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eXtensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML)
This video discusses eXtensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML) which is an Access Control & authorization Policy language.
7 months ago - 302 views
Standardizing Cloud Authorization at OASIS
Anil Saldhana previews a proposal for standardizing Cloud authorization that builds on XACML and OAuth.
9 years ago - 140 views
Advanced Authorization 1 - XACML
In this video we'll take you through the basics on how the XACML policy language lets you build access policies that facilitate your services to all t...
1 year ago - 331 views
A Beginner's Guide to XACML - Part I: Introduction to Attribute-Based Access Control
This video is part of an Axiomatics tutorial on eXtensible authorization using XACML and ALFA. Attribute-based access control (ABAC) defines a new acc...
9 years ago - 18,261 views
XACML 101 Tutorial - A note on the XACML standard
XACML, the eXtensible Access Control Markup Language, is a standard for fine-grained authorization (fine-grained entitlements). It includes an archite...
9 years ago - 12,714 views
Fine Grained Access Control with XACML - WSO2 Identity Server
For more information visit :
1 year ago - 654 views
XACML Editor: Creating an XACML 3.0 Policy Set Document
Searching for an easier way to edit XACML documents? Watch this video to see how Security Policy Tool's user-friendly features empower you to create X...
3 years ago - 695 views
XACML Editor: Creating an XACML 3.0 Policy
Searching for an easier way to edit XACML documents? Watch this video to see how Security Policy Tool's user-friendly features empower you to create X...
3 years ago - 891 views
Boot Camp: ABAC and XACML made easy - Using ALFA to write fine grained authorization policies
Does the promise of attribute-based access control sound like magic? Don't worry, you don't need to be a wizard to write efficient and secure ABAC pol...
6 years ago - 4,567 views
Attribute Based Access Control from OpenIAM.
11 years ago - 4,761 views
Emergency Data Exchange Language with Elysa Jones from OASIS | Call for Code 2019
Emergency Data Exchange Language with Elysa Jones from OASIS | Call for Code 2019.
2 years ago - 238 views
Authorization Made Simple: Using ALFA, REST, and JSON to Secure Applications
In this webinar, Jonas Iggbom and David Brossard of Axiomatics discuss how easily authorization can be externalized from your apps, expressed as polic...
3 years ago - 1,410 views
XACML Support in WSO2 Identity Server
WSO2 Identity Server Home Page: Claim Management: ...
4 years ago - 1,588 views
XACML Experts Panel Discussion Everything you ever wanted to know about XACML but were afraid to as
This live panel discussion features our three top experts for the XACML language: - Gerry Gebel, President Americas - Erik Rissanen, CTO and Author of...
6 years ago - 676 views
SAML 2.0: Technical Overview
This video will explain the basics of the SAML protocol, focusing on what an IT administrator tasked with setting up federation must know. VMware End-...
2 years ago - 233,890 views
Trading Policy Manager Showcase
A browser-based policy management application to manage OASIS XACML driven policies, rules, and functions. Customer management view to properly ...
12 years ago - 52 views
SAML 101 with Questions for CISSP , CCSP Exam Prep
In this Video, I have covered a very detailed aspect of SAML that you must require to understand from the #CISSP #CCSP Exam Point of view. Image and o...
7 months ago - 7,318 views
XACML stands for "eXtensible Access Control Markup Language". The standard defines a declarative access control policy language implemented in XML and...
6 years ago - 789 views
XACML 3.0 wins award at EIC 2011
A special award was handed to the XACML Technical Committee for its outstanding work on the latest version of XACML, XACML 3.0. Hal Lockart of Oracle ...
10 years ago - 289 views
OW2con'16 AuthzForce - Open Source Next-gen Access Control Framework for the Enterprise
1- The presentation will first give an brief overview of the AuthzForce project with a bit of history, i.e. where we come from (SunXACML project), up ...
5 years ago - 566 views
xacml briefing for pmrm tc
Subscribe today and give the gift of knowledge to yourself or a friend xacml briefing for pmrm tc XACML Briefing for PMRM TC. Hal Lockhart July 8, 201...
4 years ago - 25 views
AeG security infrastructure for web service access control
In this video demonstration, Access-eGov's security architecture for attribute-based access control to web services is presented. The architecture imp...
12 years ago - 1,192 views
This seminar is presented by Pr. Alban Gabillon. Download the seminar's presentation in .PDF version here : Find Pr. Alban Gabillon'...
9 months ago - 122 views
XpressRules(tm) Round Trip: Natural Language to XACML and back Again
The XpressRules authoring tool uses domain-specific natural languages to create XACML 3.0 and then to transform the XACML back to natural language.
9 years ago - 397 views
Kubernetes Operator and XACML - WSO2 Identity Server Community Call - 2/25/2021
In this community call we will discuss: - Kubernetes operator for WSO2 Identity Server - XACML introduction and basic customizations Resources: ...
8 months ago - 379 views
Future Challenges and Directions for Security Automation and Orchestration
Keynote Speaker: Neal Ziring, Technical Director, National Security Agency Summary: Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) technologi...
4 months ago - 59 views
Strategic Threat Intelligence: Preparing for the Next “SolarWinds” Event
Guest Speakers: Zach Nelson, Intelligence & Operations Team Lead, Health-ISAC; John Riggi, Senior Advisor for Cybersecurity and Risk at the American ....
4 months ago - 90 views
Webinar: Gaining any depth security with ABAC / XACML. A case study from the insurance industry
In this webinar, we are excited to hear Sebastian Goodrick, head of IT Security at Swiss-based CSS Versicherung, tell us more about his experiences in...
7 years ago - 1,222 views
04 View DS Access Sentinel1
This is Video Number 4 in a series of Videos about the ViewDS identity Solutions Suite. (See Video provides an explanation to the...
9 years ago - 37 views
OASIS nicki_minaj_-_right_thru_me
OASIS (organization) The Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) is a global consortium that drives the developme...
9 years ago - 23 views

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