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When Tech Companies Lie To Us...
Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee

Published on 2 weeks ago

Tech company lies exist on a spectrum. How far is too far?
(Did you know 1-inch camera sensors are not 1 inch?)

The Death of AirPower Explained: https://vidio.asia/watch/3AfpFkrS7Lw
DonutMedia video: https://vidio.asia/watch/sYd9q120lhE

Tech I'm using right now: https://www.amazon.com/shop/MKBHD

Intro Track: Jordyn Edmonds https://lnk.to/jordynedmonds
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Comments :

bocoy noiu

bocoy noiu . 3 hours ago

friend. (I realise this comment is going to get buried but whatever)

Bora Sumer

Bora Sumer . 5 hours ago

If you consider misinformation a lie, than it is a lie.


wanto . 6 hours ago

Any lies are very harmful especially our pockets!! That's why i don't buy sony

Aravind Margam

Aravind Margam . 8 hours ago

Anyone here a jalopnik reader? Sound familiar?

rudy solomon

rudy solomon . 9 hours ago

Shift gears…how about that mention of video games so real on a level difficult to explain, especially by those that are not scientifically inclined?

CyberLife ♪

CyberLife ♪ . 13 hours ago

Love your videos!

Johannes Schaffer

Johannes Schaffer . 15 hours ago

The 1" sensor doesn't reallyt matter, as long as it's relatively correct. We don't think of a globally ideal sensor size and then search to buy it. We see one camera (e.g. Red) and wanna see in comparison how good another one is. As long as they all make the same "mistake". it cancles out


V M . 15 hours ago

If you reduce everything to lie or truth you’re gonna need more air quotes


E . 1 day ago

Reminds me of a story from years ago when 1gb thumb drives were still the largest sized around. Met a dude who said he went to China and found Chinese brand 4gb thumb drives! So he bought a bunch to give out to his colleagues. Then the colleagues started asking why did their drives only have 1gb capacity. Apparently the brand was called "4 GB", but the capacity itself was only 1gb. Hahahahaha technically they weren't lying.

Rock girl

Rock girl . 1 day ago

friend. (I realise this comment is going to get buried but whatever)


issamkholoud2009 . 1 day ago

Who are the 900 000 people who are subscribed to the tech guru MKBHD but not subscribed to the sock and sandals wearing Linus, Shame on you

Royal Kenny

Royal Kenny . 1 day ago

And most lies live on due to human stupidity, to have supper fast cars with super strong engines is just silly and pointless for most folk will never use it, but to brag about it is what we want, so big numbers is what sell, best way to understand this is by megapixel, like my phone 12mp but the quality is crap, but I never edit photos I take with my phone and I often display the images on a screen that's is not even 6 mp. So we want those lies and they sell, so they will not go away until the humans start to smart more 😀


fredoberto . 1 day ago

drink a shot every time he says "1-inch sensor"

Steve D

Steve D . 2 days ago

Not just the one-foot rollout, but they used a track covered in a grippy glue designed to aid hard drag launches. Plaid is simply not a sub 2 second car, but it is incredibly fast. I think it's a shame they need to lie to promote something that's incredible in its own right (apart from the stupid yoke).

Palash Shah

Palash Shah . 2 days ago

Why's the caption timing seeming off in the recent vids?

Hritik Joshi

Hritik Joshi . 2 days ago

For me Your video is first on YouTube which is not getting cropped a lot while zoom in to fit on screen and looks 16;9 too Is this is possible while shooting by giving much headroom space ? Or in post production? Which aspect ratios you guys are using 😅

Estho The Grand

Estho The Grand . 2 days ago

Subtitles are messed up. Kindly fix


Rushi . 2 days ago

This video should be titled as "ONE INCH SENSOR"


ShAuNf98 . 2 days ago

excellent video

fr1sse Yo

fr1sse Yo . 2 days ago

What about samsungs "quantum processor" in their tv screens? Thats pretty false advertisement to me

Radu Karma

Radu Karma . 2 days ago

The electrical cars are having 0 emissions. But how much you pollute to build one ? Imagine the battery how much is polluting


K. SERVICE'S OFFICIAL . 2 days ago

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Benjámin Szász-Cserey

Benjámin Szász-Cserey . 2 days ago

actualllly learned something today, thanks marques


Asdowo . 2 days ago

Just curious why Jidion changed his profile picture to yours?


