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HCG and Weight Loss: What is the HCG Diet Protocol?
Presents the HCG diet protocol for weight loss, including what is the HCG Diet, what is the role of prescription HCG for weight loss, what are the ben...
3 years ago - 90,489 views
HCG Diet promises dramatic weight loss in short period of time, but has detractors
A growing number of women, even some men, are taking a pregnancy hormone in an effort to lose weight.
8 years ago - 8,295 views
The HCG Diet
The TransforM Diet and Wellness Center focuses on the HCG Diet for rapid and sustained weight loss. It's a highly restricted diet, but weight loss is ...
8 years ago - 35,149 views
Weight Loss - Benefits of hCG by Anne Roberts, MD - Empire Medical Training
02:07 video on Anne Roberts, MD teaching Weight Loss - Benefits of hCG at the Empire Medical Training Weight Loss Seminar in New ....
9 years ago - 3,121 views
HCG may be the key to losing weight
According to Google, the HCG is the most popular diet in the world, searched over a million times. Some are losing 50 pounds or more on it, but some d...
10 years ago - 2,785 views
FDA, FTC warns of HCG diet
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is advising consumers to steer clear of "homeopathic" human chorionic gonadotropin ( HCG) weight-loss product.
10 years ago - 21,269 views
Weight Loss Injections for $49! // A New You
A New You offers a unique approach to weight loss! Call 720.499.8900 or visit
1 year ago - 5,311 views
A New You - Weight Loss Injections
A New You is here to help you look and feel your best with a variety of affordable fat loss treatments. Visit to learn more today!
2 years ago - 2,721 views
The HCG Diet for FAST Weight Loss? WTF?!? | Dietitian Reviews Dangerous Fad Diet
Hey everyone, I'm Abbey Sharp and welcome to Abbey's Kitchen. Today I'll be chatting about the HCG diet and discussing its safety for weight loss and ...
2 years ago - 87,058 views
HCG diet may be the answer to your weight loss success.
Check out their free medical seminar to find out if this diet is right for you.
11 years ago - 750 views
Losing weight with B12 and lipotropic shots
We discuss how people are trying t lose weight with B12 and lipotropic shots. ◂ WXYZ 7 Action News is metro Detroit's leading source for breaking ne...
6 years ago - 202,724 views
HCG Diet Self Injection Instructions
Learn how to self inject ion the HCG Diet.
4 years ago - 41,923 views
HCG Injections | Review | Why I like Them |
Hey you guys I hope you enjoyed the video and I know first off not everyone is going to agree with these injections but hey its what I like and what w...
4 years ago - 11,604 views
What You Need to Know about HCG Shots
HCG is a hormone produced in the placenta when women are pregnant. Studies show that a combination of HCG shots and a low calorie diet can help people...
10 years ago - 33,564 views
HCG Diet Weight Loss Review | Examining Both Sides Of The Argument
What is the HCG diet and why are people still doing it for weight loss? We conduct an unbiased investigation of both sides of the argument for and aga...
10 months ago - 3,360 views
Starting New Weight Loss Products - Phentermine, HCG, & B12 | Tonia Kay
The time has come for me to try out a new round of weight loss products. This time I decided not to go with any TLC products or any other "gimmicky" w...
11 months ago - 11,022 views
I Lost 26 Pds In 38 Days HCG Diet Experience and Thoughts
Urban Skin Solutions Website: I lost 26 pounds in 38 days. The hcg diet, phase one is for 43 days. My weight loss ...
4 years ago - 49,941 views
HCG Diet The Best Way to Give Yourself the Injections
Dr Gert Walter of Medical Aesthetics of New England in Acton, MA shows you the best way to give yourself an HCG injection. This is a painless techniqu...
4 years ago - 21,201 views
My HCG Weightloss Journey: BEFORE....& ......AFTER.....
SW 156.8lbs LIW 133.9lbs CW 137.6lbs Total Weightloss On The HCG Diet 22.9lbs i'm extremely happy with the results I had on the hcg diet it was an ama...
10 years ago - 206,802 views
HCG Diet Options Injections, Tablets, and Drops
DietDoc discusses some of the differences of HCG. There are products marketed as HCG but have no measurable HCG in them (homeopathic).
3 years ago - 825 views
How To: Inject HCG
Troy Naftzger PA-C, Advanced Age Management's medical director, demonstrates how perform a subcutaneous HCG injection.
2 years ago - 15,225 views
hCG Diet Results - 2 Years Maintaining hCG Injection Weight Loss!
Full article: Buy real hCG online: ...
6 years ago - 51,181 views
How to inject hCG into the abdomen (subcutaneous injection)
Options offers hCG injections for weight loss at our Chicago, Glenview, Naperville, Orland Park, Ghanna OH, and Chandler AZ locations.
2 years ago - 5,234 views
HCG Diet | Final Injection? | Weight Loss Journey | 2020
Today or tomorrow will be my last injection day! 3 more vlcd days and on to P3! I'm excited to start working out and building some muscle before my ne...
1 year ago - 457 views
hCG injections success story - 115lb weight loss results - Episode 26: hCG Diet Interviews
Full article: Buy real hCG online: hCG D...
6 years ago - 18,878 views
80lb weight loss - from size 18 to size 6 with hCG injections - Episode 25: hCG Diet Interviews
Full article: Buy real hCG online: hCG D...
6 years ago - 19,192 views
HCG Weight Loss Injection Therapy (HCG Diet)
HCG Injections are required as part of the HCG Diet. These injections help to curb hunger pangs which making dieting so difficult. Please visit our we...
7 years ago - 370 views
Celebrity weight loss secret | HCG and Weight Loss: What is the HCG Diet Protocol? Dr Abhinit Gupta
you can buy it from
2 years ago - 27,743 views
HCG shots for weight loss
Everything you wanted to know about HCG shots and weight loss.
2 years ago - 2,076 views
HCG Injections for Men. LOSE WEIGHT FAST ON HCG Diet Results Men 23 lbs in 23 days part 1
I tried the 23 day HCG diet. This is part 1 of 3 in which I talk about my experience and results doing the HCG diet protocol.
1 year ago - 879 views

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