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Let’s Rock 2021 Southampton. OMD. Full Set In HD !!


Published on 3 months ago

Headline act OMD closing Let’s rock 2021 - Southampton. We are planning for festivals in 2022 -
COOKHAM (Berkshire), EXETER, SOUTHAMPTON and either LIVERPOOL or LEEDS. Please like, subscribe and hit the notification bell for uploaded videos !!
Song times :
0:00 Intro
0:52 Enola Gay
5:42 Messages
10:39 History of modern
15:26 Forever live and die
19:21 Souvenir
23:10 Joan of Arc
26:45 Maid of Orleans
31:17 Talking loud and clear
35:29 If you leave
40:35 Locomotion
44:41 Pandora's box
48:45 Sailing on the seven seas
53:48 Electricity

Comments :

Emmanuel Gutierrez

Emmanuel Gutierrez . 3 days ago

Who was the opening act? Thanks for posting.


Oldstereoscollector . 4 days ago

Amazing band,I was in high school back then.Never fades OMD 👍

Julio Preza

Julio Preza . 4 days ago

Muchos recuerdos 👍

Helene Papageorge

Helene Papageorge . 5 days ago

I wish we had You Tube in the 1980 onward. As an American born & raised in NYC [sounds like an oxymoron I know] it would have been great to know OMD along with Joy Division when they were debuting; If it were NOT for WLIR that was dedicated to Punk and alternative rock along with WKCR, the radio station for Columbia University and other college stations around the US we would have missed them completely. I now realise I learned how to dance in the 80's from Andy McCluskey. The sound quality is quite excellent for a live outdoor concert. I'm curious to know your connection to the band. It wasn't until I heard "Talking Loud and Clear" did I realize I remembered this song when it came out in the '80's when we began Fashion Week in NYC to help raise money for the City. OMG!!! I've been trying to remember for DECADES the name of this song and who recorded it!!! Thank You for uploading and posting MarkFromEastLeigh.

Ipswich Town Football Culture

Ipswich Town Football Culture . 6 days ago

Enjoyed this ✌🎧

Tanjuschka Pepper

Tanjuschka Pepper . 6 days ago

I love OMD!!!! ....🥰

Quantum Bikehanics

Quantum Bikehanics . 6 days ago

Love this Band. Wish would be to hear Christine live :-)

Basil Fawlty

Basil Fawlty . 7 days ago

This is brilliant Mark. I saw these in Liverpool, back in the 80's & it's great to see OMD still going strong. I'd be interested to see what you come up with, if you do an event in Liverpool... Local bands...?

Cyclops Coffee

Cyclops Coffee . 1 week ago

OMD has been there most of my life. Thanks for the great memories!

Tomasz Huzar

Tomasz Huzar . 1 week ago

I listened to their music at school, it was difficult to get cassettes in Poland. Destiny has made such a spin that I live in Wirral, where OMD was founded and Andy McCluskey was born. When I listen to it, it is as if I was moved back in time


Seaman . 1 week ago

Where is the rock? England rock is dead.

Eduardo Lugo

Eduardo Lugo . 1 week ago

forever live and die..... excelente.... me hicieron el día

Ian Young

Ian Young . 1 week ago

Thank you for sharing 👍👍👍👍👍

Alien Encore

Alien Encore . 1 week ago

It's like my dad started a band and I have to sit through it.

Walter Sparrow

Walter Sparrow . 1 week ago

OMD made music it's nice to fall asleep to, in a world where most bands are making music that is gruesome to wake up to...

Jeff Thomas

Jeff Thomas . 2 weeks ago

Quite possibly the best electronic band of all time in the studio, and quite possibly one of the worst live (vocally).

Rere Simone

Rere Simone . 2 weeks ago

one song.. all they had. and obviously they start with it. not a good sign.


HOOK . 2 weeks ago

WE like OMD, just a shame they now use backing tracks on the laptop

Jane B

Jane B . 2 weeks ago

OMD Virgin at Leeds Nov 2021. Just loved it, trying now for tickets at Manchester next week.


