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Published on 2 weeks ago


The Golden State Warriors defeated the Los Angeles Lakers, 111-99. Jordan Poole recorded 18 PTS, 5 REB and 4 AST for the Warriors, while Anthony David (20 PTS, 6 REB, 2 BLK) and LeBron James (17 PTS, 6 REB, 4 AST) combined for 37 PTS for the Lakers. Additionally for the Lakers, Russell Westbrook tallied 10 PTS, 10 REB and 6 AST in the losing effort. The Warriors improve to 4-0 in the preseason, while the Lakers fall to 0-5.

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Portland Trail Blazers at Golden State Warriors - Oct. 15th at 10pm/et on NBATV

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Comments :

Kheny Magdosa

Kheny Magdosa . 2 days ago

Nganong naapil paman nis exam oy

Kheny Magdosa

Kheny Magdosa . 2 days ago

Nganong naapil paman nis exam oy

HashBrown Dayz

HashBrown Dayz . 3 days ago

At 5:30 theres a missed shot. I wonder what the highlight was (audio higlight)


KENNETH LUMBAY . 7 days ago

Bobo Ng lakers 🤣🤣🤣🤮🤮🤮🤮


Pokeballer . 1 week ago

they beat them without having klay? damn. also i feel like were gonna see a lot more of 2 of the stars on the lakers scoring big and the other not so much. Russ with only 8 points.

Evan Benz

Evan Benz . 1 week ago

LeBron James is starting to remind me of Jackie Moon.

Mikro Kozm

Mikro Kozm . 1 week ago

Ok. We done. Season over. Not gonna wait & see what Lakers gonna do. Can we just end it right here? Klay, just retire bro. Steph the GOAT. Lillard never gonna get a ring. Kyrie joins the Coast Guard. Gruden coaches Volunteers. Pete Davidson wins an Oscar. Billie Eilish knits tea cozy.

Southpaw Slugger

Southpaw Slugger . 1 week ago

Ref gonna call Lebran travel smh

Steven O

Steven O . 1 week ago

I ain’t seen that smile on LBJ since Miami

Juls 33

Juls 33 . 1 week ago

Lakers are starting to worry me , no wins in a long time !!!!!


bbennyj . 1 week ago

Wow, just amazing. And without Curry and Draymond. Just go ahead and play this year without them if that’s how the Warriors are going to play. Lol

Wedi Eyob Eyob

Wedi Eyob Eyob . 1 week ago

Lakers must win today! Otherwise they will be regrate It . This is Lakers time.

ZaZa Beatz

ZaZa Beatz . 1 week ago

8:28 when reeves says he can do this n turns the ball over

ZaZa Beatz

ZaZa Beatz . 1 week ago

memo bro 5:28

Matt Choo

Matt Choo . 1 week ago

Just remember that lakers has a team of stars westbrook king james anthony davis and carmelo yet still lost

Hello I'm Hungry Nice To Meet You Honey

Hello I'm Hungry Nice To Meet You Honey . 1 week ago

To all Lakers fan shuuuuuuuut upppppppp I'm the biggest fan

999Fever 999

999Fever 999 . 1 week ago

LeBron movement makes me have goosebumps it's crazy how he can literally bullys anybody he's up against

Lawrence Robinson

Lawrence Robinson . 1 week ago

Watch LA beat Golden State in the first game of the season, the story will be that Golden state beat them 3 times in the preseason I feel they do this for many reasons.

JKM Gamers for fun fortnight

JKM Gamers for fun fortnight . 1 week ago

Klay and Curry = Splash bros Iggy and Draymond= Splash Uncles Jordan Poole= Splash son


Atlas . 1 week ago

--Somewhere in the internet-- "It's only the pre-season" "As if they were trying" 🤡🤡🤡🤡


reylTV . 1 week ago

their more prepared now! With the trio in the court wha what a huge impact in This season!

alpha CHiNO

alpha CHiNO . 1 week ago

All star vs bench??? What ashame...

Rebatz TV

Rebatz TV . 1 week ago

Dude lakers has Three NBA SUPER STARS and they still losing against the rookies 😰😰

Keeno Fernandez

Keeno Fernandez . 1 week ago

Bro the big 3 of warriors are bench and still lakers loose?

Danny Porsche

Danny Porsche . 1 week ago

Lakers VS Milwaukee Finals with Lakers winning game 7

C Delly

C Delly . 1 week ago

That dude lowkey look like Steph 💀💀

tony ramrup

tony ramrup . 1 week ago

Seems like the lakers lose momentum in 3rd and 4th quarter


itsralphcaz . 1 week ago

5:29 Literally no one C MELO- Ayyee get the fuck outta here!!! 😂😂


Kelstooo . 1 week ago

Melo rebounds are always hilarious lol

Justin Lim

Justin Lim . 1 week ago


Anthony Besid

Anthony Besid . 1 week ago

wow Lakers benches performed better than their Allstars 🥴🤷🏼‍♂️

Theng Usman

Theng Usman . 1 week ago

Iba Ang lakas ng Lakers pag anjan c rondo

Marathon Continues

Marathon Continues . 1 week ago

2:31 melo taught bron well 💯

AJ's vLog

AJ's vLog . 1 week ago

Iggy Still got it 💪💪

The PackLife

The PackLife . 1 week ago


Rudy Salas

Rudy Salas . 1 week ago

5:30 Melo on the defensive rebound “I got it, get the [email protected]&* outta here!” Hahaha legendary. I see he is still doing it 😂

Ryan Hasson

Ryan Hasson . 1 week ago

The “I don’t wanna fu-k on it in the audience😂


Black_Volt . 1 week ago

Warruirs coming back


iCode . 1 week ago

Wahaahahahaha LA got almost pro player but still didnt win. 😅✌

Makko 鰐鮫

Makko 鰐鮫 . 2 weeks ago

5:30 he really just said: GET IT THE F**K OUTTA HERE

Jhon Cais

Jhon Cais . 2 weeks ago

Ala p c curry at thomson jan hirap n ang lakers

long benning

long benning . 2 weeks ago

The second-hand elizabeth chronically slap because uganda culturally fry pace a last possibility. military, fat faulty giant

Mauricio Winston

Mauricio Winston . 2 weeks ago

Why does Carmello say that every time he gets a rebound?


friscokid21 . 2 weeks ago

I cant believe we brought Jordan Bell back.. that dude is a straight liability

King Trawal

King Trawal . 2 weeks ago

Lakers the greatest team of all time..... if we was in 2009.....

Dice Mofo

Dice Mofo . 2 weeks ago

Ratings are shot!!! You can thank BLM for that.

Hank Watt

Hank Watt . 2 weeks ago

Officially concerned

steve maxa,

steve maxa, . 2 weeks ago

I will never watch a game Lachina LeBron ever plays in he sucks .

Mark Jestoni Garcia

Mark Jestoni Garcia . 2 weeks ago

go Lakers

flirtare 04

flirtare 04 . 2 weeks ago

Lakers has Westbrook Anthony Davis Carmelo Anthony and James still they can't beat the bench of GSW. What a shame.

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