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Aesthetic Crochet Bandana ~ Easy Tutorial ✨


Published on 1 year ago

Hello my loves! 😍 Today I am going to show you how to crochet a bandana/kerchief, really wanted to try one for myself and share with you guys as I see a lot on Insta lately! Feel free to share with me your DIYs and creations you do following the tutorials here from the channel, I love seeing everything you do. I really hope you enjoy today's video ✨🌹✨

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🧶🧵Things you will need:
Yarn - around 50g for 1 bandana
Cream - https://amzn.to/31ghIpY
Orange - https://amzn.to/32hLcTF
Brown - https://amzn.to/32iDh8s
Small pair of scissors
Tapestry needle
Stitch markers
Measuring tape
3.5 mm hook

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I recommend hand washing the crochet projects in cold water and a natural soap (Method Concentrated Laundry Liquid Detergent), rinse it out gently and lay flat on a towel to dry. The same for both cotton and acrylic yarns. I do not recommend warm water.

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Intro Music 🎵
Music by Fiji Blue - Numb - https://thmatc.co/?l=E3AFDE04

00:00 Intro
01:24 Materials
02:17 Measurements for the bandana
03:14 First pattern (orange)
11:26 Second pattern (brown)
17:00 Different sizes for the bandana
19:23 Finish around bandana (picot edging)
23:47 Straps
28:15 Finished project (outro)

#crochetbandana #diybandana #howtocrochet

Comments :


Brunaticality . 7 months ago

Hi everyone! For those having trouble following this tutorial I have a new one where I explain in more details each row. Here is the link: https://youtu.be/LkHbZDKmTLY 💛

yare daze

yare daze . 2 weeks ago

Are you brazilian

Hori Miya

Hori Miya . 3 weeks ago

I clicked this video so fast when I saw the bandana. It’s soooo prettyyyyy. I’ll definitely make this later. BTW, stan Fiji Blue!!! I smiled right away when I heard Numb on your intro 🥰 They have a new song too, check them out guys!

Zainah Alqahtani

Zainah Alqahtani . 2 months ago

I made it and it is so beautiful thank you ♥️♥️

11 Arundhati Vasanth

11 Arundhati Vasanth . 2 months ago

Pls make a clearer version

Rhianne Miller

Rhianne Miller . 2 months ago

I just made this and its the cutest thing ever!!! Thank you so much for this tutorial :D


PARK_NAMI . 2 months ago

How many grams?

Olivia Christine

Olivia Christine . 3 months ago

i made this for my friend for her birthday! she LOVES it


MP . 3 months ago

Love the bandana but I'm really frustrated with this tutorial.. I made now so much mistakes I'm on half way and about to throw it away. I'm really upset :(( you made me feel like a total idiot.

lu mr.

lu mr. . 3 months ago

i was understanding everything until the part of the bottom and the straps 🥺

Anjana Keshav Das

Anjana Keshav Das . 3 months ago

Just made this! It looks fantastic I loved the pattern!

Amber Nichole

Amber Nichole . 3 months ago

Just wanted to thank you for this video! I'm on my 7th or 8th bandana already. Modified a few and adding beads to my current one. So wonderful!!!

Misheng Cabie

Misheng Cabie . 3 months ago

It's too fast for me as a beginner for crocheting

Crochet Me Lovely

Crochet Me Lovely . 4 months ago


artichoke dip

artichoke dip . 4 months ago

I have large poofy curls so I ended up making mine just a few rows larger. Cute kerchief still!


B A . 4 months ago

newbie here! is this 3-ply yarn?? or 2?

Olivia Rose Hart

Olivia Rose Hart . 4 months ago

anybody know how to get this straight on the bottom edge? Mine keeps curving and idk how to fix it

Maria Luisa Santos

Maria Luisa Santos . 4 months ago

I was watching this over and over again but having difficulty in following the instructions especially in the first 2 rows very confusing that i gave up

Jennifer Chow

Jennifer Chow . 4 months ago

The pattern is so cute but sadly there are too many errors and confusion:( beginners aware!

