Learn all about calorie deficits to lose weight! We will be discussing how to calculate calories to lose weight. This is your own personal calorie calculator to determine how many calories you should eat to lose weight. "How many calories should i eat to lose weight?" is a very common question I get asked, so using this calorie deficit calculator, you will know just how many calories you need!

In this video we will be covering how to create a calorie deficit for weight loss. If you've heard about calorie counting and calorie restriction but are not sure how to create a calorie deficit diet, I will explain how you can create a calorie deficit to lose fat.




CALORIE DEFICIT RESULTS: https://vidio.asia/watch/J22lHuSgdjo

HOW TO CALCULATE YOUR MACROS: https://vidio.asia/watch/OT6grqHxYHs

HOW TO MAKE A MEAL PLAN WITH YOUR MACROS: https://vidio.asia/watch/Hd-dKHL5HJo

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Cass DiGiovanni

Cass DiGiovanni . 9 months ago

Updated version of this video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYYwlZIBa_g&t=872s

gabb Jones

gabb Jones . 2 months ago

I’m so confused about macros maybe I’m just a bit slower than others smh

Paul Almodovar

Paul Almodovar . 3 months ago

I always found it hard to track my calories when I eat outside my home. I was reducing my carbs but not knowing how many calories was the target for fat loss. Can you please illustrate me? Thank you, I really like your video!

Nika Banana

Nika Banana . 3 months ago

Just found ya wow! Love channel! You look shredded In the thumbnail please share cardio/weights and calories you ate t achieve that lean physique

Jessica McClintock

Jessica McClintock . 6 months ago

If I eat 3000 calories, and my tdee is 2000. Do I average those two numbers?

Lisa E.

Lisa E. . 7 months ago

Thank you so much for such a brilliant detailed and well explained post.

Sar Phan Veasna

Sar Phan Veasna . 7 months ago



antonetta . 8 months ago

for the calorie deficit, do i cut my calories down to the amount after or do i create the deficit by, for example, working out? ex. maintenance cal: 2000 deficit: 200 . do i workout to burn those 200 cals from my deficit (and still eat 2000 cals) or do i eat up to 1800 cals and burn more calories from there?

Alveena Babar

Alveena Babar . 8 months ago

Forget TDEE just buy fitbit

Herdi Romero

Herdi Romero . 9 months ago


Dee Dd

Dee Dd . 10 months ago

Don't you need a food scale to know how much food you eat a day? If yes, so I should carry my scale to example school and weight the food?

Em Boykin

Em Boykin . 11 months ago

I'm just getting started doing this. I have all my numbers ready to go but here's where I get overwhelmed (I am easily overwhelmed haha).. How do I know how many calories to put in with random recipes? I know I can read serving sizes and thats fine but I have tons of homemade recipes. If I make some potatoe soup that I threw together that has no actual recipe and measure lets say two cups and eat that for lunch.. how do I know what to put? I feel like this is a dumb question but its big thing for me because my husband and I really do be making random stuff that I have no idea how many calories are in it 😂 Thanks for anyone that helps!!

Felicia Zheng

Felicia Zheng . 11 months ago

im late but I got a question.. so I went on the website and I need 2,218 to maintenance my weight per day.. and I been eating around 1,600 a day and doing some abs workout video and speed walking on the treadmill for 45 mins, heavy hula hooping for 30 mins.. is this okay . how much calories should I eat ?

artsy sophy

artsy sophy . 1 year ago

Can you help me I excercise every night and have removed pretty much all the sugar from my diet. I have eggs every morning and the only sugar I have is in bananas. I am very sporty and play football as well and have lost 2kgs since I started this. I am allowed to cheat on Fridays and Saturdays for one meal but other than that I stick to my diet. I still have belly fat and bloating. Can you please help me figure this out

Lil Yami

Lil Yami . 1 year ago

I eat 700 calories a day and don't exercise to maintain weight. Is this okay?

Gaurav Namdev

Gaurav Namdev . 1 year ago

I love❤ channel

Gunner The Bucket

Gunner The Bucket . 1 year ago

hi my BMR rate is 1700 , my calories to maintain my current weight is 2000 , In the gym I usually burn around 400-500 calories & I cut my intake to 1500 ... does that mean I’m In a caloric deficit of about 900-1000????

Marias 22

Marias 22 . 1 year ago

Ok so I calculated my goal body weight which is 154 lbs x 12= 1848 calories Myfitnesspal says that I should eat 1460 calories a day!!! What should I do???

Sage Victoria

Sage Victoria . 1 year ago

hi i know I’m very late to this video but what happens if I don’t have a good scale how would I work do my portions?


Wetavocado . 1 year ago

So i calculated my calories and it turns out i eat around 1 165 calories a day and by that i should weigh around 65 kg but i weigh around 68-70 my weight varies depends ig its normal? So does that mean i am suppose to eat even less than i do bc if i calculate everything it says i would need to start eating more.. Im just confused

Siddhanth Naik

Siddhanth Naik . 1 year ago

Does this work for a teen

Maha Almaweri

Maha Almaweri . 1 year ago

Not sure if you’ll see this but I need help! So I’ve been eating at a super low caloric deficit and my weight loss has been stalled after losing 5-6 pounds. I now realize I’m consuming way too little calories so I want to fix it. In order to bring my metabolism back to normal, do I stop exercising for a few weeks while eating more calories? This hasn’t been going on for too long, maybe a month or less so there’s not too much damage. But I need help :(

Millie Matthews

Millie Matthews . 1 year ago

My TDEE is 2,159.72 calories so I took away 500 from that total to be in a calorie deficit which left me with 1,656 per day is this a deficit? Or can I add more calories on to 1,656 and just go to the gym and burn some of those calories and still be in a deficit?

