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Easy Calorie Calculator To Lose Weight


Published on 2 months ago

Counting calories can seem very confusing but it can actually be quite simple!

My Calorie Calculator: https://growwithjo.app/calculator

growwithjo App (customized meal plan & workouts): https://get.growwithjo.app/UVuo/myapp

Let me know in the comments or DM me if you have any specific questions about your personal caloric need to reach your goals!


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Comments :

Anarr pie

Anarr pie . 8 hours ago

Your work out have been changed my life I lost 14 kg in 2 months when I am telling my friends I did these exercises but they don’t believe any ways thank you so much Jo 😘😘

rebecca williams

rebecca williams . 14 hours ago

Quick question jo, how often should you adjust your weight on the calorie calculator to make sure your not eating too many calories when you lose weight? I've never found an answer to this question and hoping you see this. Thanks so much xxx

rebecca williams

rebecca williams . 14 hours ago

You are such a gorgeous person Jo. I love your enthusiasm and big cheesy smile. Never change. Thanks for the information ❤ xxx

Tammy Mitchell

Tammy Mitchell . 2 days ago

Wow, very enlightening & informative. Love your fun workouts & dance parties! Thanks for your great advice & inspiration, Jo!

Jennifer Asbjørnsen

Jennifer Asbjørnsen . 4 days ago

i cant fund the calculator

Sariah Bufkin

Sariah Bufkin . 4 days ago

So is my TDEE-500 calories supposed to be how many calories I eat in a day to lose weight?

Marianna C

Marianna C . 7 days ago

Jo, what about breastfeeding mamas? I’m 28, 5”4 and 200 pounds. Breastfeeding a 6 month old.

Pricillaukokoooy Norment

Pricillaukokoooy Norment . 1 week ago

Priscilla Norment God Bless you Always JO❤💞🤝🤝🤝thanks very much🤝🤝

Amanda Ball

Amanda Ball . 1 week ago

Where do you shop to find the stuff to eat on the app I checked Walmart and they don’t have a lot of it

Amanda Ball

Amanda Ball . 1 week ago

I definitely need to lose weight I got pregnant in March 2020 I was 150 before pregnancy I gained so much weight during pregnancy It’s been a year since having my daughter and I weigh 237 and I so want to lose weight I just feel like I’m not going to be able to. I really want to lose the weight to love my body again and be healthy as it is if I do anything physical my heart rate gets up so high if I’m trying to walk up my road and pull a big hill my heart rate goes up to 170 to 180 sometimes it’s because after having my daughter I never got any excersice and my heart isn’t use to it at all anymore and I want it to adjust to it again. I don’t want to cut out everything I love but I do want to lose weight to love myself again and be more fit and I want to get my heart use to this again.

Janee Lytch

Janee Lytch . 2 weeks ago

This video so helpful . These workouts has help me big time . I went from 240 to 213 , so happy . I watch you every morning.♥️♥️

Dave Sterling

Dave Sterling . 2 weeks ago

Your excellent information won me over as a new subscriber. I do have problems getting enough protein... I weigh 230 (down from 260) and average 50g of protein per meal so I usually have to add a protein shake and still fall short. Ideas? I include eggs, several meats, etc already. Thanks, Jo - great video!

Miller Mommy

Miller Mommy . 2 weeks ago

I wish I could tag my online friend in tis video!!!!

Germaine Nimundele

Germaine Nimundele . 2 weeks ago

I'm a little confused as my TDEE says I should consume about 2632 kcal to loose 1lbs a week but I consume 1500 kcal everyday and cant even consistently loose 1lbs a week.


Vanessa . 2 weeks ago

Hi babe! Thanks so much for this video! It is greatly appreciate and well needed! I have a question. I used an online calculator previously which long story short I have been sticking to a 1500calorie/day for the last 4 weeks and on my third week I had lost 7 pounds. I used your calculator and it is telling me to have 2008cals/day in order to lose 1 pound of fat per week. Now, do I slowly build myself up to 2008cals/day or jump right into eating 2008 calories a day as I do not want to lose any of my progress and I am worried about gaining weight. I also sometimes only have 800-900 calories and I cannot eat any more! I know you’re a super busy gal but would love to hear what you suggest THANKS LOVE❤️

Renaz kheder

Renaz kheder . 3 weeks ago

Hi a question if I eat 1900 calories and burn 2000 calories do I have to eat more that day or have I eaten what my body needs for the day?


D P . 3 weeks ago

Jo, can I loose weight and build muscles at the same time? I am trying to burn fat and get toned, but the scale has not moved since I have started my fitness journey :(. I have been doing strength workouts with small weights and HIIT exercises too. I can definetly see the positive difference on my body, but the number that the scale is showing has not changed for 6 months. Should I stop with strengthening and focus only on weight loss for a short period of time ? Thanks Jo! 🌷


mimimaysara . 3 weeks ago

Bonsoir c'est possible de m'expliquer ce qu'elle explique en vidéo s'il vous plaît ? Je ne comprends pas l'anglais mais en écriture je peux le traduire..je suis ses vidéo de 45 min j'aime tellement cette fille

Yadhira Viramontes

Yadhira Viramontes . 3 weeks ago

Where is the link


jessraefry . 4 weeks ago

I am a literal enigma. LOL. I have tried everything you can think of and I simply don't seem to lose weight. I started exercising 30 minutes daily about 6 weeks ago and I am up a few lbs instead of down....so I am changing some of my actions based on this calculation to see if it works! I definitely was never eating THAT much protein so maybe that is the key? Fingers crossed!

