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The Plot Of Harry Potter Shorts Meme Harrypotter


Published on 2 weeks ago

Comments :

Benji Signor

Benji Signor . 1 day ago

I like the run


weegie . 2 days ago

The snaek unless you said that but I’m an idiot

Joshua Sam

Joshua Sam . 4 days ago

Who else loves the way he runs

Ayiem Official

Ayiem Official . 4 days ago

The tree?

Sofija Stevovic

Sofija Stevovic . 4 days ago

I love how every year they have new teacher of dark magicπŸ˜‚

[SIMP] Magnet

[SIMP] Magnet . 4 days ago

Three headed dog in the basement: *He's being a good boy guarding a stone* Giant spider nest: *Blame the Slytherins* Dementors: *ehh they were only there for one book* Teachers: *Yeah, they can't be explained*

john chisolm

john chisolm . 4 days ago

And the stone army......


SolarFlurry . 5 days ago

Every defense against the dark arts teacher: *LETS GET IT STARTED IN HERE*


Grayson . 5 days ago



Simcraft8 . 6 days ago

What coincidence just watched Harry Potter again for my English Homework


Ron . 6 days ago

Three headed dog in the basement??? That would be Cerberus

Eyad Sha'aban

Eyad Sha'aban . 6 days ago

One thing that I learned from harry potter is to never trust ur defence against the dark arts teacher


ItsJustNeo . 6 days ago

Not to mention the basilisk in the toilet

Lachlan Kynoch

Lachlan Kynoch . 6 days ago

They were the to protect not harm, the teachers were good


Catherine_Jelly . 7 days ago

You should have put umbridge for the teachers part.

Baller Bryson

Baller Bryson . 7 days ago

Especially the DADA teachers

Djordje Stojkovic

Djordje Stojkovic . 7 days ago


Djordje Stojkovic

Djordje Stojkovic . 7 days ago

The cleaner with that cst


A_SimpForGames . 1 week ago

You forgot that one pink bitch.


skulldozer . 1 week ago

So true


Lbo_Flame . 1 week ago

The is facts hands down

King blue axolotl

King blue axolotl . 1 week ago

I mean they do have magic so they could maybe like resurrect them or fix there bones like in that one movie

sokin jon

sokin jon . 1 week ago

I love the run, it's so clean yet so powerful, how?!

CH Romeo

CH Romeo . 1 week ago



Creepoke . 1 week ago

Kerbeus escape the hell?


FunTimeBloxy2030 . 1 week ago

Embrace the meow meow


JELLY ONIX . 1 week ago

We not gonna mention the basilisk in the bathroom


WolfRBLX . 1 week ago

Don’t forget the snake in the basement of the bathroom

Joel Vuori

Joel Vuori . 1 week ago

Also the basilisk

xwx gamer xwx

xwx gamer xwx . 1 week ago



Rikko . 1 week ago

Iida running be like


JellyZiggie . 1 week ago

β€œIt’s not a mistake” ✨ ITS A MASTERPIECE✨


moonxstars . 1 week ago

So hes just apart of every fandom isnt he?

David Picton

David Picton . 1 week ago

So true;-;


β™‘Fluffy_Kitxuβ™‘ . 1 week ago

Run never gets old

Team Explorers

Team Explorers . 1 week ago

And let’s not forget, there was an alleged murderer that got inside, the school was overrun my death eaters, it was attacked by Voldemort and his henchmen, Tom Riddle forced a student to write on the walls with blood, and there was a snake monster that can kill people with one look in the basement.


SussyBedStain . 1 week ago

Even Columbine high school is safer than that

MLG Hazrad

MLG Hazrad . 1 week ago

I am a huge fan the way you πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

James Crowley

James Crowley . 1 week ago

Woo true


Swift . 1 week ago

Ive never watched harry potter


crumbee . 1 week ago

I love this content

NAH Person

NAH Person . 1 week ago

Theres also the fire nation sending an army


EvoStage . 1 week ago

Dragons on campus, kids compete in deadly race where they fight wild animals, dive to the bottom of a lake, and go through a maze designed to kill them


nonbinarywormyboi . 1 week ago

This is the best thing I think I've seen.

Maria O'Donnell

Maria O'Donnell . 1 week ago

3 headed dog..? Ohhhh fluffy!


Wunschel . 2 weeks ago

dont forget that womping willow tree

Rosen Raider

Rosen Raider . 2 weeks ago

Everyone here praise the running effect but here I am Impressed his headphones change with his outfit and don't fall

Charlotte Dabney

Charlotte Dabney . 2 weeks ago

Best one yet I’m a hogwarts fan


AntiRockin . 2 weeks ago

The troll in the girls bathroom for some reason

yuoop noke

yuoop noke . 2 weeks ago

There’s literally an event every five years where they select students to participate in a deathmatch

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