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Oasis 8 tent review
Oasis 8 tent review. Watch Family 8 as we pitch this huge tent and then have a good look around it to see the benefits for a family and camping outdoo...
4 years ago - 5,598 views
Hi Gear Oasis Elite 6 & 8 Family Tents
6 and 8 berth family tents with sturdy steel poles. Ideal for the British summertime and holidaying within the UK weather. Hi Gear Tents are exclusive...
5 years ago - 96,361 views
Hi Gear oasis 8 tent set up complete from go outdoors
My set up of the hi gear oasis 8 in castle archdale in enniskilen n.ireland in July 2017...
4 years ago - 233,252 views
How to pitch a large family tent
In this #campinglive video Ian demonstrates how to pitch a large family tunnel tent, the Hi Gear Premium Oasis 6. It's a technique that works for all ...
7 years ago - 231,544 views
oasis 8 elite
our oasis 8 elite tent up. you can see the size and set up enjoy.
3 years ago - 771 views
Coleman oasis 6 person tent (product review)
My review of the coleman oasis 6 person tent I got from a yard sale. Also things to look for when buying at tent. My Amazon store ...
4 years ago - 6,040 views
Timelapse | Pitching Oasis Elite 6 tent
Freshwater beach holiday park.
3 years ago - 1,437 views
Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent Review (14'x10')
Sometimes when you're camping you just want some serious elbow room, and I can't imagine a better, more spacious family tent for the money. TENT: ...
5 years ago - 353,742 views
The BEST TENT in 2021 - all NEW Gazelle T3X Hub Tent!
What's the BEST TENT IN 2021? We believe it's the all NEW GAZELLE T3X HUB TENT. In today's video, we look at this OVERLANDING CAMPING TENT from ...
9 months ago - 165,492 views
How to Fit A Porch To Your Tent
In this video Ian Mac shows you the technique for fitting your porch to a Hi Gear Zenobia Elite 6 Tent. This also method also applies to the Kalahari ...
5 years ago - 135,223 views
How to Pack Away a Family Tent
In this video Ian shows us how to pack away the Hi Gear Enigma 5 weekend tent. The techniques used can be applied to all tunnel tents.
7 years ago - 107,544 views
Coleman red canyon 8 tent
tent review.
4 years ago - 16,819 views
How to Pack Away a Large Family Tent | GO Outdoors
Packing away a large family tent can seem like a challenge. Luckily our camping expert Ian is on hand to show you the simple steps to follow to make s...
4 months ago - 1,095 views
Hi Gear Kalahari Elite 8 Tent
A roomy family tent with generous headroom and plenty of space for you and your gear. Hi Gear Tents are available exclusively at GO Outdoors: ...
5 years ago - 140,914 views
Wild Oasis Tent by Six Moon Designs (Appalachian Trail Gear)
Wild Oasis Tent by Six Moon Designs - Appalachian Trail Gear This is the tent I used on my 2015 Appalachian Trail Thru Hike - I review the Wild Oasis ...
6 years ago - 4,330 views
Coleman Oasis 6 men tent.
Tent Pitching.
2 years ago - 183 views
2018 Summer Oasis Glamping Music Festival- Glamping Tent Setup Tour. Tent links in description
Featured Tents and Accessories: Wish List: Hickergarden 8 Person Tent Core 9 Person Tent ...
2 years ago - 2,949 views
Oasis Shelter Pitching
How to pitch the Kiwi Camping Oasis shelter.
6 years ago - 2,208 views
Coleman 8 Person Red Canyon Tent - Time lapse of First Set-up
Buy it here: How easy is the setup of the Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Family Tent? Pretty simple, I'd say. My wife and I (with ...
6 years ago - 46,319 views
Coleman Tent 8 Person Review - Flatwoods Dome Tent
Coleman Tent 8 Person Review - Flatwoods Dome Tent. This video is a review and setup of the Coleman Flatwoods 8 person Dome tent. If you are looking t...
3 years ago - 6,504 views
Hi Gear Premium Frontier 6 & 8 Family Camping Tent
The Hi Gear Premium Frontier 8 and it's smaller sibling the Frontier 6 are both epic family tents. They use the best quality materials and steel pole ...
7 years ago - 72,241 views
How to pack a tent
Alpine Dan's guide on how to properly pack up your tent.
7 years ago - 71,338 views
2019 Summer Oasis Music Festival Summary - Glamping Tent SetUp Tours Tent links in description
Featured Tents and Accessories: Wish List: Hickergarden 8 Person Tent Core 9 Person Tent ...
2 years ago - 23,419 views
Setting up Hi Gear Corado 8 Tent
Setting up and adding your basic comforts in a Hi Gear Corado 8 tent. Photos by Kellz Morgan.
10 years ago - 28,895 views
Woods Sun Valley 8 Tent Review
This a walk through/ review of the Woods Sun Valley 8 tent. It was purchased from Canadian Tire for approximately $200CAD (on sale) As the name says i...
4 years ago - 14,097 views
How to repair a broken tent pole
In this video Ian shows us how to repair a broken tent pole. He demonstrates an emergency gaffer tape fix, and doing it the proper way.
7 years ago - 162,397 views
Coleman® Festival Octagon Tent - large 8 man tent with 360° surrounding view
The party continues in the Coleman Festival Octagon Tent: With tons of space inside (for max. 8 persons), full head height throughout the entire tent ...
4 years ago - 74,137 views

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