Aria Manson

Aria Manson . 5 months ago

from the beginning mine is coming out v shaped, does anyone know how to fix that?


patrickthepear . 5 months ago

do you have any copyright claims we should keep an eye out for? if anyone would want to sell their own homemade bandana using your pattern, i mean? thank you for the great video <3

Cozy Sage

Cozy Sage . 6 months ago

Can you make written patterns please? Your videos are kind of hard to follow.

y s s a h

y s s a h . 6 months ago

Thank you for the tutorial! My little sister asked for a headband, I'm thinking of making this for her 🥰

malithi *

malithi * . 6 months ago

Thank you 💜

Kayleigh franklyn

Kayleigh franklyn . 6 months ago

Great tutorial! thankyou! Its nice to find one that goes at a good pace and doesn't drag it out. I know others have found it too fast, but that what the pause button is for! I really enjoyed making this. Thankyou

Marimay Tan Amorin

Marimay Tan Amorin . 7 months ago

This is so cute ... ❤ thank u for sharing with us ur talent 😍❤

Leslie Kestler

Leslie Kestler . 7 months ago

Please remake this pattern top many mistakes

Sofia Maytorena

Sofia Maytorena . 7 months ago

Can I make it with acrylic yarn?

Circle Lang

Circle Lang . 7 months ago

You're amazing!! Can i ask if is it lace yarn 4ply that you are using?

Activities Desk

Activities Desk . 7 months ago

not the ads every 30 secs


ll . 7 months ago

Why do talk so fast? 😭😭

Jennybelle Aguil

Jennybelle Aguil . 7 months ago


Tomatoe Fruit

Tomatoe Fruit . 7 months ago

This was a super helpful video! It was quick and easy to follow and I love how the end project turned out ✨✨

Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle . 7 months ago

So rushed, how tf am I supposed to keep up


GENALINE BALISBIS . 7 months ago

That is so cutee and cool...i have my crochet blog also but i use different materials i use plastic twine for my project..like bags..wallet.and gowns...ill try to make that one...exiting...😍

Jace Villh

Jace Villh . 8 months ago

Lo acabo de hacer y me encantaaa <3 no sé mucho ingles pero se entendió bastante bien <3

Kayla Zulik

Kayla Zulik . 8 months ago

This is so cute but super fast and hard to follow :/ ive been crocheting for about a year and I had a really hard time understanding what you were doing a lot of the time hahah obsessed with the end product tho!

Misty Delarosa

Misty Delarosa . 8 months ago

Mine doesn't lay flat. After the second round it V shapes on me and I don't know why


alexis . 8 months ago

i love this tutorial!! ive been crocheting for a bit and this was super easy to follow and i whipped up a couple while watching tv today :)

rylee kay

rylee kay . 8 months ago

when you switched colors, you started the next row on the opposite side but if i wanted to do keep the same color would i start on the same side? idk if that makes sense but it would be really helpful😊

Neele Maaß

Neele Maaß . 8 months ago

Not well explained. All of the sudden there need to be 3 stiches to be skipped, so all over again. Just not fun

reese meadows

reese meadows . 8 months ago

Sorry but this was WAY to complicated and not clear at all to be a ✨“beginner tutorial”✨

Amanda Soares

Amanda Soares . 8 months ago

hi i loved your bandana, i'm brazilian and i managed to do it. thank you so much for the class. mine I did with raw and red colors.

adam twelve

adam twelve . 8 months ago

written pattern?

flo mc

flo mc . 8 months ago

I didn't really understand coz you were to fast

Reniel Datinguinoo

Reniel Datinguinoo . 8 months ago

Ty for tutorial

The Bookworms Nook

The Bookworms Nook . 8 months ago

I wish you'd have shown one more repeat of the increases. Am I right in thinking we always start with 3 chains and 1double crochet at the start. Then 2 double crochet at the end and it will still grow in size? I'm a beginner..Thanks

Helen Euzébio

Helen Euzébio . 9 months ago

Meu Deus queria ficar fluente assim, você mora no BR?

Nina A.

Nina A. . 9 months ago

love the bandana but you were fairly confusing in you step by step explanations. just a little too wordy and har to follow at some points otherwise amazing

Christina Persaud

Christina Persaud . 9 months ago

ATTENTION CORRECTIONS OF PATTERN HERE!!! I love this pattern but couldn’t figure out why my piece was looking so different. I studied the frames of the piece as she went along and I found out where the minor mistakes were. Here are the corrections :) Row 5: She’s missing 1dc at beginning of row. There should be 3dc at beginning and end of Row 5. Row 6: Chain 3, 1dc in first stitch, *Chain 1, skip 2 stitches, 3dc in next stitch. Repeat from * 4 times. Chain 1 skip 3 stitches, 3dc in next stitch, chain 1, skip 3 stitches, (2dc, chain 1, 2dc in center chain). Reverse Row 6 instructions for remainder of row.

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