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"Winterblast 2019" - OASIS Youth Group
Here's a video summing up a great winter weekend away for the OASIS Youth Group at Winterblast 2019 from January 25-27, 2019 at Camp Orchard Hill, Dal...
3 years ago - 159 views
"Winterblast 2018" - OASIS Youth Group
Here's our highlights video of the OASIS Youth Group at "Winterblast 2018" at Camp Orchard Hill, Dallas PA on January 12-14, 2018.
4 years ago - 228 views
Welcome to Oasis Youth Group! | Channel Intro
Welcome to the YouTube channel for Oasis Student Ministries. We will be posting videos of lessons, group activities, game, etc. Hope you enjoy and don...
8 years ago - 120 views
2018 Oasis Rewind
Here is a look back on Oasis Youth Group 2018 Sugar Creek UMC or Oasis Youth have no rights to the Original Youtube rewind or the following songs All ...
3 years ago - 2 views
BCC Christmas 2018 - Oasis Youth Group
Here is an inside look at how the OASIS Youth Group celebrates Christmas together! Video was shot and edited by Emma Saquing.
3 years ago - 44 views
OASIS Youth Group Promo video (Week #1) - 9/21/16
Here's a recap video from Week #1 of the OASIS Fall kick-off night on 9/21/16!
5 years ago - 91 views
OASIS 2015-2016 "Year In Review" - OASIS Youth Group
Here's the highlights video of the OASIS Youth Group from 2015-2016!
5 years ago - 117 views
ID Rally held at Kelston Boys High School Sep 11 2010 Oasis Youth group doen their thing.
11 years ago - 393 views
"Winter Advance 2016" - OASIS Youth Group
Here are highlights from the OASIS Youth Group "Winter Advance" 2016!
6 years ago - 107 views
Oasis Youth Group
this is a VERY brief summary of what we have done throughout the years as a youth group, minus all the BBQs, picnics, lake visits, and theme parks we'...
11 years ago - 828 views
Oasis Youth Invite
This is a invitation for youth kids to come check out Oasis Youth church program. Please feel free to come check out our welcoming youth group Sunday ...
8 years ago - 179 views
OASIS Year-In-Review 2018-2019
Here's our end of the year OASIS Youth Group video from various special events and regular youth group gathering throughout the school year of 2018-20...
2 years ago - 78 views
Oasis California Youth Group in the ALS Challenge
We Oasis youth in ASL CHALLENGE! Nominating and Challenging Torre fuerte! Pastors Rob & Nora from Wow Church, Pastor Ferney from Oasis Central ...
7 years ago - 92 views
"Winterblast 2017" - OASIS Youth Group
Here is a video of the Oasis Youth Group 2017 Winterblast starring none other than our amazing students and leaders! Thank you to Camp Orchard Hill fo...
5 years ago - 343 views
Oasis Gatlinburg Trip November 2016
This November our youth group went to the Hearts on Fire retreat in Gatlinburg. We grew closer together and closer to the Lord. Thankful for these ama...
5 years ago - 35 views
"Father in Heaven" - OASIS Youth Group @ Firm in the Faith - Parramatta
OASIS youth group performing their own song at the WYD Comes to Parramatta - Firm in the Faith Date: 21st August 2011.
10 years ago - 307 views
Mariah Talks about her Mom
Oasis Youth Group (Mini Testimony)
4 years ago - 8 views
Start of Year Camp 2014 Oasis Youth Group Menace Victor Harbor
A video from the weekend down at Victor Harbor for Oasis SYC 2014. Lots of menacing, a bit of relaxing & great vibes.
8 years ago - 428 views
Oasis "Baby"
Oasis Youth Group performing Justin Bieber's "Baby"
10 years ago - 310 views
"Winter Advance 2015" - OASIS Youth Group
Here are highlight from the OASIS Youth Group "Winter Advance" 2015 trip.
6 years ago - 55 views
LCTV Show | Oasis Youth Group (June 28, 2016)
On this episode of the LCTV Show we get a visit from the Oasis Youth Group. Selena & Rev. Sarah from St. Stephen's Church came on to talk about the yo...
5 years ago - 15 views
Virtual Worship Service | 12th September 2021 | Oasis youth point
Worship Band: Oasis Music featuring Soyaimi Mahongnao Songs: 'The passion' by Hillsong 'Whole heart' by Hillsong Speakers: Hungreiphy Zimik Lummi ...
1 month ago - 873 views
"Winter Advance 2014" - OASIS Youth Group
Here are highlights from the OASIS Youth Group "Winter Advance" 2014!
6 years ago - 44 views
Oasis Youth Group @ Northside Assembly of God!
15 years ago - 776 views
The Oasis Christian Church Youth Group
Serving God thru Music,Song and Traditional Polynesian Dance.
14 years ago - 18,289 views
Oasis Youth Choir Rehearsal Video.flv
Oasis Youth Choir Rehearsal Video.
9 years ago - 1,719 views
OASIS Multi-Church Youth Group - México 2019
Service Trip to the Simply Smiles Home for Children in Oaxaca, Mexico.
2 years ago - 68 views
Oasis youth group game
The ending of our youth group game...the boys won and moriah was deeply disappointed :) 4/2/14.
8 years ago - 86 views
N for Loop - To be free (Oasis cover), Turn Around @ Youth Band Marathon (17/2/2013)
Get to Know Pastor. Dee! Millennials in Church, challenges in Ministry & OASIS EXPERIENCE 19!
Pastor David is the resident Pastor of Jcc parklands and youth Pastor of Jcc Oasis youth Ministry.
2 years ago - 150 views

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