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The Dukan Diet - The Dukan Diet Explained
The Dukan Diet - The Dukan Diet Explained ***Get DUKAN Diet CookBooks Here--- --Grab your FREE Weight Loss Book Now: ...
1 year ago - 9,419 views
The Dukan Diet creator says Paleo is a 'copy'
Dr. Pierre Dukan, creator of the popular Dukan Diet, says the Paleo Diet, the latest diet fad, is merely a copy of his weightloss strategy Paleo, some...
7 years ago - 37,815 views
The Dukan Diet Audiobook
5 years ago - 18,612 views
The Dukan Diet - The Dukan Diet Explained
The Dukan Diet - The Dukan Diet Explained ***Get DUKAN Diet CookBooks Here--- #DukanDiet #TheDukanDiet The Dukan Diet is a ...
1 month ago - 284 views
Dukan Diet Weight Loss Review | Does Science Back It Up?
Our Dukan Diet review for weight loss breaks down the 3 premises the diet is based on to see if they're actually true scientifically. And analyzes oth...
11 months ago - 3,314 views
Dukan Diet (Attack Phase) - What I Eat in a Day
Hi, Welcome back to my channel, Little Life Guru. This has been a much-requested video, sorry it's taken me some time to do it. Allot of you requested...
5 years ago - 65,305 views
The Dukan Diet by Pierre Dukan Audiobook Excerpt
The Dukan Diet ▻ FULL-LENGTH AUDIOBOOK : Pierre Dukan Audiobook - 2 Steps to Lose the Weight, ...
3 years ago - 46 views
Weight Loss: Dukan Diet Attack Phase + Tips (6lbs in 2 weeks )
This is my personal experience of being on the Dukan Diet and my weight loss after just 2 weeks. I tell you about the pros and cons, my experience, my...
6 years ago - 33,840 views
Real Dukan Dieters talk about the Dukan Diet's success
The Complete Dukan Cookbook is published by Hodder & Stoughton on 25th October. It's available to pre-order now from all good book shops. The best-sel...
9 years ago - 36,249 views
Introduction to The Dukan Diet - U.S. and Canada
a. Calculate Your True Weight Introduction to The Dukan Diet for the U.S. and Canada. It describes the 4 phases: Attack, Crui...
10 years ago - 51,087 views
What is the Dukan Diet?
Dr. Pierre Dukan has sold over 11 million books world-wide preaching the methods of his protein based diet. Kellie Sloane asks dietitian Susie Burrell...
7 years ago - 576 views
The Dukan Diet Book Giveaway
Jenscoobysnacks is giving away three copies of The Dukan Diet to her loyal supporters. There are three chances to win: 1. "Like" Jenscoobysnacks on .....
10 years ago - 438 views
What is DUKAN DIET? What does DUKAN DIET mean? DUKAN DIET meaning, definition & explanation
05:02 What is DUKAN DIET? What does DUKAN DIET mean? DUKAN DIET meaning - DUKAN DIET definition - DUKAN DIET ...
4 years ago - 1,616 views
Dukan Diet: Weight Loss: - Cruise Phase + Tips (14 lbs in 6 weeks)
This is my personal experience of being on the Dukan Diet and my weight loss after just 3 months having completed the Cruise Phase. I tell you about t...
5 years ago - 12,737 views
A Complete Review Of The Dukan Diet To Lose Weight Fast
A Complete Review Of The Dukan Diet To Lose Weight Fast The Dukan Diet is a popular protein-intensive weight loss diet that was designed and populariz...
3 years ago - 22,246 views
The Dukan Diet: The French Medical
00:31 ...
10 years ago - 62 views
First week Dukan Diet menu
____ ☆ DESCRIPTION ☆ _____ This is my first week on the Dukan diet. I learned about the diet thanks to another Youtuber (Jerree Black). I bought t...
7 years ago - 33,652 views
DUKAN DIET: Attack Phase Day 1
Covid plumpness is building up to the point (89 kg, 196 lbs) that it's getting serious. So from today I am going back on the Dukan Diet, a program tha...
1 year ago - 511 views
dukan diet review - learn how to lose weight with the dukan diet review
GO TO: Dukan Diet Review, the dukan diet plan has swept across france and sold over 3 million books. You can l...
11 years ago - 13,911 views
My Weight Loss Journey - The Dukan Diet
I wanted to do a video about my weight loss journey through the Dukan diet. I have always found other Youtubers videos really inspiring and I hope you...
4 years ago - 16,817 views
Second week Dukan Diet menu
____ ☆ DESCRIPTION ☆ _____ My second week on the Dukan diet (Crucero Stage or phase). this mean that I have alternated days: one of veggies and .....
6 years ago - 3,138 views
Does the Dukan Diet Work for People with Obesity
Hello guys, This time we are presenting a video about Does the Dukan Diet Work for People with Obesity? Hopefully useful for you.
4 years ago - 19 views
Presenting the Dukan Diet Menu by BEEF meat&wine restaurant
Being a leader by nature, BEEF has succeeded in pioneering many things that other restaurants in Kiev are perhaps too timid to even consider. One of s...
8 years ago - 471 views
Dukan Diet Cooking: Taking off Twenty Day 7
Chocolate creme, a wonderful recipe from the book "The Dukan Diet" is one of my FAVOURITE desserts!
10 years ago - 26,680 views
The Dukan Diet #SANE with Jacqueline B. Marcus & Jonathan Bailor
SANE Solution Who else wants a FREE copy of our #1 best-selling recipe book? It's $49 on Amazon, but for watching the video, you get all 99 delicious ...
1 year ago - 26 views
Dukan Diet Review - Easy Weight Loss: How I Lost 16 LBS On The DUKAN DIET + Review & Tips
Dukan Diet Review: How I Lost 16 LBS On The DUKAN DIET Check out our NR 1 SECRET To Lose Weight FAST & Without Effort! Click HERE: ...
2 years ago - 1,845 views
Weekly Weigh In // Dukan Diet Day 79 // Should I stay or go?
Thank you so much for watching. If you haven't already, please subscribe. I make videos every week and you never know what I'm going to post :) Ebates...
5 years ago - 2,162 views
The Dukan Diet - Marshall Brain TCVP Part 8
The Dukan diet is a "low-carb" diet, sort of like the Atkins diet but without the fat that is encouraged in the Atkins diet. The Dukan diet has four p...
11 years ago - 24,072 views
Dukan Diet Under Fire by Rival Doctor
The doctor who created the popular diet is fighting claims that it is dangerous. For more on this story, click here: ...
10 years ago - 5,334 views

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