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How To Burn Belly Fat


Published on 2 years ago

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Dr. Oz explains why belly fat is the easiest type of fat to lose on the body.

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Comments :

İrem Alya Başavcı

İrem Alya Başavcı . 10 hours ago

İs this science Bob from Ricky,Nicky,Dicky and Down??

gothic blood

gothic blood . 1 day ago

1 that dos not look like belly fat 2 your full of crap

Part-Time Enlightenment

Part-Time Enlightenment . 1 week ago

What the hell was the point of that?

Gurdeep Arora

Gurdeep Arora . 2 weeks ago

Bullshit video, just get to the fucking point

Angel Garcia

Angel Garcia . 2 weeks ago

Can I have what ever they poured in the fat please 😂😂

Y. C.

Y. C. . 2 weeks ago


Liane Cornils

Liane Cornils . 3 weeks ago

The demonstration didn't correlate with the recommended method. It was if a substance you eat liquefied fat, on the belly area and solidifies it in others. Cure. Walk around. 🤔 im confused but okay. 😁


Jason . 3 weeks ago

So… walk and eat eggs? This is phukin dumb

Damani McClain

Damani McClain . 3 weeks ago

For those who didn’t hear eat eggs with salsa and take a hike or something along those lines

Sean Dee

Sean Dee . 3 weeks ago

LMAO they didn’t even let the DR guy to explain. 😂 the guy host already took his stage HAHAHA

Sam Boriboun

Sam Boriboun . 3 weeks ago

Thats why asians eat chillis it burns the fat

Shela Olaer

Shela Olaer . 3 weeks ago

Ama buy me that white powder 😁

thicc boi long stockings last donut

thicc boi long stockings last donut . 4 weeks ago

for me just going out side I lost weight and also not drinking soda that was the hardest part.

Rushda A

Rushda A . 4 weeks ago

The hardest part is when you trying to gain weight and lose belly fat at the same that. It almost impossible

Mo Rihno

Mo Rihno . 4 weeks ago

I don t know what to believe anymore. Guess every body is different. But for my is defenitely the hardest part to lose weight..

Vũ Thế Dũng

Vũ Thế Dũng . 4 weeks ago

Someone good in english please tell clearly me what they're taking about and how to burn belly fat


tutadex . 1 month ago

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ChrisChen1220 . 1 month ago

How about this, you can't target a specific area of fat on your body, crunches will not target belly fat and push ups do not target chest fat!!!! Fat is unused calories stored and will burn if you are in a caloric deficit! You have to try to burn more than you eat or in this case eat less than you burn so energy will be pulled out of fat and not in your meals! If anyone else tells you how to target a specific spot of fat, ignore them, they are clearly uneducated!


シOMAR XD . 1 month ago



DepressedUG . 1 month ago

In Popeyes they use the same tumbler to store batter and it’s yellow in colour to!!!

Shaymaa Elsayed

Shaymaa Elsayed . 1 month ago

So! What is that White powder?

salim taibouni

salim taibouni . 1 month ago

So how to burn this fxxking belly fat ?

Jon M

Jon M . 1 month ago

Where can I get that fat poweder killer, we can mix that with water.



Jesus is a great healer , he healed me many times 😊 !


E E . 2 months ago

The expert who comes on after the experiment to explain how to actually burn belly fat insults everyone by saying exactly what people have been doing for decades to try and lose weight/burn fat without seeing results. It really is a complete insult.

Marc Daniels

Marc Daniels . 2 months ago

Your belly fat is not unique!!! Certainly not “ very unique “ FFS THESE PEOPLE ARE MORONS

Marc Daniels

Marc Daniels . 2 months ago

More speed for more views. Total BS


bgustinjr . 2 months ago

Hi Dr Oz. If a do a puke, it can help! Yes or no please?

jeff choma

jeff choma . 2 months ago

So why is it I can lose 30 pounds and my face legs arms neck all get thinner but I'm still left with this blob around my belly button

Jhin Reave

Jhin Reave . 2 months ago

Sleep early, Don't eat way too late at night, don't sleep late, lower your stress level, cut all the delicious fatty foods, eat fruits and i mean lotsa fruits, exercise at least 1hr and *boom!* The end. You slim asf. Start again.


49ers_red_and_gold . 2 months ago

It's the easiest thing fooled me 😑

Petro Schaper

Petro Schaper . 2 months ago

Yeah yeah yeah. What is "that" white powder? You're busted


CUT THE FAT . 2 months ago

Losing belly fat is one of the most satisfying moments in weight loss.

Josias Barragan onofre

Josias Barragan onofre . 2 months ago

Visiting *Agoge Diet* was a life-changing decision. Who would have believe that creating a diet plan is so easy.

Susanna Johnson

Susanna Johnson . 2 months ago

Ik but I wanna be skinny

eklavya angutha

eklavya angutha . 2 months ago

We have left using refined oil since 1 month as it contains trans fat...And started using cold pressed oil....Results are yet to come


Okalright . 2 months ago

So cocain kills body fat, I'm in..


TodaysTuts . 2 months ago


Grace W

Grace W . 2 months ago

What crystals are those

Cristiele Rodrigues

Cristiele Rodrigues . 2 months ago

Podem legendar em português ou espanhol por favor

Lana Gardner

Lana Gardner . 2 months ago

I just watched Dr. Berg how you stole his info on body types when he was suppose to come on your show. Shame, shame on you! I'll never watch you again. That was disgraceful.

Aliyha Hines

Aliyha Hines . 2 months ago

Get me that white powder now

Yousif Aliraqi

Yousif Aliraqi . 2 months ago

I eat 5 scrumbled eggs (without their yellow thing) on breakfast + tea with 2 small spoons of sugar + a bread .. then wait for 2 hrs , eat a banana , wait for 45 minutes - 1hr to start juggling for 30 minutes + 5 minutes walk + 100 crunches (20 × 4) , wait for 30 minutes to 1 hr and finally eat chicken breasts with no bread.. so 2 meals + exercising for around 45 minutes a day.. can I lose my belly fat with this routine?

John Williams

John Williams . 2 months ago

Y'all didn't explain the damn thing

Padi Mills

Padi Mills . 3 months ago

i tablespoon of organic unpasteurized apple cider vinegar in a glass of water or cranberry juice before or with meals. You belly fat will just disappear in a very healthy way. You tube Dr. Sten Berg and Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Model your kiss

Model your kiss . 3 months ago

Oprah!!!! 👉👉. Hey

Petro Schaper

Petro Schaper . 3 months ago

Sarah, I'm asking exactly what is that dumn white stuff. I'm 70 years old, can't walk at all without my walker. What now. I don't watch Dr Oz. Money money money. I sound like Abba

Petro Schaper

Petro Schaper . 3 months ago

Thanks for not telling us what that white stuff is. Is it a Hollywood secret???????

Black Thought

Black Thought . 3 months ago

Im 48 and for me i got my midsection together by changing my diet----running--- and sit ups .

kathleen smith

kathleen smith . 3 months ago

This is bullshit --- you want to lose belly fat -- stop with carbs and all sugars. That is it.

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