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Dr. Berg's Wife Has Crazy High Cholesterol Of 261..
Dr. Eric Berg DC

Dr. Eric Berg DC

Published on 10 months ago

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Here are a few important things you need to know if you have high cholesterol on keto.

0:00 High cholesterol on keto
0:10 Guidelines from the American Heart Association
0:37 Your body makes cholesterol
1:10 Looking deeper at a report on cholesterol
5:00 The arteries
5:50 The effect of keto on cholesterol
6:56 Causes of inflammation in the arteries
8:00 A deeper look at arteries
10:16 Bulletproof your immune system * free course!

In this video, we’re going to talk about what you need to know if you have high cholesterol on keto. The American Heart Association guidelines actually state that “total cholesterol is not significantly associated with heart disease.” Your body makes cholesterol to make hormones, cell membranes, bile, and vitamin D.

Total cholesterol is really LDL, HDL, and triglycerides combined. Whenever a person gets a cholesterol test, they may also want to get an advanced lipid profile. This is an advanced test that measures the two different types of LDL.

The two types of LDL are large buoyant and small dense (sdLDL-C). The type of cholesterol that can be dangerous is the small dense (sdLDL-C). The small dense type may be a better marker for predicting future potential heart problems and a better indicator of inflammation inside of the arteries. The small dense type of LDL comes from a high-carb diet.

By doing the healthy version of keto, you can get into ketosis and start burning fat. There will be certain times where your cholesterol goes up and down. But, as long as you keep your carbs low, you’ll get more of the large buoyant LDL and not the small dense type.

A few potential causes of inflammation in the arteries:
• Seed oils
• Glucose
• Smoking
• Junk food
• Low vitamin E

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, age 56, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.

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Dr. Eric Berg received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1988. His use of “doctor” or “Dr.” in relation to himself solely refers to that degree. Dr. Berg is a licensed chiropractor in Virginia, California, and Louisiana, but he no longer practices chiropractic in any state and does not see patients so he can focus on educating people as a full time activity, yet he maintains an active license. This video is for general informational purposes only. It should not be used to self-diagnose and it is not a substitute for a medical exam, cure, treatment, diagnosis, and prescription or recommendation. It does not create a doctor-patient relationship between Dr. Berg and you. You should not make any change in your health regimen or diet before first consulting a physician and obtaining a medical exam, diagnosis, and recommendation. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps you better understand high cholesterol on keto.

Comments :

Sharon Bates

Sharon Bates . 11 hours ago

It's so hard for me to do IF, my whole life I've snacked between meals. I crave carbs. I have to pray for Holy Spirit to help me because I can't do this on my own. So far I've been 13 1/2 hours nothing but half cup of coffee.

Srikala V

Srikala V . 18 hours ago

Dr. I have one doubt, please clarify my hubby has triglycerides level of 325 when we checked one month ago, at Christmas time we got covid, latest report shown, triglycerides levels 880. He eat very healthy food , he lost his weight,bmi reduced , I feel like reports are not correct is there any chance of raising like that. He seems very healthy

Todd Bauer

Todd Bauer . 1 day ago

What about her APO- B its high indicating vascular inflammation. She may already have Heart Disease? Correct?

Aisha Nasir

Aisha Nasir . 2 days ago

Ur videos are sophisticated and so much helpful for me thanks may God bless you 😇

Tony Zigah

Tony Zigah . 3 days ago

This is very educative. Thank you Dr. Berg

The Awakening

The Awakening . 5 days ago

If you do not get the additional testing, is it possible that your doctor will look at the results and put you on HBP medication that you do not need?

John Glista

John Glista . 5 days ago

When mentioning the 250-350 grams of glucose, why not also include the period of time? Is that per day? Week? Hour?

Emmett Driggers

Emmett Driggers . 5 days ago

This video addressed my concerns more clearly regarding cholesterol. I lost weight through diet /exercise and still had high LDL. THANK YOU

Gil Toro

Gil Toro . 6 days ago

How much of this tocotrienol vitamin E should you take 🤔

Rishabh Mishra

Rishabh Mishra . 6 days ago

Very attractive video to understand cholesterol and its related other heart diseases. I was suffered from this disease and after taken Arjuna capsules along with Arjun tea from planet ayurveda, I got easily relief. High cholesterol is a disease that also blocked patient heart arteries. To get rid from cardiovascular disease, arjuna herb is a good choice.

