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Top 10 Fruits That Can Help You Lose Weight
Hindustan Times

Hindustan Times

Published on 4 years ago

Are you struggling to lose weight?

All you need to do is eat the right fruits at the right time.

“Fruits are a powerhouse of nutrients like fibre, Vitamin A, C and digestive enzymes. Consuming seasonal fruits is a good idea as fruits of various colours have specific benefits and antioxidant properties.”

-Mumbai-based nutritionist Khushboo Sahijwani

Fruits should ideally be consumed first thing in the morning.

“Fruits can be had as a pre-workout and post-workout snack and as a mid-meal snack during the day.”

-Munmun Ganeriwal, nutritionist and founder, Yuktahaar

Story: Sona Wadha

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I can eat bananas and strawberries and oranges in like a bowl until it’s full I mostly like blueberries and berries I dont like raspberries because I don’t like the way it tastes and I don’t like the hairy stuff on it lol


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Asmath Fathima

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Papaya Pineapple Mango Banana Avacado Strawberry Orange Pomogranate Berries Grapefruit

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1: Mango 2: Papaya 3: Pineapple 4: Banana 5: Avocado 6: Strawberry 7: Orange 8: Pomegranate 9: Berries 10: Grapefruit

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Total nonsense. Very bad information. Fruit are loaded with sugar and plant based toxins. No sugar, no carbs.

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Good work, 6:24

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Is it for loosing weight or for gaining more weight...I mean eating mango and banana🤨🤔

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What about an 🍎Apple

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