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The 16 BEST Low Carb Vegetables [EAT AS MUCH AS YOU WANT!]
Dr Dan Maggs

Dr Dan Maggs

Published on 3 years ago

In this video, I'll show you 16 of the Best Low Carb Vegetables with less than 5g Net Carbs per 100g in all of them. These are all super low in digestible carbohydrates and that means that you can pretty much eat as much of them as you want on a low carb or even a ketogenic diet.

Get The Free Carb Content in Food Guide Here - https://carbdodging.com/free-resources/carb-count/

Courgetti Bolognese Spaghetti - https://www.carbdodging.com/courgetti-bolognese
King Prawn Ramen - https://www.carbdodging.com/king-prawn-ramen
Beef, Spinach and Mozzarella Lasagne - https://www.carbdodging.com/beef-lasagne
Broccoli Pesto Soup - https://www.carbdodging.com/broccoli-pesto-soup
Sirloin Steak Rolls with Gorgonzola and Mushroom Sauce - https://www.carbdodging.com/sirloin-steak-rolls/
Beef Fajitas with Lime Guacamole - https://www.carbdodging.com/beef-fajitas-with-lime-guacamole
Low Carb Pork Chow Mein - https://www.carbdodging.com/low-carb-pork-chow-mein
Low Carb Salmon Nicoise Salad - https://www.carbdodging.com/low-carb-salmon-nicoise-salad
Pesto Chicken and Vegetables - https://www.carbdodging.com/pesto-chicken-and-vegetables
Low Carb Shepherd’s Pie with Rosemary and Parmesan Cauliflower Mash - https://www.carbdodging.com/low-carb-shepherds-pie

For all Carb Dodging Recipes - https://www.carbdodging.com/recipes

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Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson . 1 day ago

Gwah kah mo' leh

Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson . 1 day ago

First impression--I thought you must be Australian.

Herbert von Sauerkraut unterhose

Herbert von Sauerkraut unterhose . 3 days ago


Peter Acrat

Peter Acrat . 3 days ago

Thank you👍🏻


ezkohrpyan . 4 days ago


Patricia Balcazar

Patricia Balcazar . 5 days ago

I'm from 🇲🇽 and we call it GUACAMOLE👍thank you for the tips!🍆😍

Down Under Trucker USA

Down Under Trucker USA . 5 days ago



Nancun . 6 days ago


Pia Käyhkö

Pia Käyhkö . 7 days ago

Maybe you were thinking of "whack a mole".😂 Guacamole defo has an audible 'e' at the end. Great video!

Jocelyn S. Alba 09055501669

Jocelyn S. Alba 09055501669 . 1 week ago

Thank you so much for sharing...big help..God bless.

Mercy Gutierrez

Mercy Gutierrez . 1 week ago

Are root crops have low carb

Yvonne Jonker

Yvonne Jonker . 1 week ago


Winnie 2609

Winnie 2609 . 2 weeks ago

1. Courgettes or zucchini 2. aubergenes or eggplants 3. Asparagus 4. Broccoli 5. Mushrooms 6. Peppers 7. Avocado 8. Tomato 9. Cabbages 10. Olives 11. Green leafy veg 12. Lettuce 13. Cucumber 14. Reddish 15. Green beans 16. Cauliflower

Jay Simpson

Jay Simpson . 2 weeks ago

Lots of nightshade and lectin foods there.

chicken master

chicken master . 2 weeks ago

I am abt to start to do keto diet thank God I found your videos , they're really helpful 😍 keep up the good work 👏

Peace Dove

Peace Dove . 2 weeks ago

Avocado is a fruit.

Richard Baumgart

Richard Baumgart . 2 weeks ago

1 cup of celery has 3 carbs...1.6 grams of fiber...1 gram sugar..why isn't it on the list? For sure you have it in Britain


lml7676 . 3 weeks ago

great info!


lml7676 . 3 weeks ago

guacamole [ie]


iiiDartsiii . 3 weeks ago

mushrooms aren't vegetable but can be quite a fungi to have dinner with.

Toeknee Chestknut

Toeknee Chestknut . 3 weeks ago

Sprouts cabbage and onions my favourite 🤔☺️

Keena Hockey

Keena Hockey . 3 weeks ago

I'm the bloody elephant in the room!

