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A Plant-based Diet Changed My Life | Pat McAuley | TEDxBabsonCollege
NOTE FROM TED: While some viewers may find the nutrition advice provided in this talk to be helpful, please do not look to this talk for medical advic...
3 years ago - 1,068,278 views
Vegan Diet or Mediterranean Diet: Which Is Healthier?
What's healthier: a vegan diet or the Mediterranean Diet? Neal Barnard, M.D., clears up the confusion in a presentation from the International Confere...
3 years ago - 385,892 views
New Research On Plant-Based Diets and Mortality
A new study out this month claims plant-based diets are associated with lower risk of not only cardiovascular disease and mortality but of all-cause m...
2 years ago - 268,433 views
Vegan Diet Linked to Stroke Risk?
Can a vegan diet put you at a higher risk for stroke? Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: ...
2 years ago - 11,692 views
Vegan diet
Will eating a vegan diet help my inflammation? Research does suggest that a vegan diet (no animal products) can help to reduce some of the inflammator...
2 years ago - 3,546 views
Is Veganism Healthy or Harmful?
This video defines veganism and explores the benefits and pitfalls of following a vegan diet. This video explores the effectiveness of vegan diet and ...
3 years ago - 111,240 views
HOW TO HEAL YOUR GUT ON A VEGAN DIET | best probiotic foods
Sharing my tips on how to heal your gut on a vegan diet and the best probiotic foods you should be eating. Food-specific discussion starts at 2:30, so...
4 years ago - 130,837 views
LIVE IT: Reduce Risk of Chronic Diseases with a Vegetarian Diet
Want to decrease your chances of chronic disease? Researchers found that a vegetarian diet does just that. Join the con...
6 years ago - 153,448 views
HIGH PROTEIN SIMPLE 1 TRAY BAKES - written ingredient list ...
4 years ago - 7,037,985 views
Doctor Mike Goes VEGAN For 30 Days | Here's How My Body Reacted...
Using my link, you can get an extra 25% off your first order and a free 30-day trial to Thrive Market: Thirty days o...
2 years ago - 2,474,779 views
Cancer Treatment: Why a Vegetarian Diet Helps
PCRI's Executive Director, Dr. Mark Scholz, MD, gives three lines of evidence to argue that a vegetarian or vegan diet is ideal for men with prostate ...
2 years ago - 27,645 views
Here's What Happens To Your Brain And Body When You Go Vegan | The Human Body
Thinking about skipping out on meat and dairy? Going vegan is becoming increasingly more common, but is it actually good for you? Following is the tra...
4 years ago - 684,719 views
Reversing Diabetes with a Plant-Based, Vegan Diet | Forks Over Knives
This new short film on reversing diabetes with a plant-based diet from the creators of Forks Over Knives ( captures how ...
3 years ago - 110,286 views
Raise the Flag with a Vegan Diet
Learn about how a healthy plant-based diet improves blood flow throughout the body. | For updates, newsletter sign up,...
10 years ago - 58,595 views
Plant Based Health and Nutrition - Session I
The position of the Medical Executive Committee of SUNY Downstate Medical Center, as recommended by the Committee and Plant-based Health and Nutrition...
3 years ago - 1,019,211 views
Plant-Based Eating: First 21 Days
Switching to a plant-based diet this January? Dr. Neal Barnard walks us through what you can expect the first month of going vegan. Plus, he provides ...
10 months ago - 327,218 views
Vegan Diets for Athletes! | Better Endurance and a Healthier Heart
Many vegan athletes report that a plant based diet provides them with an edge. Now, a new study backs them up with science! Learn why vegan athletes h...
3 years ago - 126,792 views
Pros And Cons Of Vegan Diet
9/2/12 - Dr. Andrew Freeman talks about the Vegan diet.
9 years ago - 10,506 views
Science Shows a Vegan Diet Benefits Athletes
Neal Barnard, M.D., explains a new scientific review from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine that shows plant-based athletes benefit fr...
3 years ago - 30,443 views
Plant based diet myths debunked!
Learn from two registered dietitians as they debunk they myths and theories in having a plant-based diet! --- SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel ...
1 year ago - 17,347 views
What you need to know before switching to a vegetarian diet
There have been some headlines in the news recently discussing the potential pitfalls of a strictly vegetarian diet. Being someone who usually avoids ...
4 years ago - 19,861 views
Could a Vegan Diet Reverse Disease?
The creators of the documentary “What the Health” join The Doctors to debate the benefits and potential pitfalls of a vegan diet as it relates to ...
4 years ago - 43,885 views
The Basics of a Vegan Diet
Vegan diets only include plant-based foods, and research has shown that vegan or vegetarian diets rich in plant-based foods are associated with lower ...
5 months ago - 1,049 views
T-SHIRT SIGN-UP: Don't miss out Can a vegan diet reduce the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes? Can a plant-based ...
2 years ago - 55,871 views
Vegan Diet: New Health Benefits for 2021 | Dr. Andrew Freeman
Subscribe to The Exam Room Podcast:​​ -- About Us: The Physicians Committee is dedicated to saving lives through plant-ba...
3 months ago - 33,299 views
Identical Twins: One Goes Vegan, One Does Not | The Exam Room
What happens when identical twins eat two completely different diets? Hugo and Ross Turner wanted to know. For 12 weeks, Hugo went vegan while Ross .....
1 year ago - 332,807 views
How to start a vegan diet | Everything you need to know!
Now you are ready to start your vegan journey! For even more info on getting started check out my blogpost: ...
2 years ago - 177,075 views
I was vegan for three years, and my health did not improve at all. I was getting fatter, and my blood pressure and cholesterol levels were worsening. ...
2 years ago - 14,577 views
Your Vegan Diet Questions Answered
Questions about the vegan diet and nutrition are answered by Dr. Neal Barnard. He is joined by Dr. Jim Loomis from the documentary The Game Changers.
1 year ago - 11,273 views
21 Reason To Go Vegan in 2021
From boosting our health to helping the environment, there are so many reasons to choose a vegan diet! Dr. Neal Barnard shares his top 21 reasons to g...
9 months ago - 34,066 views

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