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What Is Belly Fat And How To Reduce It ?
Sefra Correa

Sefra Correa

Published on 2 years ago

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This is the most common question asked and requirement of many people. Considering thin and normal people who have only a slight belly fat and wish to reduce only that belly, firstly let's get this cleared that "There is no spot reduction"; "you just cannot target a particular point like a laser beam and try to burn that fat (spot reduction)". When fat loss occurs there would be decrease in fat proportionally all over the body. Considering people only with a big belly ( accumulation of fat only around the abdomen area), one of the causes could be increase in level of cortisol hormone, the other reasons would vary from individual to individual depending on lifestyle, habits, type of food and intake, medication etc.


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Comments :

Mohammed Arif

Mohammed Arif . 2 days ago

blame it on harmones sleep stress and question still remains forever

Ruben Choychoo

Ruben Choychoo . 5 days ago

Thks for being proactive This area had become a major concern in the background region of my brain

srini vasu

srini vasu . 5 days ago

Thanks for the detailed information

sachu S

sachu S . 1 week ago

Speech super sis

vanisri balajee

vanisri balajee . 2 weeks ago

Well explained abt belly fat! suggestions pl, to reduce it

Balasubramanian Sivaprakasam

Balasubramanian Sivaprakasam . 2 weeks ago

Very good, but how to reduce has not been explained.


Creativei . 2 weeks ago

What about plank does it help .. Reg sleep yes im watching this at 2.40 am !! indeed very active at night .. i only hv big tummy other body parts are tiny .:)



Hi yes an interesting program but are you saying that just to have better sleep and no stress will remove the visceral fat layer from your abdomen??? This I don’t understand???

mono koijam

mono koijam . 2 weeks ago

Language is very bad

Jayshree Devgade

Jayshree Devgade . 2 weeks ago

so slow .....pl work on yr speaking skills


Pankaj . 2 weeks ago

Diagram is reality of Indian men 😛


Pankaj . 2 weeks ago

2x 😂 is better

khg new

khg new . 2 weeks ago

big cheat. no solution given. full waste of time

kumar kumar

kumar kumar . 2 weeks ago

Very nice ,, this is very must known points which needs to reduce fat,,, thanks

Mintu Saren

Mintu Saren . 2 weeks ago

Ravan raj. As per valmiki .

Chan PN

Chan PN . 2 weeks ago

Went up to 2x towards the end and still no answer for the question how to reduce the belly fat. More rehearsals & practise needed for her next videos.

Arshveers singh Sikka

Arshveers singh Sikka . 2 weeks ago

but how to reduse it u have kept the topic ( how to reduse the fat )

Vineet Cermalvisa

Vineet Cermalvisa . 2 weeks ago

So where is a solid treatment??

Picture It: Sicily, 1924

Picture It: Sicily, 1924 . 2 weeks ago

Thank you, sweetie.

Ashok Intwala

Ashok Intwala . 2 weeks ago


Pragya Gupta

Pragya Gupta . 2 weeks ago

You explained so wel👌

abhimanyu mitra

abhimanyu mitra . 2 weeks ago

I have to do 12 night shifts in a month. During that time my quality sleep hampered. I can't sleep properly during day like night. I am gaining belly fat. How to cope up with this situation ??


ROSHI . 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the info ☺️

Hasheem Ishaq

Hasheem Ishaq . 3 weeks ago

Only your effort to expalin& present made me stick to the video till the end :)


H D W . 3 weeks ago

Thanks a lot.


Butterfly . 3 weeks ago

Doc I don't Agee with sleep can be reason, I sleep well with no stress and huh I aggee my food habits change can be the reason, as I shifted location to new country and also most of my food contains oils, onions, maida, chicken, milk which I was not eating at my home village, where we eat only fish curry and rice.

Divyank sohu

Divyank sohu . 3 weeks ago

thanks very good explanation

Srinivas Padakanti

Srinivas Padakanti . 3 weeks ago

Very well explained, hats off to you. And I have a question, causes for belly fat you said cortisol, stress, and sleep. But controlling these three, can we reduce belly fat? Or are there any exercises you can recommend? Please let's know - Thank you.

Jonathan King

Jonathan King . 3 weeks ago

Only people in the whole world who are thin but have belly fat are Indians. Beats me.


puggleski . 3 weeks ago

Run 10k a day. Visceral fat needs regular and p intense "jiggling". Pref 30-45 mins of sustainably vigorous aerobic exercise a day in addition to doing one's housework. Cause standing burns more calories than sitting. There are other benefits too. But thats for another video, i guess.

Danish uddin

Danish uddin . 3 weeks ago

Great explanation!

narendra khona

narendra khona . 3 weeks ago


Tauseef Deshmukh

Tauseef Deshmukh . 3 weeks ago

Perfectly explained

Adil Duredoran

Adil Duredoran . 3 weeks ago

Very bad English pronunciation

keep going

keep going . 3 weeks ago

Don't worry guys do daily exercise and eat healthy u don't need to do any anotherthing

Immanuel Vasudevan

Immanuel Vasudevan . 3 weeks ago

The title and the content don't match. You din't address your primary question "How to loose belly fat".

Avinash CK Gembali

Avinash CK Gembali . 3 weeks ago

You didn’t explain how to reduce or burn the fat

S kumar

S kumar . 3 weeks ago

All ok but you didn't talk about Solutions and remedies

Stanirwin Stanirwin

Stanirwin Stanirwin . 3 weeks ago

We want to know how to reduce belly fat ?

Dharmendra Gautam

Dharmendra Gautam . 3 weeks ago

Mind ghumaing vidio....are u comedy me


PRAVEEN PK . 3 weeks ago

I remember my viva days😂. I hope people have understood what I meant to convey.


YAGNESH. C.JOSHI . 3 weeks ago

Every thing discussed, except,main subject "How to reduce belly fat ?"


TARAPRASAD PADHY . 3 weeks ago

Very nicely described.

Hira Akbar Khan

Hira Akbar Khan . 4 weeks ago

Time waste

Teh KH

Teh KH . 4 weeks ago

No mentioning of how to reduce belly fat, only the causes 😱

Sajad Ahanger

Sajad Ahanger . 4 weeks ago

Thanks for wasting my time


Himalaya . 4 weeks ago

She looks like Padukone wearing specs. But much more intelligent than Padukone.


REENA NAIK . 4 weeks ago

Real explanation starts after 5 min

No Bakwas

No Bakwas . 4 weeks ago

Most of the video is bullshit. People, to reduce belly fat, or any kind of fat, u need to be a CALORIE DEFICIT. There is a video by a channel called PictureFit. So basically it all rounds to: 1. Eat enough protein: about 1g/lb of ur bodyweight (in lbs) 2. Strength training is necessary, otherwise you will lose muscle mass. Follow a simple 3/4 day split. 3. Sleep 7-9 hours. 4. Ideal rate of weight loss is 0.5-1% of ur bodyweight per week. Higher for relatively fat people ( 20ish bf) and lower for leaner individuals ( 10ish). This is the most useful comment u will ever find. Just research more on the points I have mentioned in this comment. Suggested channels: Picturefit, Jeff Nippard, Jeremy Ethier, Sean Nalewany And yeah I forgot to mention, u CANNOT spot reduce fat. Period. U cannot ! When u go in a deficit, fat is pulled out automatically from all areas. Belly is like usually the last area to go. U need to be about 12-15% body fat with good muscles to have a good flat stomach without looking like a malnourished dog.

Unknown helper

Unknown helper . 4 weeks ago

Summary : belly fat is fat from belly

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