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I Tried A Green Tea Detox For A Week | THE RESULTS ARE SHOCKING
Theresa Kettler

Theresa Kettler

Published on 2 years ago

This week I tried doing a homemade green tea detox. Instead of spending money on one of those tea detox brands, I wanted to see if I could get results by simply recreating it at home. The results are shocking!

My scale: https://www.vanityplanet.com/collections/skincare-devices-mvp/products/body-analyzer1-digital-scale-body-analyzer

Measurements Before:
Waist: 30.5in
Hips: 42in
Weight: 149lbs
Body Fat: 29.7%
Water Weight: 48.9%
Muscle: 32.5%

Measurements After:
Waist: 30in
Hips: 42in
Weight: 144.4lbs
Body Fat: 28.5%
Water Weight: 49.8%
Muscle: 33.1%

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Comments :

Theresa Kettler

Theresa Kettler . 5 months ago

Hey guys! I finally remembered where i got my scale from so I linked it in the description!

Candy Cane

Candy Cane . 2 weeks ago

I've replaced coffee with green tea and it's like having the caffeine without the anxiety feeling


Eᴍᴍᴀ . 2 weeks ago

i gotta loose weight fast as heck


FiZzLeWiZzLe . 1 month ago

6:57 the moment I knew I had to subscribe


JOHN NEWMAN . 1 month ago

It's works better hot or cold?

raagheeba hasim

raagheeba hasim . 2 months ago

I'm gonna try this green tea for one week and see what happens but plain green tea without lemon... Let's see what happens... I'll update after one week...

Alex gaming

Alex gaming . 2 months ago

I don't drink geen tea but it's kinda similar to Arizona green tea so I drink that everyday and am not sure if it's making me lose weight because i see two lines on the sides of my belly button and am thinking am I losing weight or am I growing abs 😂😂😂😂and I was like idk? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

maria cruz

maria cruz . 3 months ago

wow only 1 cup. crazy results

swiveneth parkes

swiveneth parkes . 3 months ago

can it be both because i bought the one with tumeric by accident

Erin Courtney Adair

Erin Courtney Adair . 3 months ago

Your skin looked really nice after. Nice video, thank you for sharing.

Isabel Rabi

Isabel Rabi . 3 months ago

Thank you being honest and for sharing.💚

Iris Eiselt

Iris Eiselt . 3 months ago

What did you eat??? In this Week???? Please?????

Ju2021 Carlos

Ju2021 Carlos . 4 months ago

Thanks for sharing the review, I been taking this green tea it works wonderful

Sadiya Khan

Sadiya Khan . 4 months ago

I wonder when to take this I mean in a empty stomach or after eating something

jadesia cruz

jadesia cruz . 4 months ago

idkkkk why but i find yu adorable


vanessa . 4 months ago

I used to hate unsweetened tea, but I didn’t want the extra sweetener so I made myself drink it plain & now i’m used to it & it doesn’t bother me at all!

Tae tae

Tae tae . 5 months ago

That purple t-shirt is so damn cute.

Angelica Vizcarra

Angelica Vizcarra . 5 months ago

Also what did u eat during the detox?

Angelica Vizcarra

Angelica Vizcarra . 5 months ago

Hello great job! Where did u buy this weight scale? I need this exact one

woof ree

woof ree . 5 months ago

this sounds really dumb but can you drink it cold? does it have the same benefits as to when it is warm?

Marilyn Deborah Deborah

Marilyn Deborah Deborah . 5 months ago

Does green tea burn ur theigh fat❤️❤️ dude u know it's sucking 😭when my body is slim but my theigh is fat😭😭😭 anyone here to answer me(does green tea helps lose theigh fat????)))))

Irza Khan

Irza Khan . 5 months ago

look at the hair doe, glorious.

ᴋᴏᴏᴋɪᴇ -

ᴋᴏᴏᴋɪᴇ - . 6 months ago

What’s your height ..?

mayra Pizana

mayra Pizana . 6 months ago

Can you drink it on empty stomach and are they any side effects

Cora Velasquez

Cora Velasquez . 6 months ago

I just have to say this. I understand the need to review these products because a lot of girls are desperate to loose weight, but honestly, your body is gorgeous. Both before and after. :)


ExactllyLori . 7 months ago

Can this work with just regular green tea? Like not detox?

Cynthia Laroche

Cynthia Laroche . 7 months ago

Hi. Where did you get your scale? @TheresaKettler?


Excel . 7 months ago

Can you just put the green tea bag and lemon?

Perla Contreras

Perla Contreras . 7 months ago

Can you please link your scale 🥺 so useful

martin mabhunu

martin mabhunu . 7 months ago

Is it normal to feel dizzy after drinking Tetley green tea on an empty stomach for the first time

Simone Says

Simone Says . 7 months ago

Loved this! I’m deff gonna try!

mohammad almas

mohammad almas . 8 months ago

Green tea 3 times a day after each meal, and a little bit of cardio. While eating health ....... did that and it was greaaaaaat 😅 dont know if it was from the green tea 🤷🏼‍♂️


DETOX . 8 months ago

I also use green tea enemas for detoxing.

Gillian Sweeney

Gillian Sweeney . 8 months ago

Do you not have a kettle for your water x

Gabby Faith

Gabby Faith . 8 months ago

You earned yourself a subscriber

WarriorQueen 61AD

WarriorQueen 61AD . 8 months ago

Thanks for the video! It was really helpful☺️


Love1Another . 8 months ago

This is motivational. Thanks for sharing ❤️


RandomRecognizer . 8 months ago

I’ve been doing the same with green tea too, But I’ve heard that Bigelow is very high In pesticides. Just worth looking into. I’ve been using Safeway Organics jasmine green Tea

Gabriel Jaramillo

Gabriel Jaramillo . 8 months ago

Awesome great advice


IT_0059_MEGHA_ PANT . 8 months ago

I didn't change my diet or anything and I lost around 4 kgs just by drinking 3 cups green tea every day for a month

Diana Riley

Diana Riley . 8 months ago

I love the video. Thanks.


LYN ALBA . 9 months ago

I hope someone will send me tea for free😁🙏😊😊

Yuko Lessen

Yuko Lessen . 9 months ago

Do you drink this on an empty stomach?


FunXvideos . 9 months ago

I drink 3 bottles of green tea a day and i became super thin in like 5 days from breing pretty fat

Murali Reddy

Murali Reddy . 9 months ago

Did u take any diet?

Butterfly 79

Butterfly 79 . 9 months ago

Not many thick white girls lol go head girl 😂

Camille Duyap

Camille Duyap . 9 months ago

U lost weight because of your new work not because of the green tea.


J M . 10 months ago

How long do you wait to eat after you drank your green tea in the morning?


J M . 10 months ago

Did you drink it everyday on an empty stomach??

Ava Ardakani

Ava Ardakani . 10 months ago


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