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Oasis Car Wash, Ankeny IA - Sonny’s Tunnel feat Diamond Shine Fusion & Simoniz Ceramic Sealant
08:21 Beautiful facility located in Ankeny IA with a full Sonny's layout and Diamond Shine Fusion process, topped with Simoniz Cer...
1 year ago - 11,632 views
(*NEW*) Oasis Typhoon TouchFree Automatic Car Wash
Thank You for watching my video! Please be sure to subscribe to my channel to stay tuned on upcoming car wash videos of all types. This was is located...
3 years ago - 20,168 views
Bobby & Steve’s Oasis Eclipse Car Wash System
Beautiful location Installed and serviced by MyGuy Inc. Chemicals are turtle wax professional
10 months ago - 11,140 views
Oasis Car wash
Owner: Donell Matthews (213)446-2913 Producer: Kory Holmes Extended Film Project.
4 years ago - 124 views
Oasis BayWash i5 || Johnny’s Car Wash
NOTICE: The typhoon was broken when I visited, so I was unable to film it. :( BUT, someone else did film it! Here it is: ...
1 year ago - 4,765 views
Oasis Eclipse Touchfree Car Wash
A whole new class of car wash. This innovative wash equipment combines the benefits of an express tunnel and inbay automatic without the hassle of a ....
9 years ago - 26,907 views
The Oasis Car Wash & Detail Shop
Get your ca clean! or get a great Detail such us clay bar. Wax, Buffing or all together "the works Detail"
3 years ago - 18 views
Oasis Typhoon - The Best Car Wash, Eureka MO
As promised, I went back to check out the other bay at The Best Car Wash. The system appeared to be well kept and the bay was quite clean, but the act...
7 years ago - 111,346 views
Oasis Car Wash Systems Testimonial
Ken Schiller, owner of K&N Management, talks about his Oasis Eclipse car wash system.
10 years ago - 4,365 views
LOUD, AWESOME & BRAND NEW Oasis Typhoon - Primero Car Wash - Cochrane, AB
The first one in Alberta. After 3 years of pain, agony, frustration, and mistaking a Broadway for one, I finally found and visited a legitimate one. A...
10 months ago - 1,219 views
Oasis Typhoon car wash
The Missouri wash: $12.00 Bridger Bubbles car wash Bozeman, MT Please like, Subscribe, comment, and share if you like.
2 years ago - 1,275 views
Oasis Monsoon @ On the Corner Carwash in Marietta, GA
[Taken on 3-9-15] Here is another carwash that is actually not bad! It's been here since I moved to Marietta, so it's pretty old. Thanks to TheElevato...
6 years ago - 23,515 views
trending#CarWash#VLOG#Oasis##CarWashVLOG#YouTube OASIS CarWash VLOG Like, comment and subscribe if you haven't done so already ...
3 years ago - 159 views
washing a car - spiffys baker mt.
10 years ago - 2,127 views
Oasis Car wash 60
12 years ago - 1,749 views
Oasis Eclipse At Foam & Wash Car Wash In Fishkill NY.
We Got The $20.00 Simonz Hot Wax & Shine Wash And It Was Worth The Price! It Includes Everything! Here Are The Wash Steps! \/ #1 2X Presoak. #2 Tri Fo...
8 months ago - 561 views
Oasis car wash
8 years ago - 33 views
Johns, Oasis, Car Wash
Johns, Oasis, Car Wash.
4 years ago - 51 views
Oasis BayWash i5: Ultimate Car Wash in Tampa, FL
This is quite probably one of the best IBA systems I've been to in my entire life! Anyways, these systems are strikingly similar to the Ryko SoftGloss...
5 years ago - 30,593 views
The Oasis Hand Car Wash
Best car wash in town, attention to detail, get a free loaner bike and a free appetizer at el Tiempo cantina across the street.
4 years ago - 22 views
Oasis Car Spa Touch-Free Car Wash - VW Beetle
Our Laserwash Touch-Free Automatic Car Wash Ad. Oasis Car Spa 117 Condon Street, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. YOUR CAR WILL LOVE IT!
8 years ago - 987 views
Oasis Typhoon TouchFree Car Wash
Thank You for watching my video! Please don't forget to subscribe to my channel to stay posted on future car wash videos of all types, I upload videos...
3 years ago - 7,117 views
Oasis, Typhoon Car Wash Demo from Beck Suppliers, Inc.
The Typhoon can provide you with the income of two bays from a single automatic. The simultaneous action of five independent wands delivers thorough ....
12 years ago - 8,442 views
Car wash & Oasis!

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