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British Heart Foundation - Diet, Exercise and Your Heart
06:48 Video explaining how a healthy diet and regular exercise can help protect ...
14 years ago - 35,158 views
British Heart Foundation - The BHF Diet
01:30 Bogus diets are found all over the internet, and there's even one out ther...
10 years ago - 29,073 views
British Heart Foundation - Your weight and heart disease
06:51 Being overweight or obese can put extra strain on your heart, making...
8 years ago - 23,587 views
Heart Healthy Eating Principles Webinar
Heart Healthy Eating Principles Webinar.
4 years ago - 4,006 views
British Heart Foundation - Healthy eating habits can begin at work [Health at Work]
03:11 Promoting healthy eating at work could be so much more than a 5-a-day poster on the notice board.
10 years ago - 3,356 views
British Heart Foundation - Cholesterol and heart disease
06:23 Having high cholesterol can put you at greater risk of heart disease. Dave shares hi...
8 years ago - 61,823 views
The Heart Healthy Diet
What is a heart healthy diet? With all the information out there and fad diets to choose from, it may not be clear how to make heart-healthy food choi...
7 years ago - 26,966 views
Why is the Mediterranean diet good for your heart?
We often hear that following the 'Mediterranean diet' is a healthy way to live, but what exactly does it involve, and why is it so good for you? Get M...
4 years ago - 119,534 views
Food for people with heart failure
Episode 6 from the series titled: 'so you've been diagnosed with heart failure'.
5 years ago - 10,439 views
British Heart Foundation diet
British Heart Foundation diet
6 years ago - 434 views
Mayo Clinic Minute: Ideas for a heart-healthy diet
How's your heart? What are you doing to make it healthier? A new Mayo Clinic survey shows a family history of heart disease is a big factor in how you...
5 years ago - 24,069 views
British Heart Foundation - Planning for a change, Dennis and Sarah's story
08:03 When Dennis was told he had an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes, he and Sarah kn...
7 years ago - 2,850 views
Happy Heart Weekend | Nutrition Advice with Janis Morrisey
Listen to some great heart health nutrition advice from Janis Morrisey, Dietician with the Irish Heart Foundation. Janis explains the Food Pyramid and...
11 years ago - 268 views
Southern Diet Linked to Heart Disease
Study finds that eating "southern" style food is linked to heart disease risk.
6 years ago - 5,160 views
Military Diet 3 Day Diet Plan "I lost Weight!"
This is a diet plan I did a long time ago. I have seen some others recently doing the plan. So I jumped on board to lose some weight. See what I ate a...
6 years ago - 114,954 views
British Heart Foundation - Microwave meals in minutes - Dan and Anthony's story
07:41 With just £56 a week to live on and bills to pay, neighbours Dan and Anth...
7 years ago - 8,480 views
Diabetes, Heart and Kidney Disease: Diet and Lifestyle | National Kidney Foundation
Donate to support our mission today: Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Learn about kid...
7 months ago - 78 views
3 Day British Heart Foundation Diet - Loose Upto 9lbs In The 1st Week!
3 Day Diet, Loose Upto 9lbs In The 1st Week! Check out the recipe post here Never Miss Another Video, Subscribe & Hit the ...
12 months ago - 672 views
British Nutrition Foundation Top Tips for Good Heart Health
British Nutrition Foundation top tips for good heart health.
5 years ago - 2,641 views
How does diet reduce our cardiovascular disease risk?
BHF senior dietitian Tracy Parker and senior cardiac nurse Ashleigh Li answer commonly asked questions about high cholesterol.
3 years ago - 1,098 views
TV3 RedAlert Week 4 - Heart Month 2015
This week saw Heart Month volunteer take a look into her fridge with the help of Irish Heart Foundation Dietitian Sinead Shanley, who was able to advi...
6 years ago - 63 views
Cardiac Education Session 8: Nutrition and Your Heart
Presenter: Jessica, Registered Dietitian Cholesterol Artery wall health Cholesterol numbers (lipid profile) How to improve your numbers Types of fat E...
5 years ago - 8,921 views
British Heart Foundation - Your weight and heart disease (British Sign Language)
06:51 Being overweight or obese can put extra strain on your heart, making...
8 years ago - 893 views
What is 3-Day Diet Plan and How It Works? By
The 3-day diet also know as The Military diet is a calorie diet, which means that you have to count the calories of each food in your meals. Read more...
6 years ago - 14,085 views
British Heart Foundation - How do you mend a broken heart?
04:05 At the moment, there's no cure for a broken heart. Once your heart muscle is damaged by a heart attack, it can never...
10 years ago - 5,477 views
10 heart-healthy foods
A local dietician tells us about some heart-healthy foods.
8 years ago - 777 views
HEARTOON Cardiac Rehabilitation – Healthy Eating for your Heart Health
Learn about why it is important for you to eat a healthy diet for your heart health. Foods to minimise or avoid eating and foods to eat that are good ...
2 years ago - 8,353 views
British Heart Foundation - Joining a Cardiac Rehabiltation Programme
06:11 This video explains what to expect when you are referred to a...
14 years ago - 44,244 views

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