
Dinamika Percintaan INTJ-INTJ part 1
Dapatkan postingan MBTI terupdate di Instagram Yosua Squad! Anda bebas untuk merepost setiap postingan MBTI yang ada di Instagram kami. Instagram ...
4 weeks ago - 221 views
INTJ on Dating // INTJ Lair
An INTJ shares her thoughts and experiences on dating, and gives advice to other INTJs on how to approach finding new relationships and love. For more...
4 years ago - 12,407 views
How to Develop the Se Inferior Function for the INFJ (& INTJ)
This video describes some of the reasons for the love / hate relationship that INFJ's can have with their Se Inferior Function, and offers a simple bu...
8 years ago - 21,000 views
INFJ and INTJ: Ni Hero (Introverted Intuition)
In this series, we talk about how Introverted Intuition (Ni) presents in the hero position (For the INFJ and the INTJ). We also cover topics like Hero...
1 year ago - 2,788 views
16 Reasons INTJs Fail in a Relationship (And How To Fix Them)
INTJs often encounter relationship struggles in view of the fact that they expect their partners to comprehend their unique gifts. Numerous, INTJs hav...
12 months ago - 5,554 views
10 Things INTJs Want in a Relationship
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12 months ago - 45,164 views
How do HSP (Highly Sensitive) INTJs differ from other INTJs? // INTJ Lair
An HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) INTJ discusses how the added sensitivity could make us behave in slightly different ways than other INTJs that could ...
4 years ago - 11,207 views
The 16 Personalities and Their Matching ZODIAC SIGNS
The 16 Personalities and Their Matching ZODIAC SIGNS. Here we have a converging lesson on astrology and psychology. While astrology tends to look up t...
2 years ago - 45,440 views
How to make an INTJ fall for you | 8 ways to make an INTJ fall in love with you | Mindimalist
I'm revealing in this video some of the secrets of the INTJs!!! I have made a compilation of eight relevant ways in which you can get closer emotional...
4 months ago - 3,441 views
How to Earn an INFJ's Trust
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9 months ago - 2,841 views
INTJ Relationship Compatibility | MBTI Dating Matches | INTJ Dating, Romance
INTJ relationship compatibility: What are the MBTI types that are most compatible with the INTJ personality type for marriage, dating, and romance? In...
8 months ago - 5,022 views
7 Weaknesses of the INFJ Personality Type
INFJs have a number of great qualities and strengths including their creativity, compassion, interpersonal insight and selfless devotion. But as with ...
3 years ago - 222,178 views
What INTJ & INFP Think About INFJs
An INTJ and INFP discuss how we relate to INFJs as friends, both through our own experiences and Socionics relationship theory as comparative and ...
4 years ago - 41,365 views
Don't Take Things Personally When Dating an INFJ, An INTJ Says
I create videos about #INFJs and the INFJ personality type. INFJs are an MBTI personality type (there are 16 of them), and if you want to learn more a...
7 months ago - 1,145 views
10 Things That Make INTJs Happy
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12 months ago - 35,238 views
Why The INFJ Must Keep Their Third Eye Closed
Why The INFJ Must Keep Their Third Eye Closed. An INFJ's third eye opens gradually and naturally as they constantly meditate. However, it doesn't mean...
7 months ago - 28,155 views
INFJ take on INTJ (Cognitive Functions, Autonomy, Relationships, Ni - Fi Loop & Actualisation & More
In this video I give my INFJ take on the INTJ. I explore the INTJ's cognitive functions, autonomy, INTJ misunderstandings, vulnerabilities, communicat...
4 years ago - 44,477 views
INFJ & ENFP - The most compatible relationship?
INFJs are the rarest personality type in the world. They are idealists, advocates, and dreamers. INFJs are equally idealistic when it comes to romanti...
7 months ago - 822,513 views

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