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Published on 11 months ago


You probably think about your hair on a daily basis — fretting over a bad hair day or enjoying a nice blowout, or maybe wondering whether to try out the new style you noticed on your favorite celebrity. But you might be missing clues that your hair is revealing about your health. Research shows that changes in your hair's look, texture, or thickness can be signs of underlying health conditions. Here's how you can tell whether your hair changes are due to a health problem, genetics, stress, or a nutritional deficiency.

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BEST 5 SHAMPOOS FOR HAIRFALL - https://vidio.asia/watch/A6mC5U3Ph74

MOST COMMON CAUSES OF GREY HAIR - https://vidio.asia/watch/u_fETMORZJ8

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F1sh St1cks

F1sh St1cks . 4 days ago

Some things that affected my hair loss: 1. Iron deficiency - Make sure that you get your iron levels checked. It's especially important if you're a woman under 50 and you get your period regularly, if you have a thyroid disease or if you're pregnant. Your iron levels should be over 100 for your body to be able to function properly. If your iron levels are under 30 it's concidered as a serious iron deficiency. 2. Not eating enough - Suffering of an eating disorder has messed up my view of food and how much I should eat. I ate way too little for a long time because I was obsessed with loosing weight. My daily HEALTHY calorie intake is around 1800 calories but I only ate about 900-1300 calories. I also didn't get almost any protein at all. 3. Scalp scratching - I started scrathing my scalp as a result of anxiety. I didn't think it would affect my hair but I noticed that the place I scratched the most had less hair than other places around my head. Stopping the scratching has been the hardest part so far because I do it automatically...

Aarti thaur

Aarti thaur . 6 days ago

thank you for this ,,,i was worried about my hair loss i tried lots of products also took medicine ..but than I followed right diet and also took medicines from planet ayurveda,,Now my hair look so healthy and shiny. I am very happy with planet ayurveda's products.


BenJoy . 1 week ago

Thick hair growth - https://youtu.be/SFaj5fSgX-Q Intermittent fasting - https://youtu.be/hMbjFX6OYrE Puri with very little oil - https://youtu.be/AM_hrRQVKRI


anajaw1 . 2 weeks ago

Thank you, its very helpful information!

Louisa Mendoza

Louisa Mendoza . 2 weeks ago

Finally someone out there knows !!!!

Schooling Diana

Schooling Diana . 2 weeks ago

Is anyone else really hungry now?

SM Sparks

SM Sparks . 2 weeks ago

Informational and good video, just change your pronunciation for Iron ( ai.urn)

Cinthya Mary

Cinthya Mary . 3 weeks ago

500th comment .....super vdo bro

Prema Krishna Kumar

Prema Krishna Kumar . 3 weeks ago

Tq so much💐💐💐for giving valuable tips👍🏼🙏

Selfish Hitler

Selfish Hitler . 3 weeks ago

Iron Zinc Iodine Vitamin b12 Vit d3 Omega3 Biotin PROTEIN

James Yeh

James Yeh . 3 weeks ago

Pls learn how to pronounce “IRON” ie. Eye - yearn, NOT Eye - ren!!!

Susan Santos

Susan Santos . 3 weeks ago

You forgot sardines, is the super food around the world.

Hasta Luego

Hasta Luego . 3 weeks ago

we need iodine, seaweeds or kelp.

Pat Warburtonr

Pat Warburtonr . 4 weeks ago

Jesus what great a love bound you to that cross. You destroyed death and rose from the gravest so we can too. Thank you your sacrificial act of love and your promise of everlasting life for all who will believe in you.amen

The Drummers Club

The Drummers Club . 4 weeks ago

Great info, God Bless you

اليقظة و الاستنارة

اليقظة و الاستنارة . 1 month ago

Meditation is the better food

Pushpa Prasad

Pushpa Prasad . 1 month ago

Thank you so much.You have described so many important things in just 5 minutes.Thank you so much again .

Sundaram Singh

Sundaram Singh . 1 month ago

Bahut accha video hai.we need videos like these.

Healthy N Happy Life

Healthy N Happy Life . 1 month ago

Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for.

Neha Bhagat

Neha Bhagat . 1 month ago



Nikhil . 2 months ago

Omega veg sources??

Khushi Dubey

Khushi Dubey . 2 months ago

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Priya Pandey

Priya Pandey . 2 months ago

Your voice 🥰

Healthy N Happy Life

Healthy N Happy Life . 2 months ago

No matter what you do, your job is to tell your story. Awesome Video


Trendbuzz . 2 months ago

5 best foods for faster hair growth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNuuk8XXWko

Asdak Mohd

Asdak Mohd . 2 months ago

If I tell you a simple and easy treatment for hair loss, hair becomes white, etc. So we should eat Almonds 3-5 per day really it will also work for hair density

11.Banoth Shalini rathod

11.Banoth Shalini rathod . 2 months ago

Hii , sir me having hormonal imbalance so becoz of that i lost all my hair can you tell me to regain my hair .


SPMCIL STATUS . 2 months ago

delhi best market https://youtu.be/CRs9Xr5xoQc


SPMCIL STATUS . 2 months ago



Sandhya1119 . 2 months ago

I liked ua voice mn!😁

Ojas Takale

Ojas Takale . 2 months ago

2020 good year wow! Like adream

Healthy N Happy Life

Healthy N Happy Life . 2 months ago

video and image content can be more useful when it comes to influencing search and social results. Nice efforts.

Litsa Tasou

Litsa Tasou . 2 months ago


New Joinee Planet Ayurveda

New Joinee Planet Ayurveda . 2 months ago

hair problem affect to the personality for the hair problem planet ayurveda provide A herbal remedy hair care pack or hair growth formula


Kaykay . 2 months ago

my guy really said spinik


GOLDEN TIPS TODAY . 2 months ago


Sheila Sheehan

Sheila Sheehan . 2 months ago

Great video but I find it too fast to take it all in. Much appreciated.

Mark Santos

Mark Santos . 2 months ago

Does it matter if the eggs are fried ,scrambled or boiled ?


M&M . 2 months ago

Eat Whole Foods.

Ice Burg

Ice Burg . 2 months ago

Best thing for hair to eat is liver it contains all essential minerals and nutrients

School at Home

School at Home . 2 months ago


Chidinma Chinweuba

Chidinma Chinweuba . 2 months ago

I recommend Only Dr IGUDIA on his YouTube channel for diabetes disease cure because I have used his herbs products and it cures mine

Amar Singh

Amar Singh . 2 months ago

Your are awesome bro I'm seeing soo much vedios But they're not help full.thnxk bro

Jessica Fruehauf

Jessica Fruehauf . 2 months ago


Lalitha Kumari

Lalitha Kumari . 2 months ago

Good info.tq

Totuya Buisness

Totuya Buisness . 2 months ago

Zinc and vit D + a good diet that contains lots of healthy fats and proteins my hair is thicker and fuller than ever .

Arshad khan

Arshad khan . 2 months ago

Very nice information

Pat Warburtonr

Pat Warburtonr . 2 months ago

Jesus I magnify your holy name. You are the powerful Lord of the universe who died and rose again so that we could be forgiven of our sins and go on to life everlasting. 🙏

Komal Tiwari

Komal Tiwari . 2 months ago

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