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Hi! This is another video where we share the advice of keeping healthy. This time we will talk about what needs to be done to keep healthy levels of cholesterol. We will share a low cholesterol diet for people suffering from high blood cholesterol (foods that lower cholesterol). We will talk about natural and quick ways of lowering bad cholesterol.

0:04 - advice to help you reduce cholesterol levels naturally
1:25 - cholesterol reducing foods. Best foods to lower cholesterol
3:38 - discuss your diet with your doctor

What is essential to know before watching this video:

There are two types of cholesterol:
1. LDL are lipoproteins of low density, which can settle the walls of blood vessels and increase the risk of atherosclerosis. LDLs are called “bad cholesterol.”

2. HDL are lipoproteins of high density. They dissolve well and are not prone to the precipitation of cholesterol. This way, they protect blood vessels from atherosclerosis changes (that is, they are not atherogenic). They are often called “good cholesterol".

It is essential to control blood cholesterol levels and maintain their good levels. This is because excess cholesterol in the blood disrupts the hormone levels causing other problems in the body.

We received all this information from good sources. Still, we highly recommend you talk to your healthcare professional and discuss your personal diet with him. This content is for education purposes only and is not directed to provide medical advice and replace the treatment of your personal doctor!

Stay healthy and take care of yourself!

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Paramed . 6 months ago

Timecodes: 0:04 - advice to help you reduce cholesterol levels naturally 1:25 - diet for reduction of blood cholesterol. TOP 10 products 3:38 - discuss your diet with your doctor Did you know about the effect on cholesterol of carrots and citrus fruits?

DCTV Adventure

DCTV Adventure . 2 months ago

What about just Egg whites only and Almond milk and I don't eat sea food I take fish oil

Inna Bantos

Inna Bantos . 6 months ago

Thank you for this video! Very informative and helpful ❤

Alex Evans

Alex Evans . 6 months ago

The nutritional advice is very similar to what the doctor told me. Surprised by the fact that beans can lower cholesterol. Thanks for this information!

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