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Does CBD Have Any Value As A Treatment?
Healthcare Triage

Healthcare Triage

Published on 7 months ago

Last week we covered CBD and mental health, finding that data to backup health claims are scarce and consumer CBD products are often sketchy. In this week’s episode on CBD and other health ailments, we find that many of the same caveats apply.

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Aaron Carroll -- Writer
Meredith Danko – Social Media
Tiffany Doherty -- Writer and Script Editor
John Green -- Executive Producer
Stan Muller -- Director, Producer
Mark Olsen – Art Director, Producer

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Comments :

Healthcare Triage

Healthcare Triage . 7 months ago

At 3:16 it looks like one of our sources got cut off. It should read: The American Journal of Psychiatry Hey, while you're here, thanks for watching and have a nice day :)


socrabe . 1 month ago

I would like for you guys to add articles references in the description. It would help greatly. Thank you

Lila-Grace Nunyasun

Lila-Grace Nunyasun . 2 months ago

That poor one transplant patient who felt no changes. I imagine that using other pain relief was limited - at least for a bit. Ouch! There's a THC medication here in Canada that's used often, Nabilone. I wish there was more research and avaliable regulated pharmaceuticals that use CBD and THC


Skywise . 3 months ago

Better than your previous attempts at tackling this topic. Though your dislike for it is still quite intense.

Reed Wolf

Reed Wolf . 3 months ago

It seems crazy that so many people are taking something and research funds are so nonexistent that we only test people 7 at a time.

Tristan McKay

Tristan McKay . 3 months ago

I mean, if you gave me 300 mg of cbd that would be too much and I wouldn't be able to sleep well.


CJ . 4 months ago

I think it's great that you highlight that there is no scientific evidence backing CBD (yet). Hope for chronic pain and illness is great but not when it means lying to patients/consumers to possibly only produce a placebo effect while gladly taking their money.

Lummi Sherkavo

Lummi Sherkavo . 4 months ago

well of course there haven't been a lot of studies... big pharma can't profit off of it

Joel Cornett

Joel Cornett . 4 months ago

I’m curious, why are there so many studies that do not have a control group? This, along with tiny sample sizes raises the question: are these studies worth doing in the first place? I honestly don’t know, but my guess is that ethics comes into play when it comes to studies without control groups.


mrfishman2u . 5 months ago

Unfortunately, a big part of the reason we see so few studies on the benefits (or lack of) from CBD and/or THC is due to it being a Schedule I substance (though CBD made from Hemp was recently excluded from the Controlled Substances Act). For those that don't know, a Schedule I drug is considered to have both a high risk of abuse and no medicinal value. The problem this creates is that not only is it nearly impossible to get funding for research in this area, in many cases it's actually illegal. Let's hope in the near future congress either removes marijuana/THC/CBD from the controlled substances act, or at least reclassifies it into a different schedule so we can get some serious research going.

Migrastil Natural Migraine Supplement

Migrastil Natural Migraine Supplement . 6 months ago

I hope the CBD information continues to get passed on to the public, thank you for sharing this!


HidesBehindPseudonym . 6 months ago

I'm probably going to stop spending money on CBD after hearing this. I was kind of on the fence, and the effect was minimal. I think I would be better off saving the money and spending it on more massages or legal cannabis edibles when they become available, to deal with pain and anxiety.


BB . 7 months ago

I use CDB oil and I use a small dose, It doesn't stop all the pain but it takes most of the edge off to continue with my normal activities. I believe if I try more to stops all pain then there there is something wrong because most of my knee cartilage is mostly gone. Pain is your red line to prevent serious injuries. Common sense and science are never perfect but should be used together as partners to be the answer.

Michael S

Michael S . 7 months ago

So in the study where pain was lower in all groups, does that include the placebo group?

Cajun Calvin

Cajun Calvin . 7 months ago

I need to smoke on it

Kathrine Blessing

Kathrine Blessing . 7 months ago

May God bless Dr UROMI on YouTube for helping me to get rid of my herpes virus thanks again Dr uromi you can also message him on YouTube.

nab 6215

nab 6215 . 7 months ago

I found CBD excellent for inflammation reduction if taken at a high dose. It works even better than ibuprofen. However, as noted, it is expensive. I have many illnesses, take many medications, and wonder about CBD's possible effects on the liver. It is a shame that more studies have not been done. I don't take ibuprofen regularly because of liver, kidney, and stomach issues. For now, I wait for the trials.


jsbasch . 7 months ago

There should be mention of effect size more so than sample size in your videos. Just because a sample is small doesn't mean the effect was small.


TheMissMaggs . 7 months ago

Can you do a video on palmitoylethanolamide for treating chronic pain?.... There's soooo many studies on it but I'm not sure how to interpret them all.

Leslie Rae

Leslie Rae . 7 months ago

My dad got addicted to pain medication after a back injury and a traumatic back surgery. It was a horrible time in all of our family. He started taking CBD tincture, which was recommended to him by a friend who was a practicing doctor, and after six months my dad was completely off of pain medication. A couple months after that he stopped taking the CBD tincture and it was truly like a miracle. I got my Dad back. I will forever be in support of CBD as a medical aid because I’ve seen how life changing it can be.


R4yn0r . 7 months ago

Please do an episode on Ozone therapy!

