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What Is The Best Diet For Humans? | Eran Segal | TEDxRuppin
TEDx Talks

TEDx Talks

Published on 5 years ago

Prof. Eran Segal presented conclusions from the research on the TEDxRuppin stage and made us question common dietary beliefs.

For additional information see http://genie.weizmann.ac.il

New research led by Prof. Eran Segals and Dr. Elinavs research unit indicates a drastic change in blood sugar levels between two individuals on identical diets - this may explain why some struggle to lose weight while others, on the same diet, stay lean and fit. The scientists even developed an algorithm that can calculate ones blood level based on his or her biology and lifestyle.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx

Comments :

Joshi C Haran

Joshi C Haran . 1 week ago

Find out what the very early humans would have eaten. That would be the real natural food of the humans. That would be uncooked vegetarian food fruits and roots like carrot etc.

king keshavarajan

king keshavarajan . 1 week ago


Sandor Sardi

Sandor Sardi . 1 week ago

Thank you ! This study is the most intelligent one about diet!

Herb Bowler

Herb Bowler . 2 weeks ago

Humans are designed to eat plants. We have different tolerance levels for animal protein and refined junk food. Many of our health problems stem from inactivity. People in affluent countries are to lazy to be healthy regardless of diet.

Phuong Nguyen

Phuong Nguyen . 2 weeks ago

I have the technology to generate electricity from waves, looking forward to cooperation and dual tracking solarfram


Joan . 2 weeks ago

Terrific! I can hardly wait to start.

A. Zamora

A. Zamora . 2 weeks ago

Believe this 100% my dad ate all the sweets he wanted and never got sick while my mom who followed my dads eating habits developed diabetes heart problems kidney problems strokes.

Mark Meiri

Mark Meiri . 3 weeks ago

This is way cool. I have often wondered if there is a correlation between diet and regional ancestry

satyendra singh

satyendra singh . 3 weeks ago

Excellent study.


Alexandre . 3 weeks ago

I did the test, the algorithme said that the best diet for me was McDonald's ! I'm so lucky😍😍😍

bryan norris

bryan norris . 3 weeks ago

50 meals/week is average?..... I'm slackin something turrible

Nicole Jackson

Nicole Jackson . 3 weeks ago

I always wondered why some people who are extremely overweight don't get diabeties and why some who are skinny get diabeties,. It's us not the food

Tom Hutchinson

Tom Hutchinson . 3 weeks ago

I’m sorry but your gut adapts to what you eat, your micro biome changes, so of course everyone has different responses because in some level it is do with what your used too, if you eat bad food you will be used to it and if you eat good food you will be used too it. Keep eating the traditional good foods, and watch for processed or polluted foods your body will adapt too it and thank you for it. Correct me if I’m wrong but this study is flawed, looks like it’s long game is a publicity stunt or sales pitch.

mister E

mister E . 3 weeks ago

Starch based diet

indian curious voice

indian curious voice . 3 weeks ago

The best diet for human is ayurvedic satvik diet


Mass0 . 3 weeks ago

This personalized diet thing is pretty dangerous and honestly smells like commercial interests. The different responses we have are probably explained by our previous nutritional habits therefore shouldn't be take as something to follow but to correct. Icecream is an unhealthy food, rice is an incredibly healthy one and nobody shall ever have doubts on that. You all know the guidelines to follow, and what can change usually are only quantities, unless the person has some allergies etc. Please stop looking for nutrition videos confusing yourselves further and just start being disciplined.

Pankaj Sutariya

Pankaj Sutariya . 3 weeks ago

To the director of filming for this TED Talk and all other TED Talks: Show me the close-up of the charts until the speaker is done with them. I get no worthwhile info from seeing the speaker or the audience. Show me the charts. Show me the charts. Show me charts. BTW, if you are mindlessly applying some film school rule about changing the viewpoint every so-many seconds, then STOP! Save it for your Oscar-winner. For these lectures, just SHOW ME THE CHARTS! Thanks Rick Hydan

Maciej Jaworski

Maciej Jaworski . 4 weeks ago

So is thhis diagnostic method, using the AI algorithm based on bacteria type already commercially available? If yes I would really like to know where can I find it


Sean . 4 weeks ago

I suspect the participants you thought were “healthy” actually had varying degrees of metabolic dysfunction.

quest 77051

quest 77051 . 4 weeks ago


Craig Wallace

Craig Wallace . 4 weeks ago

How long should I wait after I eat before I test my glucose levels?

