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The PROBLEM with Lantana Camara
You may have heard of Lantana camara... a popular tropical flower to add into your landscape, attracting butterflies, bees and birds; but have you hea...
9 months ago - 12,246 views
Bandana lantanas are tough, compact Super Plants
The LSU AgCenter's Louisiana Super Plants program highlights tough and beautiful plants that work well in Louisiana landscapes. The Bandana lantana, a...
8 years ago - 13,522 views
New Gold Lantana - Easy flowering perennial
You can grow New Gold Lantana, an easy low growing and low maintenance flowering perennial even in hot climates with poor soil. I also tell you how to...
1 year ago - 1,832 views
Lantana for sunny spots
Lantana is available in a wide range of colors and plant sizes, and the ideal plant for sunny and hot spots. We like to mix and match varieties in lar...
9 years ago - 25,405 views
How to grow New Gold Lantana with detailed description
The products I use - This video is a detailed description of New Gold Lantana. New Gold is a low growing perennial Lantana th...
5 years ago - 79,431 views
The PROBLEM with LANTANA - I won't plant this variety of LANTANA in my garden #lantana
The BIG PROBLEM with lantana. This is a popular tropical flower to add into your landscape because it attracts butterflies, bees and birds. I love it,...
6 months ago - 3,507 views
How to Care for Beautiful Lantanas in The Landscape
Today I show you what Lantanas are and how to care for them. They are a continuous-flowering plant that blooms all season long! They attract butterfli...
2 years ago - 12,917 views
Lantana plant CARE and Lantana plant PRUNING
Need to know how to care for Lantana or how to prune Lantana? We will cover how to grow and care for Lantana, plus Lantana plant pruning! Looking for ...
9 months ago - 14,383 views
Water-wise, exoctic plant Lantana Bandana
If you desire a drought-tolerant, colorful, long-blooming, hardy, spreading plant in five hot colors,, search no further, Lantana Bandana will impress...
6 years ago - 1,757 views
Trial Peeks Little Lucky Lantana
Never miss a video ... Subscribe to BFP TV today! Credit: Music: The Little Lucky lantana series is uniform in habit acr...
3 years ago - 2,303 views
Lantana Plant Care Tutorial
Please Consider Subscribing ❤️ Permaculture and regenerative agriculture are strategies that can change the world! One backyard at a time. Lantana...
1 year ago - 21,126 views
Cottage Farms 4-piece Bloomify Rose Lantana Collection on QVC
For More Information or to Buy: This previously recorded video may not represent current pricing and availability.
4 years ago - 18,351 views
MUST SEE! Lantana Gets So Pruned So Correctly!!
Instant mulch recycling How-To's, butterfly calling technique, and landscaper tips & shortcuts are scattered throughout this How To Correctly Prune a ...
10 months ago - 14,837 views
How to Grow Cuttings of Lantana camara.
Lantana camara is a plant native to Central and South America. It is easy to grow and can be grown in hanging baskets. It is very hardy plant and can ...
4 years ago - 124,167 views
Gold Yellow Lantana
Lantana loves heat and will do best when planted in mid-late spring when all danger of frost is past, after the soil has warmed up and mostly grow in ...
4 months ago - 549 views
Cottage Farms 3-Piece Non-Stop Rose Bloomify Lantana on QVC
Cue the hummingbirds and butterflies! These bold pink and yellow blossoms are bred to bloom without slowing down and quickly become a favorite amongst...
9 months ago - 122 views
Pruning Lantana is necessary for good form & abundant flowering. Here's how to prune 2 different types (shrub & trailing) of Lantana. MORE DETAILS ON ...
3 years ago - 34,999 views
Leaders in Lantana & Tips to Maximize Lantana Flowering
Syngenta Flowers is the proud leader of the lantana market, with 5 best-in-class series that cover a range of container sizes and garden applications....
3 months ago - 143 views
Beautiful Lantana Camara | Lantana mix Color. Pink, white and yellow. [ Farmhand Bans ]
SN: Lantana Camara CN: Lantana Please don't forget to like share and subscribe have a nice day.
6 months ago - 89 views
Meet Little Lucky Lantana
01:23 Here's a great new intro for growers: Little Lucky Lantana. For pot-tight production, this is ideal for 4.5-in. or quart produc...
10 years ago - 19,674 views
How to Grow Lantana From Cuttings
How to grow lantana from cuttings This blooming bush is easier to propagate than you might think. Using just water, you can root a new plant. Propagat...
1 year ago - 25,958 views
Cottage Farms 3-Piece Non-Stop Rose Bloomify Lantana on QVC
For More Information or to Buy: Cottage Farms 3-Piece Non-Stop Rose Bloomify Lantana Cue the hummingbirds and butterflies!
2 years ago - 458 views
Freedom the Parrot & Delicate Purple, White & Yellow Lantana at Ocean Breeze! Hilton Head Island
Freedom the Parrot & Delicate Purple, White & Yellow Lantana at Ocean Breeze! Hilton Head Island, SC.
6 months ago - 8 views
Lantana plant care | Growing lantana plants | lantana plant
Lantana plant care. In this video i explained simple tips for growing lantana plants. The growing and caring of lantana are easy. These plants have be...
1 year ago - 8,806 views
Syngenta's Lantana Lineup
Ryan Hall explains the benefits and unique traits of Syngenta Flowers' three different series of lantana — Bandana, Landscape and Bandito.
4 years ago - 29 views
Lantana - Southern Gardening TV - July 13, 2014
When it's heating up in our summer landscapes, lantana are hard to beat. These plants love the full sun, have good color, and thrive in our hot and hu...
7 years ago - 6,292 views
Lantana montevidensis add color to your landscape
Lantanas have beautiful flowers that can nicely color a landscape. On this edition of Get It Growing, LSU AgCenter horticulturist Dan Gill introduces ...
8 years ago - 8,244 views

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