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Waddle Dee's Plea! Making the Case for Bandana Dee in Super Smash Bros. Switch (Moveset Speculation)
HOLD IT! We take on Judge Hand in the courtroom to make the case that Bandana Waddle Dee should be added to Super Smash Bros. Switch! We explore why ....
3 years ago - 264,998 views
Evolution of Bandana Waddle Dee (1996-2018)
Compilation of all Bandana Waddle Dee battles and appearances in Kirby Games starting in 1996 for SNES, DS and Nintendo Switch (1080p & 60fps) Enjoy ....
4 years ago - 947,395 views
Bandana Waddle Dee | What is Kirby Canon?
Bandana Dee spearheads with determination! #BandanaDee4Smash --- Twitter: Meteor'z Stream Land: ...
10 months ago - 45,428 views
Waddle Dee's Missing Bandana
Waddle Dee wakes up to see that his trusty bandana has gone missing. Music Credits: "Magolor the Wayfarer" from Kirby's Return to Dream Land "Dangerou...
9 months ago - 374 views
How to make a Waddle Dee Plush | Kirby's Dreamland Plush Tutorial
Pattern: Discord: Twitter: Instagram: ....
4 months ago - 914 views
Bandana Waddle Dee's Obsession - Bl0p
Bl0p Ep.2 Season 2 | Bandana Waddle Dee's Obsession The original description says it all. Also end credits scene is no longer canon Original descripti...
3 years ago - 439 views
Waddle Dee Quits (Season 2, Episode 7)
Waddle Dee if fed up with being mistreated by King DDD, so he quits on him and runs away. Where will Waddle Dee go? Watch the video to find out! :3 If...
1 year ago - 7,491 views
Waddle Dee Is A HERO? (The Life Story of Waddle Dee) - ConnerTheWaffle
Waddle waddle waddle Instagram - @Connerthewaffle.
4 years ago - 454,559 views
Bandana Dee’s Pokémon Adventure
Oh shoot my Pokémon adventure is just starting!! Wish me luck!!
8 months ago - 124 views
Kirby VS Bandana Waddle Dee
Bandana Waddle Dee challenges Kirby to a fight to test their skills! Thanks for watching! I do not own the rights to any of the characters, music, or ...
10 months ago - 1,060 views
🔸DIY Waddle Dee and Bandanna Waddle Dee Sock Plushie! 🔸
Hey guys! I noticed a couple weeks ago that my DIY Kirby sock plush is by far my most viewed video on my channel so just to give Kirby another friend ...
4 years ago - 15,587 views
Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight, Bandana Waddle Dee VS SECRET FINAL BOSS! [Soul Melter]
The Kirby Star Allies: The Ultimate Choice (Boss Rush) on Soul Melter, Max Difficulty, with Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight, Bandana Waddle Dee (Dream...
4 years ago - 50,458 views
Get Kirby Plush Here ✓Follow On Twitter: ✓Follow On Facebook:
5 years ago - 58,391 views
Kirby Lore #1 - The Waddle Dee
Finally I finished up the first Kirby Lore video!
2 years ago - 8,018 views
Kirby Star Allies - New Ending (Meta Knight, King Dedede & Bandana Waddle Dee)
This video shows the new ending picture that is unlocked after clearing Guest Star mode with Meta Knight, King Dedede or Bandana Waddle Dee. This was ...
4 years ago - 174,419 views
Making A Waddle Dee Army Using Polymer Clay - (Kirby) - Tutorial
I hope you all enjoyed the crazy variations of Waddle Dee. Let me know in the comments which was your favorite! Don't forget to check out Vapidbobcat ...
1 year ago - 9,571 views
Bandana dee of the wild
Oh shoot Dedede quadroopell dog dard me to spend 48 hours in the wild!!! Watch till the end for crazy bear attack!!!
10 months ago - 98 views
🎊 Happy National Waddle Dee Day! 🎊
Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boy. I do not own any music in this video. All rights go to the owner of this song who has put it out to the public. So...
2 years ago - 717 views
Waddle Dee Nendoroid Unboxing || (Stream Unboxing)
11:29 Twitter - Twitch - Thumbnail art ...
1 year ago - 12,440 views
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - What If Bandana Waddle Dee Was Announced - (Fan-Made Trailer)
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - What If Bandana Waddle Dee Was Announced - (Fan-Made Trailer) Disclaimer: I did this video just for fun and to show off t...
1 year ago - 47,828 views
Sculpting a Custom Bandana Waddle Dee Amiibo in Blender 3D | Simp Tuts
A look at my workflow and process in Blender to make high quality custom amiibos. I should clarify that these aren't reeeally tutorials, at least not ...
8 months ago - 969 views
Panda Waddle Dee Plush Review
Kirbymeister2 reviews a plush distributed by Little Buddy that is- wait. It's not a Kirby plush? Ummmmm ok. Anways here's Panda Waddle Dee. This is a ...
4 years ago - 690 views
Kirby And Friends Day At The Beach
While at the beach, Kirby teaches Meta Knight how to have fun. Meanwhile King Dedede won't stop bossing Waddle Dee around.
3 years ago - 41,395 views
Kirby and Waddle Dee Plush Unboxing | Amazon Unboxings #9
Today, I unbox a Kirby and waddle dee plush that I got from Amazon! LINKS My Other Channels: IAMMARCO: ...
5 years ago - 1,524 views
The franchise that started it all on my channel! Here are all of my Kirby Plush! Including the new Gooey and Daroach plush, which I may be the first p...
1 year ago - 105,630 views
Waddle Dee eats a cookie English
Well That's me eating a cookie.
7 years ago - 566,131 views
Little Buddy Waddle Dee Plush Review
Kirbymeister2 resents reviewing another Waddle Dee Plush this time just being the original. This is part of a series of reviews in celebration for Kir...
4 years ago - 763 views
custom bandana dee plush show
2 years ago - 69 views
Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Bandana Dee trailer
THIS TRAILER IS FAKE!!!! As much as I want it true. I want Bandana Dee for smash. Instead of mindlessly meeming, I decided to make my own trailer. Thi...
3 years ago - 27,242 views

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