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A Secret To Weight Loss As Presented By A Nutritional Expert.
Bob & Brad

Bob & Brad

Published on 4 years ago

"Famous" Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck discuss the secret to weight loss as presented by nutritional expert Craig Martin. Links supplied by Craig:

How Not to Die from Heart Disease

https://vidio.asia/watch/EqKNfyUPzoU Making Heart Attacks History: Caldwell Esselstyn at TEDxCambridge 2011
Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn
Dr. Esselstyn's Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease Program ...
Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease. The Revolutionary, Scientifically Proven, Nutrition-Based Cure by Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., MD
https://www.drmcdougall.com/ Dr. McDougall's Health & Medical Center

https://vidio.asia/watch/4bvDPtL0fns Why Do Plant-Based Diets Help Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Subscribe to Dr. Greger’s free nutrition newsletter at http://www.nutritionfacts.org/subscribe and get a free excerpt from his latest NYT Bestseller HOW NOT TO DIE ...

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Comments :

one islam

one islam . 13 hours ago

protein makes you full a steak fillyou up better than that whole salad

one islam

one islam . 13 hours ago

a dieticien that hates olive oil the healthiest oil on earth

rose fragale

rose fragale . 1 day ago

The speaking in background was annoying.

Help _

Help _ . 2 days ago

Hi Help Here, if U don't know about keto foods now would be a very! Good time to try these Healthy recipes instructions: [in my photo, Then "ABOUT" right next to "CHANNELS"] That's it !~ Enjoy~

Carmen Dooms

Carmen Dooms . 5 days ago

Sounds nasty. Fat makes food tastier.

Kitty Bernales

Kitty Bernales . 5 days ago

Id been following them now. Its really great.


joannko . 1 week ago

Worst "informative" video I have ever seen. Since when did nutrition become all about the calories? What quality of life would someone have if he ate 2000 cals of lettuce every day? Also filling the stomach is good but what about satiety? I can eat this bowl of broccoli and have a full stomach but 10 min later I would crave like crazy the m&Ms because it's not just about filling the stomach. We are not robots. Also talking shit about olive oil? OMG!!!! And what oil will someone use? Vegetable oils? Because they are lower in calories? This is just tragic. Seems like you should have a triggered warning. People should be more careful when talking about nutrition because people with eating disorders watched this video and I am sure as hell it didn't help them. I understand that your are trying to be objective when talking about all these foods but it comes through as you are labeling food good and bad. People want to have a healthy relationship with food. They don't want to be scared into not eating m&ms.

Lisa Ammons

Lisa Ammons . 2 weeks ago

thank you


BenJoy . 2 weeks ago

Thick hair growth - https://youtu.be/SFaj5fSgX-Q Intermittent fasting - https://youtu.be/hMbjFX6OYrE Puri with very little oil - https://youtu.be/AM_hrRQVKRI

Tami Ramos

Tami Ramos . 3 weeks ago

It all depends on how your body processes the foods you eat. That olive oil can fill you in conjunction with the salad. Also, you have to consider what foods spike your insulin and what that does to aid in retaining sugar that transform into fat.

Tami Ramos

Tami Ramos . 3 weeks ago

Eating meat is not a bad thing and its not just about taste. Animal flesh has important ingredients our bodies need - we just have to eat meat from animals that are allowed to have a normal life and not force fed grains on a daily basis till they are fat enough to butcher. We need to consume meats from animals who are allowed to flourish on their natural diets. When cows eat grass, they eat sunshine. Just compare the American consumption of meats and processed foods to those in Europe, for example. And you will see my point.

Tom Health

Tom Health . 4 weeks ago

Small daily improvements over time lead to stunning results. 💫

Mikhail Yaremkiv

Mikhail Yaremkiv . 4 weeks ago

So whats the main idea here? Minimum calorie intake and abandon all other nutritional needs like protein? Thats not realistic. Some of us lead phycally active lives where this isnt a viable option.

Heather AngelLight

Heather AngelLight . 4 weeks ago

Great info! @Bob&Brad are you both on WFPB diets?


