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Making Thanksgiving Dinner In 4 Hours (Last Minute Guide)
Joshua Weissman

Joshua Weissman

Published on 2 weeks ago

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This is the Last-Minute Thanksgiving Guide you've been looking for.

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Comments :

jonas vieira

jonas vieira . 7 hours ago

i really liked it, but as I am also a cook, i guess you know if you planned a little bit better the dishes timings and order to make it it could have been done in 2 hours. peace;

Lioness Makes

Lioness Makes . 7 hours ago

That’s the same crack you want when you have to do cpr

iLADON 616

iLADON 616 . 21 hours ago


kolim jone

kolim jone . 1 day ago

Just bought his cookbook and the way this video is bout to come in clutch for so many people, love ya dude!


Alexandra . 2 days ago

I thought it said 4 minutes


AntwonDaBusiness . 2 days ago

Making thanksgiving dinner in 4 hours is too easy honestly.

Lesia Mahlay

Lesia Mahlay . 2 days ago

not surprised that Joshua’s crew is a sausage fest

ellis island

ellis island . 2 days ago

Thank you for this video Josh. My boyfriend loved the stuffing. It's a keeper. We spatchcocked the turkey and it browned and crisped beautifully. We added your pot pie to our Thanksgiving menu. We LOOOOVE the pot pie. I'm not a big mashed potato fan but I'm gonna try it for dinner soon. We started paleo today so I'm actually making the salad tonight.

hayden pevitt

hayden pevitt . 3 days ago

I think we need a Nick digiovanne vs Joshua that would be a killer vid

Jimmey LeBlanc

Jimmey LeBlanc . 3 days ago

I want a redo on Thanksgiving now.


oPeRa1923 . 3 days ago

Papa, why Vikram no show here? 😯


Deremix . 3 days ago


tyler smith

tyler smith . 4 days ago

Josh did you take french in high school?

tyler smith

tyler smith . 4 days ago

Josh... bröther... if you SERIOUSLY got TUMS to sponsor your thanksgiving video... thats when you know youve made it son. GOSH DARN YOU DID IT BRÖTHER!!! WHEEEEEWW

Mariam Kiwanuka

Mariam Kiwanuka . 4 days ago

I wasn’t ready for the hold your horses😂😂😂

Iyaz Rozaimi

Iyaz Rozaimi . 5 days ago

you should make this last minute a series


Jaehaerys . 5 days ago

I made this today, but the stuffing became too sweet (Not sure... maybe brioche is something else overseas? Way more sugars?). All else was excellent!! Thank you PAPA

Nuraedah A.Irwan

Nuraedah A.Irwan . 5 days ago


Diana Gurgenidze

Diana Gurgenidze . 6 days ago

We definitely need last minute Christmas dinner. 🍽 😋

Robin Michele

Robin Michele . 6 days ago

That looks so damn good. Damn.

The Commentor

The Commentor . 6 days ago

His 4 hours are my 24 hours


RocknRrold . 6 days ago

I still don't understand stuffing... Why is it called stuffing if it's not stuffed


Fury_Overscore . 6 days ago

As a child I ate tums for no reason other than the flavor and I thought they were snacks.

Jonathan Burles

Jonathan Burles . 6 days ago

It is pronounced OREGARNO


Labpotato . 6 days ago

Is that what all stuffing looks like in America? In England it's very different

Hunter Lillard

Hunter Lillard . 6 days ago

Stove top, and canned cranberry sauce slaps though I wouldn't waste my time making home made and spend that time some where else just my preference


GozerTheGozarian . 7 days ago

Woah, do you fertilize your potatoes with stereoids in America? Because that is one gigantic potato Josh is peeling here!

Helen Food

Helen Food . 7 days ago

You are the artist who cooks your food. Your food is always attractive. Thank you for sharing 😃


imsalt . 7 days ago

*pull it out of the oven, and fuck it* ~JoshuaWeissman

Dragon Flames

Dragon Flames . 7 days ago

Bruh im dead my actual name is mark lol

TwizTeD xNinjAx

TwizTeD xNinjAx . 1 week ago

5:45 YEP

bcvbb hyui

bcvbb hyui . 1 week ago

I watched this before work super anxious, and the little "Breathe in and out" not only cracked me up but helped a little Thank you

Over Axel

Over Axel . 1 week ago

BRO you are so right on that family argument part there were 3 different arguments and thanksgiving

Justin Yoo

Justin Yoo . 1 week ago

lmao that no one said anything about 6:28

Redbeard The Pink

Redbeard The Pink . 1 week ago

I've never much cared for stuffing, but watching you make this one might have changed my mind. I'm gonna have to try it eventually.

Redbeard The Pink

Redbeard The Pink . 1 week ago

Instructions unclear. Pulled turkey out of oven and fucked it.


Zark . 1 week ago

WHY ARE YOU WEARING SHOES INSIDE????????????????????????????????????????????????


TheMagicKnightress . 1 week ago

Aside from brining and making the pumpkin pie the day before, our thanksgiving dinner takes ~3 hours. We get Turkey breasts and smoke them. That, and making rolls, takes the longest

Abbatross Adore

Abbatross Adore . 1 week ago


Adam K

Adam K . 1 week ago

Pull it out of the oven and do what???

Cindy Leeger

Cindy Leeger . 1 week ago

Crewgivig, who knew? Pie?…

Jeremy Koenig

Jeremy Koenig . 1 week ago

"sweating veg" made me LOL


AFineCupOfCovfefe . 1 week ago

Welp, I know what I'm doing next Friendsgiving. If I remember! Shoutout to Tums and Pepto Bismol the real MVPs of Thanksgiving.


nichoyeah . 1 week ago

x1.25 makes the video even better


lazzzzyy23 . 1 week ago

why turkey is undercooked..


MeowMee . 1 week ago

He: "Papa's got you..." 😂😂😍 Me: Hmmm......ok daddy! 😉


Doctors_TARDIS . 1 week ago

I gotta have my green bean casserole. The less fancy, the better.

Sam Ibrahim

Sam Ibrahim . 1 week ago

i dont get how people slave over their food for hours just to buy canned sauce…

Zach Sims Photo

Zach Sims Photo . 1 week ago

Honestly. If you did more in parallel I feel like this could have been three hours.


ahnafj416 . 1 week ago

13:36 I love how the endings are just Josh in his natural habitat

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