Alexandru Tilita

Alexandru Tilita . 7 months ago

Just wanted to mention : I have a brother with a bad mental condition which trigerred multiple epileptic seizures per day. After starting on a hemp oil treatment, his seizures have decreased by 100x. This has given his brain a respite and has improved his quality of life


inksplatter1 . 7 months ago

I would love for there to be more studies on CBD and pain management. I have a connective tissue disorder that results in a lot of random pain. My doctor recommended I try one specific brand of CBD that has good testing standards, from the point of view of "it could help, and probably won't hurt." More or less the same way she suggested I take a D vitamin; nothing specific, but give it a try. I can't tell if the CBD helps or not, because I don't know what a good recommended dosage or schedule should be. Mostly, it just tastes really awful. XD

Health Theory

Health Theory . 7 months ago

I've heard that cows were fed marijuana in studies in the 1970s. As a result, the studies resulted in cows having deformed sperm and birth defects starting 90 days later - given that it takes about 90 days for sperm to develop. I'd be curious to see an episode like "Does drug use cause birth defects?" or "Does marijuana cause birth defects?"


Quiet . 7 months ago

I'm half way through this video and all I've learned is that you guys make videos without actual data. What is the fucking point of this video, if every study you're reviewing is less than 100 people? This is absolute bullshit clickbait.

Marshall Wilcox

Marshall Wilcox . 7 months ago

Yes, it does. Whenever my spine is sore, my CBD gummies make my spine no longer sore.


Lietu . 7 months ago

I can only tell you from personal experience, which isn't worth all that much, but CBD replaced the need for blood pressure medication for me, and is a much better choice without severe side effects.

Takahara Tanaka

Takahara Tanaka . 7 months ago

Amanda and Liz both got scripts for CBD/THC sublingual spray to counter pain from chemo-induced peripheral neuropathy and chemo. That stuff actually gave me back my big sister. She went from a mean, uncaring bitchy cunt to being a very loving, caring, empathetic person who is an amazing mama to Franky & Liz and the bestest big sister ever! CBD/THC sublingual spray helped Elizabeth with her chemo pain. For some it is a miracle drug like Benadryl or IV D50! ~Stevii on dad's account


Dazanar . 7 months ago

no studies cuz there was no profit in just running tests with cbd on a grand scale??? only tested on an fda approved pharma med based on cbd??? very very suspicous

Justin Holden

Justin Holden . 7 months ago

Maybe if cannabis wasn't a Schedule 1 drug we could find some real reliable studies then!


Zipo214 . 7 months ago

Hey can you do a video on all the different types of Water that people claim have health benefits like high PH water and things like that that? Or the black water?

Jennifer S

Jennifer S . 7 months ago

I would like to know your thoughts on Delta 8 THC products. Claims are it gives a "good high" like Delta 9 THC but without the psychoactive effects. Any studies on it in regards to pain, anxiety, etc?


TheBetterGame . 7 months ago

It might have been worth spending 20 seconds explaining WHY there's no good studies on CBD in the USA. Until not long ago, it was really hard to run those trials. CBD is still regulated Schedule 1, and until 2018 was treated as harshly as Heroin, LSD, Ecstasy, and the dreaded killer drug THC. Getting permission to even study it was near impossible.


Sciencenerd . 7 months ago

How does one publish a paper without controls? And why are these studies using tiny sample sizes without controls?

Lachlan MG

Lachlan MG . 7 months ago

I think you could do more on this subject. Neither of your videos have talked at all about how THC and CBD interact with the endocannabinoid system. I understand that there is little research available, but your reticence to even discuss these topics with enthusiasm speaks volumes about the entrenchment of moral panic. I imagine you don't consider yourself bias, but ask yourself: would you be doing this same debunking if we were talking about some other fringe medicine?


dominic508 . 7 months ago

Blown away by the fact there isn't more research done on CBD as a replacement therapy for opioids.

SKPjoe Coursegold

SKPjoe Coursegold . 7 months ago

answer........................could be.

Rick Boyett

Rick Boyett . 7 months ago

What about studies on CBD and Autism. I've heard there were studies underway to look into this but I haven't seen anything published yet.

Kristen Sorensen

Kristen Sorensen . 7 months ago

Your episode did not state the mechanism of action for the Rx anti seizure CBD drug. That may have been informative🤷. Is it a anti inflammatory?

Take Walker

Take Walker . 7 months ago

Saw a display for CBD in the window of a vape shop recently that said something like "It's supposed to be good for this stuff!" and a whole ton of ailments. Snake oil indeed, at least until the science comes in!


J B . 7 months ago

I really wish we could have more trials on this stuff, it would also be great if we had more THCa studies.


saucerjess . 7 months ago


Kael M

Kael M . 7 months ago

I'm suprised this hasn't been studied more in countries where cannabis has been legal for awhile now with a bigger sample size

LR Allen

LR Allen . 7 months ago

What is the minimum amount of test participants to be considered an effective amount for a good trial (or, one that doesn't earn an eyeroll for ineffectiveness)?


HexerPsy . 7 months ago

4:57 All studies so far, sound like they are a result of placebo effects. The high variety in dosage, the wide range of effects, and in some groups roughly half of them working. If they take a small bottle of concentrated H2O (not to be confused with H2O2), they may experience similar effects.


ResortDog . 7 months ago

Phoenix tears cured cancer be it placebo or not.


ResortDog . 7 months ago

You are getting no studies when it is a class one killer narcotic illegal to even study

Chinese Hemp

Chinese Hemp . 7 months ago

Cannabis extracts (including CBD) has been in use for over 2,000 years through Traditional Chinese Medicine said to treat over 150 different neurological conditions. https://xn--mc7a.com/pages/cannabis-sativa

Dave Anderson

Dave Anderson . 7 months ago

CBD 10mg/day has been a major help to reduce my pain, eczema, and pain related lethargy. Just a personal attestation from someone who experienced a major stress-induced autoimmune condition some years ago.


Tom . 7 months ago

Y'all being starky in the comments but absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. I could do a 5 person "study" to determine that broccoli is good for me, but the fact that that is low quality evidence does not mean eating broccoli is just a placebo. All of this is encouraging and should be studied further before making conclusions.

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