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Published on 13 years ago


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Navajo Joe

Navajo Joe . 2 months ago

Such a simple yet morale boosting line, whenever I'm playing zombies or pretty much any game were it allows me to mow down large amounts of individuals I like to utter that line because it's just too good of a line.


Logan . 6 months ago

Pretty much what I scream whenever I play Left 4 Dead whenever a horde is coming


Rhagz2RichezJr . 12 months ago

Vasquez was a baddazz!!!


millin99 . 1 year ago

I am surprise that they didn’t gave Vasquez a pre sequel movie with her as the lead lady, she really was a bad ass.

Jack Flak

Jack Flak . 2 years ago

A high-def, less grainy upload would be appreciated.

The Knight Patriot

The Knight Patriot . 2 years ago

Anyone else remember this quote being used in lazer tag arenas and old school arcade games or is that just me?

Arkham Knight

Arkham Knight . 2 years ago

thats how i feel when im bout to play some cod mw2

Dario Impini

Dario Impini . 2 years ago

I come here so often just to get chills. Thanks Vasquez. You rock!

Filthy Disgusting Ape

Filthy Disgusting Ape . 2 years ago

It's that little grunt of disgust she does before she starts shooting....like 'jerks! Talkin' instead of shootin'"


Matthew . 3 years ago

Oscar worthy line

Andrew Alex

Andrew Alex . 3 years ago

Pull your team Out Gorman!!

Xfiles Foxisdead

Xfiles Foxisdead . 3 years ago


Jay Khwaja

Jay Khwaja . 3 years ago

LET'S BLAZE!!!!!!!!!!!

Lemon Head

Lemon Head . 3 years ago

Me in titled towers on fortnite


moniek . 4 years ago

let's rooooock


Terminator5000 . 5 years ago

sarge is gone we're fucked! wierzbowski! DO SOMETHING! i only need to know one thing. where. they. are. this film is a goddamn masterpiece lol

Saben Rose

Saben Rose . 5 years ago

Best damn scene I've seen in a movie haha!


Edgain . 5 years ago

Gorman cant rock!!!!

J-F Bradley

J-F Bradley . 5 years ago


general chang

general chang . 5 years ago

Your tripping if you believe Nuke release will be without authorization from designated people.

general chang

general chang . 5 years ago

Likly the only ones that had the codes for nuke release after confirmation was Lt.Gorman and Sgt. with Bishop as a third party confirmer.

general chang

general chang . 5 years ago

We'll somebody mention Corporal Hicks character, which I think was a bit calverlar about destroying the faculties with the Sulco aviliable nukes once the got back on board,as though a military structure would allow soldiers that low in rank to authorize those procedures,Finally if the last four people in the movies made it back without the queen interference then, contacting command and reporting what happened would be priority,moreover likely another standby marine ship would arrive to contain the situation before a nuke strike would occurred.


aol.com . 5 years ago

We'll stupid for Lt.Gorman to send all squads into a unknown enclosed space with critical equipment in the first place,shit if the writer's thought about it maybe Lt. Gorman would have had better decisions skills ,even if he was green out in the field.

Cody B. Gamin'

Cody B. Gamin' . 5 years ago

Seeing as how this was the only combat-related appearance of the Smartgun in Aliens, I'd kind of wondered how Ripley's rescue of Newt would have gone if midway through, she came across one of the discarded Smartguns, and it still had some ammo in it. I mean, she's cool with an M41A/M240 combo, but just picture her picking up a Smartgun and kicking ass with it like it was nothing.

Cody Short

Cody Short . 6 years ago

Vasquez please have my babies.

james brown

james brown . 6 years ago

Fuckin amazing Let's rock


Kermit . 6 years ago

The guns' sound fx were and still are incredible. A thousand years from now, I'm sure 100% this sci-fi classic will still be unspoiled by the ravages of time.

Ivan Hornak

Ivan Hornak . 6 years ago

Right! Fuck the heat exchanger!

András kozák

András kozák . 7 years ago

VASQUEZ: Has more balls than lots of male heroes...combined...

Valerie Kozina

Valerie Kozina . 7 years ago

The song is Light the Fuse by Datsik

Mark Time

Mark Time . 7 years ago

One of my fave movie moments....clip too short tho (

Turbo Fetta

Turbo Fetta . 7 years ago

anyone got a clue whats the name of the dubstep song with LETS ROCK in ?


ChristiaanVDA . 7 years ago

In the theater we all cheered.


NeboUser . 7 years ago


Travis Stewart

Travis Stewart . 7 years ago

Chills up my spine.  So fucking tough!  With the Drake yell in the background....


Lowclef . 7 years ago

That part gives me a chill every time! Too cool!

Arcade Alchemist

Arcade Alchemist . 8 years ago

https://soundcloud.com/killthenoise/rockers  you know it! 

Andy Toscano

Andy Toscano . 8 years ago

Not at all XD


Max . 8 years ago

Drake in the background "YEEAAAAHHH!!!!"



i would have done the same thing vasquez did with that belt fed german 8mm on a camera stabalizer or with the pulse rifle aka thompson .45 tommy gun with remington 870 12 gauge pump shotgun grenade launcher attached


kevmp74 . 8 years ago

I would put a sound clip of Vasquez yelling "let's rock!!!" at the beginning of my mix tapes circa 1993

Lieutenant Vasquez

Lieutenant Vasquez . 8 years ago


Jesse Herman

Jesse Herman . 8 years ago

This is my notification tone on my phone

Jeff Perretti

Jeff Perretti . 8 years ago

6 dislikes were aliens.

Destination Unknown

Destination Unknown . 8 years ago

Tribalero & Rexhi Mataj brought me here. Lets Rock!


Gridseeker . 8 years ago


Definetely Not You

Definetely Not You . 9 years ago



gundamrx792 . 9 years ago

you sir are made of win


VicitimofFolly . 9 years ago

Say again? All after incinerators?


jizzmatic2000 . 9 years ago

Apone, I want you to lay down a suppressing fire with the incinerators and fall back to the APC, over.

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