Lotus W

Lotus W . 3 weeks ago

Mushroom 🍄

zenn Pasion

zenn Pasion . 4 weeks ago

How about sweet potatoes?

matthew peterson

matthew peterson . 4 weeks ago

That's a brilliant resource - thank you Dr Dan.


-- . 4 weeks ago

British and proud!😊

johnson paul

johnson paul . 4 weeks ago

Radishes are 3 carbs per cup and when cooked make a decent potato substitute. turnips work better, but they are 6 carbs per cup

Peleg Shalev

Peleg Shalev . 1 month ago

1:28 we call the kishu so cool to know

Lotta T

Lotta T . 1 month ago

Yay! A British ketuber! I was just getting bored with all the Americans! Although Britain isn't Europe anymore... 😵‍💫 They sailed away and noone heard from them again, except for this guy... 😅

Beatriz Palacios

Beatriz Palacios . 1 month ago

Mushrooms pf course..not a fruit nor veggie

Cliff Mays

Cliff Mays . 1 month ago

A cauliflower is just a cabbage with a college education: Mark Twain

Chris Walsh

Chris Walsh . 1 month ago

The humble TURNIP dosen't get a mention !

Dirk Fuijkschot

Dirk Fuijkschot . 1 month ago


sakil ahmed

sakil ahmed . 2 months ago

Hey doctor,can i take bottle gourd?


Daniel . 2 months ago

Nice video!

Tara Louise

Tara Louise . 2 months ago

Avocado and tomatoes are fruit, I think! I was thrilled to see that you have aubergine and mushrooms on your list - I've been following Dr. Eric Berg previously & I think he discourages eating aubergines and mushies! He's quite hardcore actually. I'm so glad you say that they are okay! I miss mushies and aubergine! Thank you!

Helius Infinitus

Helius Infinitus . 2 months ago

According to Google gwa ·kuh·mow·lee is the way the British pronounce it. Americans pronounce it with a bit of a softer/longer aa as in gwaa. But if you want to be truer to its Spanish roots you would have lee at the end sound more like lay.

Ezriel Roy

Ezriel Roy . 2 months ago

Hello Dr Dan I've watched your video and get interestes im a 62 yrs old very fat last with diabetis i want my diabetis get out from my system before i die ha ha ha i went to try low carb foods if my diabetis will reversed im here in the Philippines please help me tonprolonged my life by knowing the right food to eat so i can rest from insulin tablets and worries i will be waiting for your response Thanks Josephine

Margaret Graham

Margaret Graham . 2 months ago

Thank you 😊

Pat Dawkins

Pat Dawkins . 2 months ago

No green red yellow or Orange pepper. Hate Avocados and olives. Live on broccoli , green beans, cauliflower Brusselsprouts, cabbage, tomatoes, green onions, garlic and mushrooms. Lots of salads.

Jy Bre

Jy Bre . 2 months ago

Yep..your British 🤣

Cynthia Ahern

Cynthia Ahern . 2 months ago

Great list video. Thanks!


Zita-lein . 2 months ago

Your channel and website are just the best! I’m new to keto and want to do it well. Your content is perfect!

Jay M

Jay M . 2 months ago

Which of these low-carb veggies provides the most nutrition? Do PUFAs in veggies get oxidized when you cook them?

Alyona Hausvater

Alyona Hausvater . 2 months ago

Handsome man, handsome vegetables

Good morning, Sunday morning!!!

Good morning, Sunday morning!!! . 3 months ago

"You merely adopted the Keto diet. I was born in it!" ~ every starving child in Africa

I hate dogs

I hate dogs . 3 months ago

I hate avocado

Eric Larsen

Eric Larsen . 3 months ago

Avacado are a seed


Standstill0 . 3 months ago

Hi can you do a segment on high spiking insulin food and low spiking insulin friendly foods. And can you tell your listeners that veggies that grow beneath the ground are starchy and carbohydrates where as veggies grown above ground are lower in insulin spiking.

Dinky Gaming

Dinky Gaming . 3 months ago

I love broccoli and cauliflower 😋 😍onions. Peppers, asparagus, garlic..leek..chestnut mushroom..all of it jus yum

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