SugarAppleSweetVanelly . 1 month ago

I used to be vegan, I was underweight and developed all sorts of issues. He looks underweight too. To me it’s about balance.

someone make me y/n -

someone make me y/n - . 1 month ago

So it's *FIBER*


Vegline . 1 month ago

Eating this way really works. Eating Whole Foods plant based diet for awhile lost 60 Pounds, less over all pain, cardiovascular labs look great and have more energy.

Joana Ramos Photography

Joana Ramos Photography . 1 month ago

Hey Bob and Brad! Can you do a special on Scheuermanns kyphosis? Some light weight stuff patients might be able to do at home?... Thank you so much 💙💙💙

Jacqueline Hanna

Jacqueline Hanna . 1 month ago



PINE MEADOWS HOBBY FARM A Frugal Homestead . 1 month ago

Yup, I lost weight by getting rid of grains in my diet. Here is the proof. Never hungry again with this methos Video link https://youtu.be/JgdTgWMMqeo

ambra raouda

ambra raouda . 1 month ago


max marrero

max marrero . 1 month ago

oops ,i cant eat hi volume foods , i have gastroparesis. is better smaller meals thru the day.


CUT THE FAT . 2 months ago

ery good, "Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit."

Paul Harris

Paul Harris . 2 months ago

I can't hear you guys well. FYI

Lynzey Marie

Lynzey Marie . 2 months ago

What does someone who used to be overweight look like compared to a naturally thin person??? You cant ignore the importance of flavor, texture and variety. Eating salad all day wouldn’t be nutritious or satisfying. 🤔 confused by this talk.


In2Reviews . 2 months ago

How to lose weight without diet or exercise: https://youtu.be/qSvYP55SpNk

Weight Loss

Weight Loss . 2 months ago


Martina Cosi

Martina Cosi . 2 months ago

I started to drink cold Milk while eating meals then I realized I got sick from drinking cold Milk like Allergies or Asthma?❤️✌🏽

Just Me

Just Me . 2 months ago

Honestly I really needed the visual. It seemed kinda like being taught like a child but it made so much more sense and easy to understand what I needed for calorie intake. Sorry for being judgemental. You did a very, very good job.

Diane Plante

Diane Plante . 2 months ago

The brash hyena pivotally gather because cappelletti computationally roll concerning a extra-large extra-small exuberant secure. instinctive, piquant fall

Ghost of a Chance

Ghost of a Chance . 2 months ago

Real cheese is good for you: just don’t eat too much!

Christine Singer

Christine Singer . 2 months ago

I’m sorry but this kid is under a huge misconception of nutrition. I don’t want to make a public comment but I, apparently have no choice. This kid is adorable, but he’s under proven misconceptions. I’m not 38 years old, I’m 73 and I’ve been a vegetarian since 1969. I raised two children vegetarian and my daughter has a PHD among other degrees. My son was a karate champion and is now an engineer. I am a certified personal trainer and I disagree with several of his pieces of advise. One, olive oil is a “good fat”, like avocado, nuts, etc. Two, you never want to boil potatoes or carrots or beets and the like because you loose many of their nutrients into the water. Steam retains the nutrients, also adding water. Roasting vegetables is my favorite way. Eating a giant bowl of lettuce is ridiculous. This is an opportunity of add beans, eggs and other things, and should be an addition to a meal. I’m 5’8”, I weigh 125 lbs and I never gain weight. I’m conscious of things like complex carbohydrates, sugar and refined anything, but if, on occasion I eat a bunch of bread or pasta with butter and olive oil, nothing changes. The trick is to avoid multiple “ ingredients “ and to keep your healthy eating on a daily habit. It’s what you eat every day that matters allowing for an occasional detour. Please research my comments. I love you guys. I even forward many of your many of your installments. This is the only time I felt a responsibility to comment. You have helped me many times and I thank you for your knowledge and your presentations.


AMotivatedYou . 2 months ago


Frank Evans

Frank Evans . 2 months ago

I lost 40 lbs in three months on a low carb/ high fat and protein diet. I felt 20 years younger on it

Tania Jansen

Tania Jansen . 2 months ago

Very informative thank you guys


girlystang . 2 months ago

something about that fake meat still worries me

Laura J

Laura J . 2 months ago

This is by far one of the best conversations on calories. Love the visuals. I might even try peanut M&Ms with water now. JK. But that was funny.