Toni Martin

Toni Martin . 1 week ago

Okay dr. Berg what if your cells are small buyount? Do you take statins to bring it down and cut the sugar? Also my regular doctor has no idea about the advanced lipid test,, no one in my area does this text. I now have a heart doctor with high cholesteroland he's trying to put me on a statin to bring down my LDl which is 206. Need help please

Linda Gutierrez

Linda Gutierrez . 1 week ago

My mom is 91 years old and doing well and has never taken a prescription medication in her entire life. She and I avoid all prescriptions because they all appear to have unpleasant side effects. Dr Berg has helped me so much with my liver problems just taking otc supplements, intermittent fasting and keto, I’ve only been doing it 30 days and have had remarkable results. I’m not looking for excuses to go back to my regular eating habits that got me into trouble in the first place. I’m keto forever, though I may have a cheat day every few months. I’m grateful to Dr Berg and to Jehovah God for designing the human body to bounce back from my past bad eating habits.

Louange Saves

Louange Saves . 2 weeks ago

Hi Dr Berg . My doctor told me that if I stop my statins and start a keto that it’s a deadly combination . Her exact words . She said she’s seen patients pass away from doing exactly that. I have been taking 2 meds to lower ldl and triglycerides for 10 months or so and it worked . But I want to get off them. Thoughts?

Rose B.

Rose B. . 2 weeks ago

Thank You Dr,. Great Information !

Cecilia Cirrincione

Cecilia Cirrincione . 2 weeks ago

I’ve been watching your videos to gain some understanding of my high cholesterol (LDL is the small dense kind) I eat low carbs, low sugar, low alcohol nothing processed, blood glucose is under 90, still have high cholesterol unless I take red yeast rice pills….thankfully I finally figured out how to manage it even though I don’t understand the what/why behind it.

Peggy Peterson

Peggy Peterson . 2 weeks ago

What is non ldl?


U MYINT THEIN 吴明灯 . 2 weeks ago

I think I have some blood clots in my arteries. How to reverse it to normal situation? Now I’m taking statins to control the triglycerides. After I have tried intermittent fasting 18+6 and ketones diet for two months, I feel a little better than before. Can it works for long period? Thank you Doctor, your videos are very helpful.

Sean 3756

Sean 3756 . 2 weeks ago

Beautifully said

Mia Manning

Mia Manning . 3 weeks ago

My cholesterol is 325 total ldl 220 I don’t eat meat

Umme Taiaba

Umme Taiaba . 3 weeks ago

May Allah bless save cure protect you n wife ameen

Umme Taiaba

Umme Taiaba . 3 weeks ago

May Allah bless save cure protect you n family ameen

Umme Taiaba

Umme Taiaba . 3 weeks ago

May Allah bless save cure protect you n family ameen

Elizabeth Reyes

Elizabeth Reyes . 3 weeks ago

It’s weird because I’m very healthy person, don’t eat bad foods and I lower dairy intake and red meat. I drink green juices.😕

Elizabeth Reyes

Elizabeth Reyes . 3 weeks ago

My doctor diagnosed me with 266 cholesterol. She prescribed medication to lower it , should I take it or what’s your recommendation?😊

Glendalough V

Glendalough V . 3 weeks ago

I am so glad I found this video, thank you Dr. Berg. I wish I lived where he does so that I could have him as my doctor. I didn't know that total cholesterol is LDL plus triglycerides. My LDL-P was 2338, sdLDL-C was 48, total cholesterol - 222, triglycerides - 132, HDL 51. My doctor is thinking that the high numbers need to come down and has me taking Red Yeast Rice which acts like Lovastatin because it contains some Lovastatin, that's why people prefer it over an actual statin. I'm taking 1200 mg. 3 days a week, it also has some COQ10 in it. But I have had some heart palpitations on it because I take Amlodipine blood pressure medication and it is reacting to that. Also taking fish oil. Not going to continue with the RYR much longer because you have to get your liver tested every 3 weeks while on it as it can cause liver damage and they want me to increase the RYR if my liver test is normal. There is food and herbs you can take to get cholesterol down, but I am going to concentrate on the sdLDL-C more than the LDL-P.

Jo S

Jo S . 3 weeks ago

Informative chock full of good content- thank you Dr Berg ❤🙏

sangeeta kopalkar

sangeeta kopalkar . 3 weeks ago

Hello Dr Berg thank you for this vdo. Which are the foods/ oils that can give us Tocotrienols?

Curly Q

Curly Q . 3 weeks ago

I don’t have the sd-LDL-c on my report with my cholesterol numbers. Special test?

Rachel Coleman

Rachel Coleman . 3 weeks ago

Has anyone been able to lower dangerously high cholesterol by diet alone?

Luardel Chico

Luardel Chico . 3 weeks ago

I think the study is talking about dietary cholesterol, not total cholesterol.