7 O'clock Miracles

7 O'clock Miracles . 4 weeks ago

Thank you. Awesome and helpful info!

Issi Drid

Issi Drid . 4 weeks ago

I know this was posted a long ago but I really need somebody to help me with a question I have about this, I'm very very tiny (around 4'10 feet tall) and Ive been chubby for all my life, you said 1400 cal/day is very low but I think I've never ate this much even in the normal days when I was very chubby (I was overweight from my 7-18 years). I wanna know if around 1000-1100 is it safe or not.

Jane Miller

Jane Miller . 1 month ago

You are truly blessed! Thank You!

Author Chaquanda S Foxx

Author Chaquanda S Foxx . 1 month ago

Thanks Jo! Good information 🤎

Devi meenachi

Devi meenachi . 1 month ago

Thanks sister 😃 I don't know how to count my calories for a day this is an very helpful video for Thank you ❤️ much 🥰💝

D. B.

D. B. . 1 month ago

Hello Jo, I hope you can help me, as I've been trying to understand excericing and eating of caloric deficit for sometime. When you do a caloric deficit, do you still exercise? Or do you cut in half the caloric deficit with the exercise? Does it matter? Thank you.


ThatsoAshleE . 1 month ago

How do you calculate your bmr

Romina Arrua

Romina Arrua . 1 month ago

I'm so sorry but don't understand, you Said 130 pound for example will be 130 grs of protein, but in the case that is in kg will be 58 kg, so that would be 59 grs of protein. I'm sorry maybey question is too silly but I don't understand

Amanda Johnson

Amanda Johnson . 1 month ago

Just subscribed, thanks for the help. The calories seem like allot after I calculated it, but I'm going to roll with it and try it out, I'm trying to lose 100lbs

Roselle Estrada

Roselle Estrada . 1 month ago

Thank you so much jo!! I love you!!!


Jv . 1 month ago

Thank you. this helps me a lot..

Kali and Hulk

Kali and Hulk . 1 month ago

Is that the amount of calories I should eat to lose 1lb a week

Daniela Castillo

Daniela Castillo . 1 month ago

Hi Jo! My workout is 1 h 30 min approx. 2 days rest at week. I am training to get muscle with program. Which activity should I pick up on the calculator?? Thank you so much ❤️🙌🏻 Regards from Costa Rica 🇨🇷

Yvonne Samuels

Yvonne Samuels . 1 month ago

Thank for sharing this video and the link, wish me luck.🙌🏾

Magdalena Maslowski

Magdalena Maslowski . 1 month ago

do you have a vegan gluten-free option in your app?


K-Rose . 1 month ago

So I'm still confused 🥴 BMR is 1713 per the Growwithjo calculator TDEE is 2655. After subtracting I should be eating 2155 or I should be burning 2155 a day? 🤔


Oriana . 1 month ago

This video helped so much!

Samantha Tofft

Samantha Tofft . 1 month ago

Thanks for the calculator!


ladyboss . 1 month ago

Would this still work for breastfeeding mom.?

Afua Angiee

Afua Angiee . 1 month ago

Very helpful tips! Thanks!!

Ava Bongcayao

Ava Bongcayao . 1 month ago

I subscribed because of this video

Demi Friend

Demi Friend . 1 month ago

Hey Jo! I just found your videos and love them! No one has been able to answer this question for me as of weight but I have been struggling to lose weight, but I am in a caloric deficit. When I started counting my calories I realized I was eating about 500 below what my caloric deficit is. Could this be hindering me or do you think it is due to something else

A&N Flow

A&N Flow . 1 month ago

Girl, do you even realize how amazing you are ?? Your so authentic, genuine, kind , and honest . Omg , I’m downloading your app now 💓

Becky Mueller

Becky Mueller . 1 month ago

Thank you for this video! I’ve been doing WW points and when I started counting calories it turns out I’ve only been eating 800-900 cal! This past week I ate 1350 calories and lost 1.2 lbs! Brilliant! Where have you been all my life!? ❤️🤗❤️


Michelle . 1 month ago

Can you tell me what the best protein bar or shakes are?


Michelle . 1 month ago

So my TDEE is the calories I need to eat a day?

Janine Murray

Janine Murray . 1 month ago

I’m counting steps now

Christian Gonzalez

Christian Gonzalez . 1 month ago

I tried your calulater and I'm confused what it is saying ah. I will sent the screen shots to you on the Instagram.

Bonnie Wilkins

Bonnie Wilkins . 1 month ago

Hi Jo. When you calculate your TDEE should you use your current weight or your goal weight?

Bhawna shekhawat ⟭⟬

Bhawna shekhawat ⟭⟬ . 2 months ago

Dear my problem is that whenever I see sugary food I can't able to control on myself I try to control but i not for so long

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