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Lemon Water Flush (Master Cleanse Diet) | Lose 5 LBS In 1 Day
Versatile Vicky

Versatile Vicky

Published on 3 years ago

Lemon Water Flush (Master Cleanse Diet) - Lose 5 LBS In 1 Day | Lemonade/Lemon Diet for Weight Loss | How to Lose Weight 5Lbs in a day | This lemon water flush cleanse will help you lose 5 lbs in a day and reduce water weight naturally at home. Lose weight fast with this Master Cleanse Recipe / Lemon Water Cleanse
Watch in Hindi - https://vidio.asia/watch/7PwpLdK5bw8

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Follow a diet which is less than or equal to 1200 calories for an effective weight loss. This is best suited for those who want an instant reduction or those want to attend a function/ occasion or the ones who want to fit into their old favourite clothes.
Finish the entire pitcher in a day as mentioned in the video. Use Raw & Unpasteurised Honey or 100% Pure Maple Syrup Only. Follow the instructions for do's & don'ts.

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#lemonwaterflush #lose5lbsin1day #mastercleansediet

Comments :

Pretty Fit Community

Pretty Fit Community . 3 years ago

i followed this flush diet with your banana diet. i was 68 kg and after following this next day my weight was 65kg. it really works. thanku so much mam😍😍😍♥️


DIYA DIYA . 4 weeks ago

Can i use this in egg diet. How many days i can drink this darling. Because I am lover of u r egg diet. So when u r doing this type of drinks pls tell us in which of ur Diets we can drink those or are they work without any diet also.so that u don't get silly questions like me. Sorry for so many questions.

Susan Nair

Susan Nair . 4 weeks ago

preparing now..will come back with an update

Susmita Talukder

Susmita Talukder . 2 months ago

Can l eat rice with following this diet please tell me

Lene Van Rensburg

Lene Van Rensburg . 2 months ago

Can anyone tell me how many ml the lemon juice should come too? I just juiced 10 medium lemons and have 600ml pure lemon juice.. is that right or is that enough for two batches?

Weight loss tips

Weight loss tips . 2 months ago

Versatile Vicky plz guide me can i use this drink in ur egg diet plan ??

Aruna Eee

Aruna Eee . 2 months ago

Anything else instead of pink salt

Shcevaany Kaur

Shcevaany Kaur . 2 months ago

Hi I wanna ask can I use normal salt and use the normal honey?? Plss reply 🥺

sonia lyrics

sonia lyrics . 2 months ago

After vaccine can we start this.

Prathyusha Naikan

Prathyusha Naikan . 2 months ago

Helo Vicky u said that we should keep it in refrigerator for over night than for next day after drinking before breakfast we should keep in refrigerator or outside ????

Princess Ariote

Princess Ariote . 2 months ago

Do you have to use mint? I don’t like the taste of it!😩

Priyanka Biswas

Priyanka Biswas . 3 months ago

Look like I can do that,, but I am worried about test because if lemon peel


Nusru . 3 months ago

How many glass of lemonade we have to drink

Yashi Saraswat

Yashi Saraswat . 4 months ago

Can we use normal honey?

Aasis Rai

Aasis Rai . 4 months ago

Can we use green lemon???? Plz reply

monika sharma

monika sharma . 4 months ago

Can we skip mint leaves please if not available? Thanks

Alima Wilson

Alima Wilson . 4 months ago

Has any used pure honey? Have pure honey with ginger inside.

monika sharma

monika sharma . 4 months ago

How much maple syrup to replace honey please?

Malkia Debbie

Malkia Debbie . 4 months ago

How many times can I drink this in a week?

Sajjid Hussain

Sajjid Hussain . 4 months ago

If both honey and maple syrup are not available then? I am a pcos patient. Plz ma'm guide?

Deep Toor

Deep Toor . 4 months ago

Mam aapke raw meal plan ke sath le sakte hain ek din is drink ko and organic honey aapne he btaya hai aapke video m wo uses kar sakte hain?

