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I Tried Japan's Most INSANE Noodle Challenge
Abroad in Japan

Abroad in Japan

Published on 2 weeks ago

Japan's most insane noodle challenge involves eating over 100 bowls of soba noodles.
But can we do it? Only one way to find out...
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Well done to @CDawgVA and special thanks to @Sharmeleon for filming the episode!


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Comments :

Abroad in Japan

Abroad in Japan . 2 weeks ago

NOTIFICATION SQUAD: Let us never speak of the Wankosoba noodle challenge again. SERIOUSLY. Before watching this video, who do you think will win?! PLACE your votes now...


InQueue . 8 hours ago


Zoey Blouin

Zoey Blouin . 9 hours ago

No wonder Chris got so fat in Japan.


RadSIMP . 17 hours ago

Eating instant noodles while watching this for maximum immersion.


JediFarce . 1 day ago

I think the chubby guy will win

Hugh M.

Hugh M. . 2 days ago

I would do the challenge if it was vegan it would hurt me for the amount of salt I never put salt in any food. M


VienasTadas . 2 days ago

I think it is time to rename the channel #all you can eat in Japan - surely.

Brittany W.

Brittany W. . 2 days ago

I wouldn't even be able to make it to 20 in all honesty. Probably stop 10 to 15.... however I'd be hungry again and hour later. Thats just how my body works. Very little very often.

Marika Toonen

Marika Toonen . 2 days ago

poor sharla :(((((


sasuke65743 . 2 days ago

I'd love to try this as well. Got pretty hungry atm XD

seeni gzty

seeni gzty . 3 days ago

Now we just need the final piece, that being Chris competing with Garnt. We’ve yet to see a Garnt and Chris collab and this would be the perfect way to start one off!

Lman Lightning

Lman Lightning . 3 days ago

what hoodie is connor wearing, I like it a lot

Evan Dugas

Evan Dugas . 3 days ago

Everyone: That's a lot of food Me: You guys are really good with chop sticks.

Evan Dugas

Evan Dugas . 3 days ago

Was that price right.... that's pretty low


Irish . 3 days ago

Take Garnt next, I would love to see his reaction

Dɨάβιο Cħίϙϋίτα

Dɨάβιο Cħίϙϋίτα . 3 days ago

Everytime Chris releases a video, its like receiving a gift on Christmas morning🎅🏻


chdreturns . 4 days ago

Employee: So the british dude is back again. Owner: Oh great here we go again, who's he losing to this time?

Matt Morbel

Matt Morbel . 4 days ago

Pro eaters eat a very small like breakfast


Quakdem . 4 days ago

Ladies and Gentlemen, here we see 2 men trying to be a shonen protagonist

Amberlovesitforu Review's

Amberlovesitforu Review's . 4 days ago

😂 wanka soup

Art Aizen

Art Aizen . 4 days ago

tbh as someone with a bit of social anxiety, I can't make someone wait to pour stuff for me. even if it is their job, I would be too conscious (is that even the right word lol) of the waiter and feel so bad.

dcoog anml

dcoog anml . 4 days ago


Dora Hernandez

Dora Hernandez . 4 days ago

This feels so American lol


Aj00098 . 5 days ago

Sharla ate 109?..............now that's a woman right there


ShadowAkatora . 5 days ago

_Leaning tower of wank_

Zach Helsel

Zach Helsel . 5 days ago

I swear every video ur a complete dueshe to ur guest/ friend....?

Jacquea Gawlik

Jacquea Gawlik . 5 days ago

I hurt just watching it!

Tania JS

Tania JS . 5 days ago

YOOOO I JUST NOTICED! Chris is a left-hander! My maaan! ONE OF US! ONE OF US!

Dark Nerd Shawny

Dark Nerd Shawny . 6 days ago

1:20 "it said that a real man should be able to eat a hundred buttholes..."


[InsertSomethingSmart] . 6 days ago

I would pay good money to see tzuyang attempt this challenge. If anyone knows who she is they know she can eat her own weight and more in any food.

yasio bolo

yasio bolo . 6 days ago

Wacky Weekend is the gift that keeps on giving.

Goodguy Typhlosion

Goodguy Typhlosion . 6 days ago

i am also stuffed

Divyam Choudhary

Divyam Choudhary . 6 days ago

This reminds me of golgappe challenge in people may do in India.

tiki riot

tiki riot . 6 days ago

Chris: wanko soba Captions: ankle silver


Rubberduckie98 . 6 days ago

AFAIK, pro-eaters prepare their stomach to expand by eating salad leaves.

Kip /C-Sway

Kip /C-Sway . 6 days ago

Is that Chris's gf?? I know Connor's is Ironmouse lol 😆


4ksandknives . 6 days ago

This should be part of the process of gaining Japanese citizenship. You win? Citizenship! You lose? No citizenship for you!

Chris O'Grady

Chris O'Grady . 6 days ago

FYI noodles aren't going to raise your cholesterol, the fibre might even lower it. All the meat and shit however will be clogging your arteries

Gappy Naddy

Gappy Naddy . 6 days ago

There seems to be always a small girl who beats these food challenges in Japan... GIVE ME YOUR SECRETS, YOU WITCH!!!

bcvbb hyui

bcvbb hyui . 6 days ago

It was nice being the one not eating the noodles for once😬😬😬

Dave Patois

Dave Patois . 7 days ago

If I go to japan, I'd love to try. I consider myself a big eater but this just seems ridiculous, very fun video!

michael chung

michael chung . 7 days ago

Every time I hear Japanese girl who can eat a lot, I’d would say it’s a high probability their talking about Yuka Kinoshita


howdw18 . 7 days ago

12:33 Drink responsibly. Respect my man. A mate doesn't let a mate drink drive.


howdw18 . 7 days ago

How much gluten? Savage Sharla laughing her ass off


toonx . 7 days ago

wanky weekend


howdw18 . 7 days ago

To be honest, I thought Sharla lost more weight when she got sick. Regardless, can't criticize a hot busty blonde


howdw18 . 7 days ago

Great blackmailing skills. Wanker soba.

Herohammer Studios

Herohammer Studios . 7 days ago

Chris, you wanko! I had my money on you!


Keister779 . 1 week ago

Man this was good


tubetop123 . 1 week ago

Sharmelon !!!!

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