TheTechGuyZ . 2 days ago

A product planned to come to market is not a lie even if it never comes or even comes to market slightly below spec. Market demand, profitable, and so on... many reasons they don't come to market. Those issues about the camera though and being vague/misleading about technical specs is harmful. There are many people even sharp people who would be duped from those specs. It is false advertising. Tesla definitely skates that fine line... I am more disappointed with those camera specs and substitute photos to be misleading about the capabilities of a camera. This kinda shit. Needs to stop. I wish I could make it my full time job to go after patent trolls and technical spec misrepresentation.


1xial1 . 2 days ago

It’s like buying a car that comes with a “spare tire”. It’s not really a spare tire - as that would support having a 5th tire of the set currently on your car - but an emergency use wheel/tire assembly that is good in case your wheel/tire assembly break. Honestly, it’s semantics - not necessarily dishonesty. If an expert testimony can testify for semantics in a space, then it’s legally not misrepresented as a product.

God of the Bible Speaks

God of the Bible Speaks . 2 days ago

Had to smile at how far he had to scroll down on Sony’s website to get to the explanation of the asterisk.


Anonymous . 2 days ago

Hey everyone! :D I hope you stay safe and have a nice day, God bless you! <3


Rick_dat_boi . 2 days ago

What about the cyber truck


FelixMuk . 2 days ago

Hard drive space is the biggest culprit of this.

Alok Sethi

Alok Sethi . 2 days ago

Marques, I've to just compliment you on the quality and wide variety of your videos/content in the last few months. Great work!

Iv Dig

Iv Dig . 2 days ago

Tell me you've never worked in tech, without telling me "I've never worked in tech."

Ardit Bisha

Ardit Bisha . 2 days ago

I made a Tesla roadster reservation 3 times and I canceled it because Elon Musk it’s a just a liar.

Luke Thomas

Luke Thomas . 3 days ago

nice pimple bro


E H . 3 days ago

Deception is always bed. I don't think it's harmless if the intention is deception

Dante Grayson

Dante Grayson . 3 days ago

4:12 ---- "Twerk is the measure of turning force."

Rodney Remington

Rodney Remington . 3 days ago

Porsche lowballs their power and speed numbers and gains great respect for their numbers as a result. Tesla is the opposite. It’s the fake it til you make it Silicon Valley mentality. It’s too bad because If they were more honest with their performance stats it would change the conversation from how fake their numbers are to how actually fast they are.


Drive4Life . 3 days ago

Leica smartphone is basiclly new Aquos

Rob Youngson Photography

Rob Youngson Photography . 3 days ago

If you were to film a follow up, you could explore F-stop vs T-stop. How two companies F2.8 isn't the same (can be as much as a stop different in extreme cases) but a T-stop is a more universal and accurate measurement, hence why it's used in Film and TV.

viiont eooiy

viiont eooiy . 3 days ago

You're a class act.


GUY CHA0S . 3 days ago



Just2bad . 3 days ago

Little did he know the BMW colour shift is real.

Name NL

Name NL . 3 days ago

People who buy Tesla’s deserve to be fcked over at this point. Why tf are you as a black creator funding Elon , lol. Capitalism at its finest, if Elon was black he would’ve been in prison for “ fraud “ for letting ppl wait 5 years & selling promises

Fahad Mostafa

Fahad Mostafa . 3 days ago

11:24 why do they showing an icon representing the size in diagonal if it is not 1” diagonal? That’s a lie then. I might be wrong, feel free to correct me.

Rattlehead M

Rattlehead M . 3 days ago

Companies lie and a lot of the lies aren't illegal. I'm with Verizon for my phone service and they are the best. T-Mobile commercials though make it sound like they're the best by saying (we have the biggest 5G network). People hear that and think T-Mobie has better coverage than Verizon, but even though T-Mobile may have the biggest 5G network, Verizon has the best coverage with their 4G network. So here in So Cal the overall coverage of Verizon is better than T-Mobile, call wise and internet coverage even though Verizon's higher coverage is with 4G. So T-Mobile doesn't lie, but they just omit that their 5G coverage ven though it covers more of the US than Verizon is still way weaker than Verizons 4G. Companies do this all the time on commercials or to your face and it's immoral but unfortunately not illegal.

dacosta smith

dacosta smith . 3 days ago

bmw does this with horsepower numbers

Bella d

Bella d . 3 days ago

El0n watching this when MKBHD is bringing the FACTS : 👁️👄👁️

gestureye7x urisopc

gestureye7x urisopc . 3 days ago

all of it is a lie, that’s capitalism in a nut shell 🤷🏿‍♂️

Adam Christoffersen

Adam Christoffersen . 3 days ago

Does anybody know the ending track? I'm pretty sure its an AllttA song but I can't seem to find the full track.


gokugohan9000 . 3 days ago

U sound like a gay white guy

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