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Origin Of The Indigo Lanterns (Green Lantern: Blackest Night Origins)
4 years ago - 193,730 views
Indigo-1 and the Indigo Corp Origins | Comicstorian
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7 years ago - 568,437 views
Who Are The Indigo Tribe
Today on the show, Faust answers the question, Just who are the indigo tribe. Support the Show! ...
7 years ago - 30,237 views
Who Are The Ultraviolet Lantern Corps?
Today on Variant, we detail everything we know so far about the Ultraviolet Lanterns! *SPOILER WARNING - Contains Spoilers for Scott Snyder's new Just...
3 years ago - 1,473,155 views
Power of the Atom - How Ray Palmer became an Indigo Lantern (Best of Green Lanterns #6)
Arden continues his review of his favorite characters from each Lantern Corp. Today, we're talking about the Indigo Tribe, who swear a sacred Oath to ...
2 years ago - 3,040 views
History Of All The Lantern Corps
Today on Variant, we give you the History of all 9 Lantern Corps! Plus, find out what comics you should buy this week! Subscribe to the Podcast YouTub...
7 years ago - 9,734,132 views
LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (PS4) - Walkthrough Part 11: Jailhouse Nok (Indigo-1 Boss)
LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham 100% Gameplay Walkthrough Part 11 for the PlayStation 4 includes the eleventh mission: Jailhouse Nok. We also fight ...
6 years ago - 12,070 views
indigo lantern corps
Indigo Lantern Tribute "Tor lorek san, bor nakka mur, Natromo faan tornek wot ur. Ter Lantern ker lo Abin Sur, Taan lek lek nok--Formorrow Sur!
8 years ago - 7,245 views
indigo lantern corps
Indigo Lantern Tribute "Tor lorek san, bor nakka mur, Natromo faan tornek wot ur. Ter Lantern ker lo Abin Sur, Taan lek lek nok--Formorrow Sur!
8 years ago - 706 views
All Lantern Oaths
All Lantern Oaths from the first corps to the last in order of creation these clips are not mine but from Sean A this is his channel link ...
6 years ago - 2,821,611 views
Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham - Opening Cinematic
The opening cutscene from LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. Featuring: Sinestro - Sinestro Corps Star Sapphire - Star Sapphires Atrocitus - Red Lantern Co...
7 years ago - 24,718 views
The Lantern Corps and Emotional Spectrum
Black = Order, White = Chaos, Red = Rage, Orange = Avarice, Yellow = Fear, Green = Willpower, Blue = Hope, Indigo = Compassion, Violet = Love.
3 years ago - 35,090 views
DC Universe Classics INDIGO LANTERN ATOM Figure Review
Take a look at a great DCUC figure!
6 years ago - 3,546 views
Injustice 2: Purple Lantern!! (Indigo Tribe)
Shout out to the channel HISTORY BEHIND THE WARRIOR for this content!! check him out!!! Thank You for watching this video, If you are new to the chann...
5 years ago - 4,801 views
Indigo Tribe Oath and Battery Pass
Part of a series of battery passes I've been doing over recent weeks. Voice acting by: Caitlin Buckley Music by: Kevin Macleod. Check out a 4k render ...
7 years ago - 22,552 views
Ben FM & Imagination Society INDIGO LANTERN
featuring Robert Stubbs, Spark Vader, Martin Reamy, & Tristan Brennis.
5 years ago - 1,147 views
EVERY Lantern Corps Origins Explained - Comic Drake
Green Lanterns, Blue Lanterns, Star Sapphires, The Indigo Tribe?! Where the heck did these Corps come from?! • Subscribe for more:
7 years ago - 378,203 views
LEGO BATMAN 3 - Green Lantern, StarSaphire, Indigo-1 and Saint Walker!
Hey If you guys are planning to buy the LEGO Batman Games on the PC please consider Doing so using these links: ...
7 years ago - 55,030 views
Green Lantern: The Secret of the Indigo Tribe
Who founded the Indigo Tribe? And why did they go after Sinestro? The first informal conversation between Black Hand & Hal Jordan is here! And what ar...
8 years ago - 1,281 views
Freeplay Indigo Lantern for Emergencies, Survival, and Just for Everday
Freeplay's Indigo LED Lantern will take care of all your portable lighting needs. The Indigo weighs in at just under 1 pound and measures an easily tr...
5 years ago - 272 views
Indigo Tribe - Green Lantern Project
Website : LinkedIn : From the Green Lantern's comics. This project was for test...
4 years ago - 453 views
Indigo Lantern Oath
DC Comics Indigo Lantern Oath Voiced by: Sean Greg Andersen VO Talent [email protected]
4 years ago - 13,127 views
The Indigo Lantern Corp
12 months ago - 127 views
DCUO - Briefing - Indigo Tribe [Location & Reward]
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6 years ago - 4,649 views
indigo lantern corps subliminal
this video is designed to create energetic force fields with the power of compassion as indigo lantern corps. Generate a halo of purple light on your ...
9 months ago - 221 views

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