1027 EastSide

1027 EastSide . 3 months ago

The Keto Diet people are thumbs down on this video. Just kidding, but there is a school of thought that “healthy” fats like olive oil, avocados, almond butter, etc. have their place because of their impact on satiety and fullness during a meal. A lot of people wont be satisfied with a giant bowl of lettuce and vinegar and no fat. I’m not bashing lettuce and vinegar, I eat both, but some people swear by healthy fats and proteins and some people thrive on Keto. I’m not advocating anything, just do what works for you.

Joan Emmett

Joan Emmett . 3 months ago

I will forever tell the world about this great Dr IGUDIA on YouTube who cured me from my Type 2 Diabetes disease with his herbs medication


MOHAMMED SALIM . 3 months ago

Dr IGUDIA on YouTube have really made me believe in his herbs medication after using his herbs I ordered from him in curing my Diabetes disease

Barbara Martinez

Barbara Martinez . 3 months ago

I've made salad dressing from a tablespoon of hummas and some vinegar to make it into a pourable dressing.


Topazthecat . 3 months ago

I'm 56 and I had been thin all of my life until I was 34 and had to go on a diet for the first time in my life, I had always been thin eating tons of fattening foods and doing no exercise at all, not even walking and I have been struggling with being over weight ever since. And I do walk everywhere since I don't drive, I don't walk that often but when I do it's far. My mother had two children, and was on diet pills when she was pregnant with me, and she was thin in her 20's too, but became very over weight, about same age my weight problem began, and she never ate a lot either and she was somewhat more over weight because she was 2 and half inches shorter than me. I have lost at least an inch of height due to degenerative disk disease in my lower back too,which only makes it worse with my BMI and weight. I don't look obese or anything though, but I really wish I had my old fast metabolism back! My father said it's in my genes from my mother and that I inherited my mother's slow metabolism, I never had any children though, and yet it still happened to me at a young age. My former internist always said that my metabolism slowed down, and that most people's metabolism's slow down as they age, and she said she had countless patients that were thin when they were younger, and then ended up over weight. She had her first child at age 35,and her second in her late 30's,but she was still thin at 40,but she said that when she was in college, she used to be able to eat 2 cheese steaks at once and gain no weight, but that if she did that now she would gain weight easily. But I started to go to her when I was only 38 and my weight problem began when I was only 34 as I said. If I haven't eaten any fattening foods for a month or more, my size 12 misses pants fit, but as soon as I eat even two really fattening foods just in one day my pants are tight, digging into my waist and leaving red marks around them and it takes me about 5 days to a week to get it back down and I have to hardly eat anything to do it. When I was thin, I could eat anything and everything and I stayed a size 6 in my teens, and an 8 in my early and mid 20's.By my late 20's I was now a size 10. Several other doctors, and quite a few non doctors including endocrinologists said the same thing about my metabolism slowing down, but I still think it slowed down way too much too soon. My thyroid has been checked a ton of times through the years and it's normal so that isn't the problem either. Women's Health Magazine How Your Metabolism Changes and Slows Down In Your 20's,30's,AND 40's http://www.womenshealthmag.com/weight-loss/how-your-metabolism-changes-as-you-age


Topazthecat . 3 months ago

As my father so rightly said,You go to a restaurant and they don't have low fat low calorie foods because nobody wants it,and it's so true they would go out of business. And my father also said that my stepmother used to cook the low fat low calorie healthy foods for company that she cooks for she and my father,but my father told her to stop doing it because they didn't like it,and I asked him how did he know they didn't like it,and he said because they never said It's so good or it's delicious,they just didn't say anything,so she always cooks full fat only for company.


Topazthecat . 3 months ago

In other words, you have to eat tasteless foods, and avoid everything fattening that tastes delicious!

Richard Sanmiya

Richard Sanmiya . 3 months ago

How about IF as per Dr. Jung

Kevin Anaks

Kevin Anaks . 3 months ago

Scientist  K. Anaekwe: When I was overweight I knew what to do - I simply used the method the polar bears used ( hibernation) I deliberately slept longer to cutout meals - it worked --- To know more - Visit - wattpad - Book Title; WHAT DOCTORS DON'T KNOW ABOUT

Health & Fitness world

Health & Fitness world . 3 months ago

@ for weight loss

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