Siva Kumar

Siva Kumar . 4 months ago

Diabetics people can follow this diet. Pl reply me

Diya Bairagi

Diya Bairagi . 4 months ago

Mam can i use normal honey instead of raw honey or maple syrup???

Courage N Wilson

Courage N Wilson . 4 months ago

Can we use lime instead?

Shruti Mishra

Shruti Mishra . 4 months ago

Is adding raw honey essential to this lemonade? Can only lemons and mint leaves give the same result. Please do advice Vicky. Thanks.


NEHA SAINI . 4 months ago

How many day continue this lemonade


Egg . 4 months ago

0:44 (recommended to make a day before diet) 8 cups water with heat 6 lemons

Devangi Gheewala

Devangi Gheewala . 4 months ago

Please provide diet plan for shravan month

Stamatis-marios Troumboukis

Stamatis-marios Troumboukis . 4 months ago

Works it ?

nazeema shaik

nazeema shaik . 5 months ago

I liked

Rohini Roopnarine

Rohini Roopnarine . 5 months ago

Could I use lime cause lemon is really hard to get

titty thomas

titty thomas . 5 months ago

Is it effective for PCOS


Kingmufasa . 5 months ago

Your voice is very soothing and makes me melt like a popsicle on the fourth of July....

ona ona

ona ona . 5 months ago

Her accent 🥴

KushiGeetha Gowda

KushiGeetha Gowda . 5 months ago

We can use normal honey plz reply

Varsha More

Varsha More . 6 months ago

Can I follow this with your banana diet ?

salman khan

salman khan . 8 months ago

Yar Hindi ME b banaya kro plz

Arzoo Sharma

Arzoo Sharma . 8 months ago

Can This be taken for a period of 15 days at a stretch?

Vino Vino

Vino Vino . 9 months ago

Mam honey is optional or compelsery pls tell me

amita jumiarti

amita jumiarti . 9 months ago

Can I dont add honey or maple syrup?

Juliet Tyrell

Juliet Tyrell . 9 months ago

Can I use lime if I'm unable to get lemon

Nur Syafiqah Aina

Nur Syafiqah Aina . 9 months ago

Can i just drink this for 3days ? (No food)

preethi shyamaladevi

preethi shyamaladevi . 10 months ago

Hi did this without honey and maple syrup, as I have thyroid and pcos ..lost 2.3 pounds in one day..thanks a lot..


YASIN IRFAN . 10 months ago

Can we use this diet every day

Faraz Qureshi

Faraz Qureshi . 10 months ago

Can i follow your flush diet with your egg diet???


Kitti . 10 months ago

Mam it's so bitter and I am unable to drink. I think I got that taste Because of lemon peels can u pls tell me at to do to avoid that taste

Kenia O. Castillo de M.

Kenia O. Castillo de M. . 11 months ago

Gracias, Vicky 🤗

Kenia O. Castillo de M.

Kenia O. Castillo de M. . 11 months ago

La verdad, es que somos tan complicados 🤨 Es una indicación tan precisa, tan clara, la que se nos ofrece; más sin encargo se empeñan en tratar de llevar las cosas a conveniencia propia... no conformes 😒 esperan que se les adapte una receta personalizada a cada uno😒 Les exhorto a que vean con atención el video, y así se respondan a tantas niñerías que sacan de no s é dónde 🙄... luego de ver con atención el video, determine si sus condiciones le permiten seguir la misma... si no es el caso, busque otra receta. Aquí se encuentran para todo y todos😡 Gracias

balance of heart

balance of heart . 11 months ago

I got Himalaya pink salt from flipkart but back side of packet in ingredients it is iodine. What should I do can i take this or not? Plz reply

Janvi Keswani

Janvi Keswani . 11 months ago

Can we do this for 2-3 days?

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