Taha Muhammad

Taha Muhammad . 1 year ago

Wait see for the deficit does it mean you lower your calorie intake and exercise or does it mean you keep you calories the same but you burn like 300 calories by cardio

love 45_

love 45_ . 1 year ago

Please reply I’ve already lose 10 pounds by eating 1100-1300 calories per day but I don’t see any results around a month and I realized it’s bad to eat like that so I want to start over with your method So the tdee shows me my maintenance calories it’s 1745 per day then I create deficit 1695 calories So the question is How to increase calories to this point without gaining weight I would be very grateful if you respond❤️❤️❤️❤️ sorry for my English I’m not a native speaker

Klayten Hayward

Klayten Hayward . 1 year ago

Do you have to eat less than you loose in a day????

Leilany Gonzalez

Leilany Gonzalez . 1 year ago

i have been doing keto for 6 months and i wanna switch to a calorie deficit, do my calories from keto count?

Tilly Smith

Tilly Smith . 1 year ago

This video was so helpful THANK YOU !!! But I’m still kind of confused about what deficit would be ,my caloric needs suggests or is 2,219 calories and my bmr is 1,460 calories ,the only excerise I really do atm is 2-3 hrs walking every morning and after that I am mostly sedentary but if I eat in the 500 calorie deficit of my caloric needs I never seem to lose weight and 1719 calories still seems to many and if I eat 900 calories and am in the deficit of my bmr I do but I feel like 900 is too low ??? Sorry I’m so confused about what how to lose


YourRandomInternetTroll . 1 year ago

The thumbnail scared me for a sec. I had to look closer to see that ur sideways and not straight forwards lol 😂

mya bya

mya bya . 1 year ago

❗️NEED UR HELP PLZ❗️ I eat 1400 calories a day do I workout 700 calories or the other way around I’m very confused


許正翰 . 1 year ago


Gen -_-

Gen -_- . 1 year ago

i only eat between 700-800 calories a day.

Abby Wilkinson

Abby Wilkinson . 2 years ago

i’ve been gaining weight eating 1200 lol


xostephaniena . 2 years ago

For my tdee I got 2,384 and people say you subtract 300 from your number and I got 2,084. Does that seem like too much calories to consume?

Chloe Wood

Chloe Wood . 2 years ago

Can you help me please? I’ve been issuing my fitness pal for over a a few months, have lost a stone however last few weeks I’m stuck😩 I burn about 900 calories a day, I eat about 1000 calories. My tdee number was 2387. What am I doing wrong please can u help??

Bethany V

Bethany V . 2 years ago

But I usually eat like 1000 a day to maintain so what do I do🤣?


natrat . 2 years ago

I am very confused :( I eat maybe 1000 calories a day? Some days I eat more than others. So it’s hard to choose how much I actually consume! I am trying to lose belly fat, I am 130 pounds and it feels like all of my fat goes to my stomach or thighs while I have skinny arms! I am not sure what to do at all :( can anyone help me? Anything helps


Erick . 2 years ago

Aside from the deficit, is the addition of cardio always better ? Or can it have an affect on the caloric deficit progress ?

Elisabeth E

Elisabeth E . 2 years ago

Hi I eat 1400 calories a day I weight 57 kg and 160 cm tall I want to eat more but I don't know where to start any ideas?

Layan A

Layan A . 2 years ago

Man U need to look at camera not ur face

Arely Licea

Arely Licea . 2 years ago

Can 13 year olds use the app

Tien's Amateur Workouts

Tien's Amateur Workouts . 2 years ago

Nice video! Subscribe!

Isabella L

Isabella L . 2 years ago

I always do this, have been eating around 300 calories a day and have lost around 10 pounds in two weeks

Mikco Your

Mikco Your . 2 years ago

This better not be fad

Caitidh Lyons Caitidh Lyons

Caitidh Lyons Caitidh Lyons . 2 years ago

How can I work out how many calories I burn doing certain workouts without like a watch?

Don’t Judge

Don’t Judge . 2 years ago

Hey so I calculated my calorie deficit and I’m supposed to eat about 1460 calories to loose weight. When I plug in a weight which the pound less than mine, the calorie deficit seem to go lower and Lower. To continue loosing weight do I have to change my deficit eveytime I loose weight ? Or can I keep it at 1460 even when I drop a few pounds. Please help me.

Monica C.

Monica C. . 2 years ago

Please reply, my deficit is 1430, so do I burn 500 or what, cause exercise is my favorite and I have a Fitbit to help me estimate my calories burned

Molly Booth

Molly Booth . 2 years ago

this video was so helpful! i googled it and it said something about in n out rule so it said if i ate 2000 id need to burn off about 1500 and that seemed impossible! i’m currently eating around 1000-1200 and burning off around 200 ish daily when i’m walking. and i’ve lost around 4 pounds this week, is this water weight? i used to be eating like 2500 and this is obviously a drastic change so idk if this is just excess weight. but the in and out rule seemed impossible. great video xxx

Julia Mori

Julia Mori . 2 years ago

The Tdee says that I should eat 2300 to maintain. The last month I ate around 1700 (is this too little?) calories but still havent lost really weight (I also measured myself) I dont know what to do because I go for walks, runs and do homeworkouts. I am not obese I just want to lose about 5kg

Rach Riri

Rach Riri . 2 years ago

My tdee says 2066 but when I count what I eat during the day its barely 1500 and im OBESE! Bmi is 30 ... whats wrong?

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