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Home Sweet Home Alone | Official Trailer | Disney+
20th Century Studios

20th Century Studios

Published on 2 weeks ago

The trailer for Disney+’s all-new adventure comedy “Home Sweet Home Alone” is here! The reimagining of the beloved holiday film franchise will debut November 12, 2021 exclusively on Disney+.

“Home Sweet Home Alone” stars Ellie Kemper, Rob Delaney, Archie Yates, Aisling Bea, Kenan Thompson, Tim Simons, Pete Holmes, Devin Ratray, Ally Maki, and Chris Parnell. The film is directed by Dan Mazer from a screenplay by Mikey Day & Streeter Seidell, story by Mikey Day & Streeter Seidell and John Hughes based on a screenplay by John Hughes. Hutch Parker, p.g.a. and Dan Wilson, p.g.a. produce, with Jeremiah Samuels serving as executive producer.

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Comments :

Juan Guillermo López Alcázar

Juan Guillermo López Alcázar . 48 minutes ago


Josiah Araki

Josiah Araki . 1 hour ago

Congrats on Making Home Alone 4 and 5 look good... At least 3 had some common sense on the kid's part, immediately calling the cops and only rigging up the house because the thieves managed to make it look like he was just some punk screwing with the Police...

Abu Harith Alfakir

Abu Harith Alfakir . 1 hour ago

They dare change Kevin from someone who use trap against robbers to someone who "did a little trolling"to his parent and quite naughty

Ledet Brothers

Ledet Brothers . 2 hours ago

Ok. Calm down folks. This movie isn’t going to erase the original film. It’s fine. Besides. The movie isn’t even a reboot.

Footage Catchers

Footage Catchers . 2 hours ago

Bro they not slick they change the first title too Home Sweet So we might get confused if this a remake or another movie franchise

Footage Catchers

Footage Catchers . 2 hours ago

I just know this movie is gonna end up being the next Cats 2019 meme I Just want to find out who in fox studios asked to make a remake of this beautiful classic movie man I don’t think they even asked they just had a💡to make a knock off flim of home alone to gain more money and I’m sorry 😂 SIKE but i know kids that grow up watching home alone won’t show there children this horrible most eye-bleaching movie and kid I hope you find another movie role maybe a…Tv role

Footage Catchers

Footage Catchers . 2 hours ago

Don’t worry guys this is a joke they just don’t want us to forget about Macaulay Culkin 2 masterpiece movies home alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York Right Buddy…… 😰

The Hybrid43

The Hybrid43 . 2 hours ago

I'll give it a chance just like i did to the god awful 2016 Ghostbusters

Footage Catchers

Footage Catchers . 2 hours ago

Not My Home Alone 😡

Terry Matson

Terry Matson . 3 hours ago

LOL imagine if Kevin turned out to be the commissioner/chief of police?


EAZY . 4 hours ago

How to ruin childhoods

John Marston

John Marston . 4 hours ago

Stop making reboots. Maybe make something original for once

Ricc Lee

Ricc Lee . 4 hours ago

This looks bad


迷因唐三藏 . 5 hours ago

Why don't invite macaulay culkin as the dad role (or at least uncle) ? missed opportunity.

What’s the deal with airplane peanuts?

What’s the deal with airplane peanuts? . 6 hours ago

What’s the excuse for not being able to call home?


YoYo . 6 hours ago

This series is just dogshit now


Gametyp . 6 hours ago

Forgive us, Macaulay Culkin. We f*cked it up!


wapankiller12 . 6 hours ago

Is that a make or a continuation of the story....anyway, it's the 5th movie

I want use my eyes

I want use my eyes . 7 hours ago

1:08 he almost killed him

Alex Tayoyong

Alex Tayoyong . 8 hours ago

That kid is not a kid.

Guillo Mendez

Guillo Mendez . 8 hours ago

Why do this??? Garbage and then change it from USA to Brits? lol


Crepi . 9 hours ago

please. no


RIFTZz . 9 hours ago

cant wait to see this flop u cant improve a already perfect film


4everpku . 10 hours ago

i feel sorry for the people in this horrible money grab of a movie, shameless really, cant believe this is happening, ffs these people need to be put in check xD


Spooderman . 10 hours ago

This is just not the same


Aarux . 11 hours ago

Why tf are they British thet ruins if even more

Drew Mercer

Drew Mercer . 12 hours ago

The movie nobody wants or asked for. This movie will not be good at all you can tell by the tralier. plus Home alone can not work in 2021 all kevin needs to do is call a freind or family member who did not go on the trip on his cell phone and movie is over.


TheMicahPeterson . 12 hours ago



IceMan . 13 hours ago

No thanks. Sorry but bringing Buzz in as a cop is no where near a good enough tie in to the originals to make this acceptable. I really thought they would have learned their lesson with 3, and those other two made for TV abominations. Unless it follows an adult Culkin as a father defending his house once again against Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern, I’m not interested.

prithwiraj dutta

prithwiraj dutta . 13 hours ago

Disney plus is rocking !


sus . 13 hours ago

Bri’ish home alone

ilahe M.

ilahe M. . 14 hours ago

Amerikan xalqı şişib🤣🤣

Ptao Tom

Ptao Tom . 14 hours ago

Сняли ремейк кадр в кадр с "актёрами", которые первый раз в жизни камеру видят. Этот мир сошёл сума

Marwood Withnail

Marwood Withnail . 14 hours ago

This is just wrong on so many levels of film making.

Shilonious Monk

Shilonious Monk . 14 hours ago


James Noble

James Noble . 14 hours ago

Professional suicide


CODEGA . 15 hours ago


Gabriel DC

Gabriel DC . 15 hours ago

🥲 horrible


Ace_NX . 16 hours ago

Is it me or does his mom sound like a Karen?

james phillips

james phillips . 17 hours ago

So the mum is Irish the dad is American yet the boy is English? What?

Super Feather Dude

Super Feather Dude . 18 hours ago

I don't know what to say😠

Ken McNeil

Ken McNeil . 18 hours ago

Hey look another shitty home alone sequal


Kernelcz . 20 hours ago

Why just why....

Godsgirl9 Stevens

Godsgirl9 Stevens . 21 hours ago

i feel sick now


NO_WINDOW5412 . 21 hours ago

no no no no no no no


mentalplayground . 22 hours ago

Leave the classic alone.

Illimar Kahar

Illimar Kahar . 22 hours ago

Why this movie portrays Kevin´s dad like he is "geh" / weak man and so is the robber? Also why mother says to dad: "MY SON", like its not his son? This movie looks so bad, also they had to make it politically correct so no one is offended?

Amir Baraki

Amir Baraki . 22 hours ago

Going to be woke. Who likes to bet?

Makaron Tushniak

Makaron Tushniak . 22 hours ago

At least he is not colored

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