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Freddie Gibbs And Madlib: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert
NPR Music

NPR Music

Published on 2 years ago

Watch Freddie Gibbs And Madlib play "Education"
, "Gat Damn"
, "Soul Right"
"Freestyle S***" at the Tiny Desk.

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Dec. 6, 2019 | Abby O'Neill -- This Freddie Gibbs and Madlib Tiny Desk performance was a year in the making, largely because Madlib insisted on playing with El Michels Affair, a vintage funk and soul band based out of New York. But it was worth the wait. When pianist Marco Benevento opened with a delicate, almost jazzy run, it created the perfect opening — and juxtaposition — for hard-hitting emcee, Gibbs to jump in and ride the hell out of that beat.

From the moment they launched into "Education," a cut off the latest MadGibbs project Bandana, it was obvious Gibbs has spent countless hours honing his style. Meanwhile, Madlib, an enigmatic and reclusive producer known for his analog head-nodders, brought along a small thunder tube and vintage electric bongos circa 1960. Just getting a chance to see him ignited excitement in the NPR crowd.

But the conclusive jam in this killer set was "Freestyle S***," a track that drips with the smoothness of satin and swagger of the seventies. It and the rest of the set elevated the room for both longtime purists and new fans alike. But the way Gibbs emphatically showed his love for Madlib was just as beautiful to witness. There's little doubt about their deep admiration and appreciation for each other. It was hands down, for me, the best Tiny Desk of the year.

"Gat Damn"
"Soul Right"
"Freestyle S***"

Freddie Gibbs: vocals; Madlib: percussion; Leon Michels; saxophone; Homer Steinweiss: drums; Nick Movshon: bass; Marco Benevento: piano; Dave Guy: trumpet

Producers: Abby O'Neill, Morgan Noelle Smith; Creative director: Bob Boilen; Audio engineer: Josh Rogosin; Videographers: Morgan Noelle Smith, CJ Riculan, Bronson Arcuri, Jack Corbett; Associate producer: Bobby Carter; Executive producer: Lauren Onkey; VP, programming: Anya Grundmann; Photo: Mhari Shaw/NPR

Comments :


spacemanworks . 1 day ago

madlib more like five nights at freddies

Buba Bakuradze

Buba Bakuradze . 1 day ago

wonderfull music

Guido Grignaffini

Guido Grignaffini . 3 days ago

I keep coming back to this almost every week. Freddie and Lib are just so good.

Jonas Roca

Jonas Roca . 4 days ago

🔥 Freddie x El Michels Affair x MadLib 🔥


EddieIZE . 5 days ago

the drummer's face at 3:44

Fishing With Dom!

Fishing With Dom! . 1 week ago

I lived to see the day where one of my favorite rappers made it onto NPR. That’s cool and this was great!!

Tom Beavis

Tom Beavis . 2 weeks ago

Who’s here again in 2021🥱>>>>

Demilade Falaiye

Demilade Falaiye . 2 weeks ago

I got my stank face on the whole time

Riley Narayn

Riley Narayn . 2 weeks ago



delco2035 . 2 weeks ago

Proper music, yeah !

Steven Grissom

Steven Grissom . 2 weeks ago

Homie on the keys was clutch! Nice flavor

Alejandro H

Alejandro H . 2 weeks ago

This the hardest release of the decade fam

Captain Crunch

Captain Crunch . 2 weeks ago

I can't hold no grudges My hands are too busy catching blessings Blessings... and I've been struggling my whole life yeah .. I pour it up and get my soul right Subhanallah. God bless you brother.

Captain Crunch

Captain Crunch . 2 weeks ago

How am I just seeing this?

bart farrell

bart farrell . 2 weeks ago

What other hip-hop artists else would you like to hear the backing band play with?

Bootleg Records

Bootleg Records . 2 weeks ago

Madlib is the coolest cat and knows it

Jeffery Little john

Jeffery Little john . 2 weeks ago

Him and Nas need to hook up!

Halativhana Masiagwala

Halativhana Masiagwala . 2 weeks ago


Azijn Seikert

Azijn Seikert . 3 weeks ago

Making music is about having fun.

André Muigai

André Muigai . 3 weeks ago

Man's be killing that piano 🎹😎😎😎

dolo mode

dolo mode . 3 weeks ago

Im back! I always come back to this! Mac Millers and Anderson paaks. Best listen live

with no paddle

with no paddle . 3 weeks ago

shoutout to the bassist

Shoobaloob ScoopDaWoop

Shoobaloob ScoopDaWoop . 3 weeks ago

great show, band was on point. love freddie and madlib

Jing Guo

Jing Guo . 3 weeks ago

I saw Madlib in Shanghai over a decade ago. How time flies!


Vagweside . 3 weeks ago

Madlib lookin like an old Tmac

Alan Brattland

Alan Brattland . 3 weeks ago

@2:00 that reminds me of Lalo Schifrin. This good music love it.

DJ Mani Midi

DJ Mani Midi . 3 weeks ago


S. Scott

S. Scott . 3 weeks ago

How do I love Freddie....let me count the ways!

kamikazi Nottz

kamikazi Nottz . 4 weeks ago

Piano guy needs a raise ASAP!

The Scepter Of Judah

The Scepter Of Judah . 4 weeks ago

Whatever gasoline Freddie had in that glass had several band members sweating right along with Freddie.

Michael Albizures

Michael Albizures . 4 weeks ago

Keep coming back... but on some real shi, gotta release these songs bruh. They be played on repeat ong

Sean Simpson

Sean Simpson . 4 weeks ago

Long live Freddie Gibbs. Thank you for making music and collabbing with Madlib. I need to buy some albums.


LA H . 4 weeks ago

Dude with the glasses is the Goat!

sean Berrodin

sean Berrodin . 4 weeks ago

The piano player is fantastic. Not only can he jam with the best of them, but he can step back and just play a melodic line or vamp.

Kristin Becerra

Kristin Becerra . 4 weeks ago

So nobody gunna comments about the pianist going off on education track 🔥🔥😅😅 dont trip i for it...best tiny desk concert hands down yoo🔥🔥🔥🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Bryan Ruppell

Bryan Ruppell . 1 month ago

It's really hard job standing up here making a fool out of my mother's name

Bryan Ruppell

Bryan Ruppell . 1 month ago

Black people are hilarious when the camera is on them. They're like three-year-olds.


Pedro_OLVR_ . 1 month ago

Rabbit Gang yessir


Trebla . 1 month ago

God: how many muscle memory do u want? Pianist: yea

lambs bread records

lambs bread records . 1 month ago

leon kilt it


gare0089 . 1 month ago

Marco Benevento is a insane player and also actually insane. Weird dude.

Matt Pennington

Matt Pennington . 1 month ago



rainapmomof3 . 1 month ago

YO, kudos to all the men in tat room.


TheSpidey1969 . 2 months ago

Wow! Another amazing Tiny Desk concert! THAT was tight!

Jordan Kashuba

Jordan Kashuba . 2 months ago

Lately Tiny Desk has helped me remember how much I love music and why


oliviero . 2 months ago

freddie gibbs > 2pac


poissonfish99 . 2 months ago

Freddie Gibbs killed it. Unlike that crackhead


expulsado . 2 months ago

the white dudes look like they could use a shower

Son' Zai OSRS

Son' Zai OSRS . 2 months ago

Yah yeaa

Andrew Partridge

Andrew Partridge . 2 months ago

This is truly one of the illest 4 songs sets anywhere, off all time, and forever.

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