Chris Dias

Chris Dias . 3 weeks ago

Dr Gupta is on YouTube- look for York cardiology

Xavier Ares

Xavier Ares . 3 weeks ago

My grandma dads mother lived 112yrs my grandma moms mother lived 106 yrs. Grandpa mothers dad lived 101yrs ...they always used lard to fry beans meat eggs ...6yrs ago my mother passed away at 77yrs pancreatic cancer cancer ...my dad is 93 yrs old has BEEN drINKING alcohol most of his life ...drinks 2 -32oz beers a day miller high life.. in the winter when its cold he DRINKS HALF CUP OF Cane alcohol with Cinnamon TEA HE MAKES hes active cleans his yard..... JUST SAYING


dltnsdd . 3 weeks ago

My triglycerides are 219. How worried should I be?

Vladimir Gonzalez

Vladimir Gonzalez . 3 weeks ago

I don't trust american guidelines which are manipulated by big food industries.

Amine Gouizine

Amine Gouizine . 4 weeks ago

Exactly, doesn't make sense when you see high LDL and low triglycerides, now I understand!

Read the Instructions

Read the Instructions . 1 month ago

Your stats on the consumption of sugar in America is 250-350 grams of glucose...was that on a daily or yearly measure?

Sharon McCammon

Sharon McCammon . 1 month ago

My cholesterol and triglycerides are very high. Triglycerides are about 1,000. Meds and diet didn't help. Can there be a false blood count or whatever it is)?

Jennifer Tinker

Jennifer Tinker . 1 month ago

Dr Berg, what's the best multi vitamin to take on the market???

Joyce Elmer

Joyce Elmer . 1 month ago

Sanjay Gupta of York Cardiology. My favorite Cardiologist!


elmtree33 . 1 month ago

I emailed this video to my cardiologist's medical assistant. I have an appointment with my cardiologist next week. Let's see how it goes.

Bahasa Inggris Bersama Mr Adi

Bahasa Inggris Bersama Mr Adi . 1 month ago

5 years ago, my cholesterol was 385, and I didnt really care because I felt just fine. 3 years ago I was diagnosed with several deseases. I was rushed to the ER. Since then, I tried to control my diet. Im glad to find your video. Thank you Dr Berg

David Hewes

David Hewes . 1 month ago

What if my doctor prescribes medication for it?

A Michaels

A Michaels . 1 month ago



LaserRaptor . 1 month ago

Uughh.. So, I asked my Dr to run an Advanced Lipid Panel. Just as Dr Berg suggested. Except, the panel they ran does not show sdLDL-C. It only shows LDL-P, and Small LDL-P. So, of course my Dr again is wanting to push a Statin on me. Do I need to go to a lab myself and ask for a specific test to see what my sdLDL-C is?

Sharon Golden

Sharon Golden . 1 month ago

This information is so important, many people are put on statins because their total cholesterol is high without checking the complete lipid profile! Statins are very damaging to the liver!!!! Our healthcare system is very broken when this is allowed to go on.

No One

No One . 1 month ago

Doc thank you for this specific info on which cholesterol is dangerous and what type of test I should get to differentiate it with other cholesterols. I’ll do it on the next blood test. You also mentioned on another video that my cholesterol doesn’t matter when my Triglycerides is really low right? I did a test more than half a year ago, can’t remember it properly but my ‘bad’ cholesterol was apparently more than 300, but my triglycerides was 14. My parents freaked out cause they still think in the old ways the way most doctors do and begged me to take cholesterol medicines, as they do too. I haven’t been able to convert them to the RIGHT way of thinkin, but I denied taking meds as well. I just stick with my OMAD lifestyle and see how I do in my test next January/February :)

Barbara Riley

Barbara Riley . 1 month ago

I feel fantastic in every way at 68 years young and had a very mild case of Covid when I caught it. I’ve adhered to a clean keto lifestyle with moderate IF for 6 months. What is your response to Dr. Neal Barnard’s admonitions about what is a healthy eating plan?

Savannah Worth

Savannah Worth . 1 month ago

There are plenty of overweight people in my family - NONE have heart attacks, strokes, diabetes or nerve issues. I don't believe carbs cause any of these things. They all eat sugar of course because they are overweight, but none of these issues exist - And they don't lose their minds as they get older either. If you want everyone to get off sugar and eat meat/butter that's fine, but don't accuse sugar of causing heart disease.


Thundercat . 1 month ago

Will starting to eat healthy reverse any damage that may have already occurred?

Eddie Orama Del Pilar

Eddie Orama Del Pilar . 1 month ago

Thank you Dr. BERG, great information

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