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Let's Rock Scotland 2018
Highlights from Let's Rock Scotland 2018, the UK's largest RETRO festival!
3 years ago - 8,036 views
Lets Rock Scotland 2021, Hour Long video of the day. Dalkeith Country Park 28/8/21
Adam Ant, Lulu. Go West, Bad Manners, Nick Kershaw, ABC and much more.
2 months ago - 5,469 views
Let's Rock Scotland 2018/19, the best of both years
Lets Rock Scotland Live from Dalkeith country park. The best bits of 2018 and 2019.
1 year ago - 820 views
Let's Rock Scotland 2018, Retro Festival, Dalkeith country park
Let's Rock Scotland 2018, Billy Ocean, Marc Almond, ABC, Midge Ure, Heaven 17, Nik Kershaw.
2 years ago - 2,111 views
Let’s Rock Scotland 2018
Let’s rock Scotland 2021. Black lace. Conga
Let's rock Scotland 2021 Black lace Conga time.
1 month ago - 16 views
Never Gonna Give You Up - Let’s Rock Scotland VIP
Nathan and his fans.
3 years ago - 90 views
Wake Me Up! - Let’s Rock Scotland VIP
Nathan Selfie! - with his backing singers.
3 years ago - 66 views
The Best Fish 'n' Chips in the World: MUNCHIES Guide to Scotland (Episode 3)
Still jonesing for some fruits de mer, Charlet visits The Arbroath Smokie Man, aka Iain Spink, in the sleepy fishing village of Auchmithie. Here, she ...
7 years ago - 4,338,025 views
The Stone Poet - Scottish Geology Festival 2021
Alyson Hallett writes about stones and rocks and for the past twenty years she has curated an international poetry and public art project, "The Migrat...
3 weeks ago - 63 views
Werewolf and dogman sightings in Scotland?! What do you think? Lycan Blog - Dogman podcast ep ...
1 month ago - 4,821 views
Which Country Do You HATE The Most? | SCOTLAND
For partnership requests with gus1thego: Scotland TALKS. This is the HONEST truth from the Scottish people. WHICH COUNTRY D...
1 year ago - 1,145,925 views
Tourist Sauce (Scotland Golf): Episode 10, Nairn Golf Club
After a successful morning at Castle Stuart, the next stop is The Nairn Golf Club, where the boys finds a classic links routing, a phenomenal membersh...
3 years ago - 115,973 views
Scottish Famelab Final
A selection box of science as our Famelab contestants share 3 minutes of interesting science before facing a grilling from the judges.
2 years ago - 619 views
10 Best Places to Visit in Scotland - Travel Video
Check out all the places seen in this video: At first glance, the Scottish landscape is har...
7 months ago - 345,353 views
Proud To Be Scottish! | Kevin Bridges
The blood and humour of the Scottish flows through these veins! Welcome to the OFFICIAL YouTube channel of stand-up comedian Kevin Bridges. Where you ...
1 year ago - 1,472,031 views
SCOTLAND'S ULURU: You can't climb Ayres Rock but you can climb the Greendykes Bing near Edinburgh.
You can't climb Uluru in Australia's Northern Territory as it is now under the control of indigenous Australians, but you can climb Scotland's answer ...
4 months ago - 708 views
Geology of NW Scotland an introduction
Part of The Shear Zone channel. This is an outline of the geology of NW Scotland, including the NW Highlands Geopark - with specific reference to the ...
6 months ago - 517 views
Learn Scotland the Brave (Chanter/Bagpipes) Sheet music available at
Learn to play Scotland the Brave on the chanter/bagpipes with renowned performer and teacher, Craig Muirhead. Sheet music available at www.pipingclub....
9 months ago - 506 views
Rock the bagpipe! Scotland the Brave /We will rock you @ Switzerland
SANKT GALLEN - Rock da bagpipe: Scotland the Brave & We will rock you live @ Military Tattoo Sankt Gallen Switzerland by the International Massed Band...
2 years ago - 4,626,354 views
SCOTTISH SNACKS: presented by a Scotsman! Sweets, candy, biscuits and more.
What better way to learn about Scottish snacks and confectionery than from a Scotsman! Plenty of sugar, chocolate, coconut and crumbs. Items include ....
6 months ago - 858 views
Scottish Girl Ruins Everything.
These clips are the Best Of Scottish Girl. Or the worst. Depends who you ask. Scottish Girl Illy ...
1 year ago - 3,957,390 views
Learning the Scottish Great Highland Bagpipe: Lesson 26
This is the next in a series of lessons I did for The Charleston Pipe Band (visit us at for more info about taking ...
8 months ago - 21 views
Have you ever seen the Scottish Highland Games? Well we got a glimpse and enlisted some professionals to help us create our own BRICKLAND games!
2 years ago - 1,141,036 views
Anthrax Island: Gruinard Clearances & Deadly Experiments - Stories of Scotland Podcast - Episode 23
Jenny and Annie find stories of Gruinard Island, a small island just off the West Coast of the Scottish. From this one little piece of land, they unco...
2 months ago - 8 views

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