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Have You Ever Seen A Yellow Laser?
styropyro shorts

styropyro shorts

Published on 2 weeks ago

have you ever seen a yellow laser? #shorts

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Comments :


_4nell_ . 1 hour ago

Next vid: have you ever seen black laser?

I AM Ballistic Striker

I AM Ballistic Striker . 2 hours ago

haha nerd jk its awesome dude


eisermanplays . 3 hours ago

How come you are not burning

Bill cipher

Bill cipher . 4 hours ago

Where do you get lasers and how much are they

paulo rangel

paulo rangel . 5 hours ago

This came just after the cyan one. Lol


TotallyNotPaul . 6 hours ago

me, who has 600 hours in btd 6 and most used tower is the dartling gun

Isabella Neuhard

Isabella Neuhard . 8 hours ago

Piss laser????


Victoria . 8 hours ago

Clan Medium Laser

Hi friend

Hi friend . 8 hours ago

Wait you did not used yellow stained glass

Agent Jones

Agent Jones . 10 hours ago

Ummmmm where can i find one or buy one

Scout (from Team Fortess 2)

Scout (from Team Fortess 2) . 10 hours ago

Okay nerd that was actually awsome


LorgamerPizza . 10 hours ago

Fun fact: I just scroll down and there was the cyan one


Duckies . 12 hours ago

My eyes hurt and I'm behind a screen

Pranav 3000

Pranav 3000 . 12 hours ago

Why aren't you my Physics teacher man??!

Miłosz Wójcik

Miłosz Wójcik . 15 hours ago

I have so many questions

adam gaming._.

adam gaming._. . 17 hours ago

Please i need to know where are you buy the lesser


Ziscworld . 17 hours ago

Have you ever seen a yellow laser before. Yes just there now

Ashok Rao

Ashok Rao . 20 hours ago

I seen In your hand😂


UBERPIES . 22 hours ago

Pretty cool


Ace . 1 day ago

i want a black laser so i can live my dark blade star wars fantasy lmao

Nox Gaming

Nox Gaming . 1 day ago

Old version of plo koon from the old Star Wars game


Loona . 1 day ago

where to buy pls?

Stuart Olson

Stuart Olson . 1 day ago

Put a laser to the camera till the camera breakes


YellowBebo . 1 day ago

I'm so proud

theDj lonewolf

theDj lonewolf . 1 day ago

I use mine to help airplanes to land! 👌


TheAddictiedGamer . 1 day ago

Point it at the moon :)

Dog intestines

Dog intestines . 1 day ago

How much to buy it off you?


Yusuf . 1 day ago

That color actually my fav color

James Eun

James Eun . 1 day ago

Me sees orange: okay just stay safe mister voltage


rester97 . 1 day ago

Omg I need to add this to my collection

Beetle juice

Beetle juice . 2 days ago

Ohhh...he is the laser-man.


Krifne . 2 days ago

what name of electric yellow light?


JU S . 2 days ago

Can it Pop a womans beast?

Lina María Munera

Lina María Munera . 2 days ago

Yellow lightsaber... Rey must not be happy Me: Finally a real life lightsaber duel

Lead With Love!

Lead With Love! . 2 days ago

This sounded like how light sabers are made.. ........

Dead Me

Dead Me . 3 days ago

Yea now i have

Aman deep Kaur

Aman deep Kaur . 3 days ago

I wa~wa~wa~want that


DJ L3G3ND . 3 days ago

ay could make a half life gauss gun

Blanca Chuela

Blanca Chuela . 3 days ago


Bryhn Jhaile Dairo

Bryhn Jhaile Dairo . 3 days ago

What will happen if you touch the laser


PH7 BLACK REAPER . 3 days ago

Yellow lightning lol

Litzer Otaku

Litzer Otaku . 3 days ago

This dude is playing with mind stone as if it is nothing

Ba Mohamad

Ba Mohamad . 3 days ago

Can u have one


TheRicheg . 3 days ago

Nope and yep it's pretty cool


CJRBread . 3 days ago

Piss lazer


NINC3D3M0N . 3 days ago

*old republic era intensifies*

Kieran Brown

Kieran Brown . 3 days ago

Yellow laser....? Why do you own the things I want.


×White-black× . 3 days ago

What will happend when you do that to anyones eye

David Dicu

David Dicu . 3 days ago


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