Bricks&Tricks . 2 weeks ago


Bart 1968NL

Bart 1968NL . 2 weeks ago

Very strong in happy melancholy :-)

Disco Dolly

Disco Dolly . 2 weeks ago

Just seen them on the A&M 40 year tour, I love these guys, so many happy memories over 40 years! Thanks for posting 👍

Jim Roberts

Jim Roberts . 3 weeks ago

I couldn’t pick that fast if I tried. I’d have to resort to an up/down stroke.

Alvin Salazar

Alvin Salazar . 3 weeks ago

Big applause here in manila die hard omd fan here

André Luiz de Barros

André Luiz de Barros . 3 weeks ago

Very Beautiful!! Show....


ANDY . 3 weeks ago

Outstanding performance 👍

Alan Graham

Alan Graham . 3 weeks ago

Andy still has an awesome voice after all these years.Just stunning

Steve Wong

Steve Wong . 3 weeks ago

Awesome video man! Brings back so many memories which I wish I can only go back in time! They still sound great with so much energy. Thanks for posting this!!👍👍👍


xxYOURBIJOUxx . 3 weeks ago

No ‘So in Love’ or ‘Dream of Me’ (based on a love theme) absolute sacrilege! Would have been awesome to hear them both. Great songs ♥️


kingoftadpoles . 3 weeks ago

All classic OMD, no filler. I wasn't that familiar with 'History of Modern', but it's my new earworm.

Adrian Perez

Adrian Perez . 3 weeks ago

Love this band, part of the best times of my life.

Tony Evans

Tony Evans . 3 weeks ago

I saw them in Cambridge in 2018 with Tom Bailey(Thompson Twins) and A-HA who were the main act,but OMD stole the show completely,and would you believe the Council entered the venue to ask them to turn the Volume down..Unbelievable lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAyzdLS051U

Phil Brown

Phil Brown . 3 weeks ago

I'm 58 always loved omD and tonight I'm finally going to see them with my daughter in Leeds, can't wait

Jennifer Hope

Jennifer Hope . 3 weeks ago


Tomaz Znidarko

Tomaz Znidarko . 3 weeks ago

Great pop group from the 80's. Written in the hearts of my generation for ever. Even after more then 30 years I only listen to the music of the 80's, the music of my teenager years.


TheMightyquinn67 . 3 weeks ago

Was at their gig in Glasgow on Monday night, wow what a show what a band. They blew us away, they love what they do.

Diana Foster

Diana Foster . 3 weeks ago

wow, this takes me back some years ......... I saw OMD live in Berlin way back in the early 80's and watching this shows they haven't lost their magic <3

Guido Amare

Guido Amare . 3 weeks ago

80's was so nice. Great music, no race/political nonsense and great times. First stop in the time machine.


MrGibbo04 . 3 weeks ago

Brilliant! See you in Leicester...

Greg O'Brien

Greg O'Brien . 3 weeks ago

Great gig.

Zbigniew Malinowski

Zbigniew Malinowski . 4 weeks ago

good good,,.//,,./

ThiagoYT y Jose71

ThiagoYT y Jose71 . 4 weeks ago

secret ????

leslie jones

leslie jones . 4 weeks ago

Amazing loved it

Holy freakin' Dragon Slayer!

Holy freakin' Dragon Slayer! . 4 weeks ago

Never heard of them..

Marty C

Marty C . 4 weeks ago

Seen them live in Glasgow 2007...great band. great music. great night.

Vera Thiedmann

Vera Thiedmann . 4 weeks ago

Maid of Orleans, mein Lieblingslied.

Jack Tan

Jack Tan . 1 month ago

Grew up with OMD and love them. When are you guys coming to Asia.

john stacy

john stacy . 1 month ago

No "So In Love, Dreaming' and "Secret"?

paul jackson

paul jackson . 1 month ago

Voice has left him,Shame

Rob Snowden

Rob Snowden . 1 month ago

Excellent video and particularly good audio. Thanks for posting.

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