Yank ee

Yank ee . 1 month ago

Good luck with trying to establish a diet specifically tailored to your genetic make-up. I'm well past a generation older than Eran Segal. I play basketball three times a week...take no medications, and can physically out-do guys half my age. The thing that turned my crashing health around some thirty-five years ago was going to a plant based diet. Today, Currently, I'm about 95% grown product, the other 5% being chicken or fish and occasionally a couple of eggs. You're a herbivore - face it and live it. But cheat now and then; your body needs that too. I wish I could direct you to my book on natural healing, but I'm not going to use this forum to promote it. And no, I don't miss the pizza, fast food, filet mignon, cheeses, and alcohol. I'm so healthy it's scary. But I'm fine with being frightened in that manner.

Colleen Orrick

Colleen Orrick . 1 month ago

We have to learn to listen to our bodies!

Hamza Alaudi

Hamza Alaudi . 1 month ago

This is amazing. Thank you for your talk!

joel driver

joel driver . 1 month ago

Body weight is always going to come down to calories in vs. calories out. A healthy diet is eating foods close to their natural state and making over half of your diet fruits and vegetables.

The secret of KETO

The secret of KETO . 1 month ago

*I love Keto, in less than 2 years, I am much healthier, I have lost 125 pounds, I feel like I am 16 in my 40s!*

Elena Daria Bells

Elena Daria Bells . 1 month ago

Where can I be tested to check what foods are good and bad for me? I live in Israel. Thanks.

Earle Hartshorn

Earle Hartshorn . 1 month ago

How do I do this! I need to know what my diet should be!

Nate Lobo

Nate Lobo . 1 month ago


Young Dev

Young Dev . 1 month ago

great info

Beginner of all

Beginner of all . 1 month ago

Kon kon do ads dekhne ke baad finally video me pahuch

Malchi Asad

Malchi Asad . 1 month ago

BS there's no way ice cream loaded with sugar isn't going to spike insulin. Perhaps it was sugar free ice cream made with real cream not milk.

Drooy Rich

Drooy Rich . 2 months ago

Ayurveda says this since 5000 years .. all people are different and the responses they have are different .. we are getting there after 5000 years .. again ..

Hardeep kaur

Hardeep kaur . 2 months ago

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Saad Sohail

Saad Sohail . 2 months ago

Diet is the majority of all muscle building, you just can't ignore it. I had amazing success with the Agoge diet plan. Would recommend it to anyone!

Katie Desjardins

Katie Desjardins . 2 months ago

Does anyone know the name of the paper that this ted talk is based off of? cannot find the research online

Rochelle McKinney

Rochelle McKinney . 2 months ago


Ammar Hossain Khan

Ammar Hossain Khan . 2 months ago

diet doesnt help much if u sit in front of a computer more than 3 hrs everyday


Yeeet . 2 months ago

The best? Blend it, make it easier to consume, less energy to eat, less work for your organs, more energy for our brain —> but we gonna be weak af, and can’t survive on our own


Zlata GERGELOVA . 2 months ago

I would like to enroll in their future study continuation. And get access to this website, pls ;-)


kbkesq . 2 months ago

We don’t need an algorithm to know Whole Foods are better than processed foods and slower absorbing digesting foods are better than fast foods. The rest is commentary.


EL JR R . 2 months ago

This is the best ever Ted talk. This is why I was struggling with my diet. Not anymore

Dan Bat

Dan Bat . 2 months ago


Richrico Granada

Richrico Granada . 2 months ago

The perfect diet is Vegan, which is my personal diet for 30 plus years with superb health and perfect weight. That is the only diet that makes sense.

Caterina Cevallos

Caterina Cevallos . 2 months ago

Now... how do we mortals figure out the best diet four ourselves?

Ricardo Flores

Ricardo Flores . 2 months ago

Wow. Finally, a scientist speaking about nutrition that actually makes sense!


D.B. . 2 months ago

2:10 quite simple actually. Because the food industry is a MASSIVE vested interest - much like big pharma - and therefore does whatever it needs to sell products. They don’t care about health.

Josh Borja

Josh Borja . 2 months ago



Psychoctapus . 2 months ago

if you just didnt eat carbs then you wouldn’t have glucose spikes to begin with

Global Man

Global Man . 2 months ago

"Eat right for your Blood type"...that's how you do it...very simple. Work WITH your body...NOT AGAINST your body.

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