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Reduce LDL Cholesterol Naturally (IN JUST 10 DAYS)!!!
Lennis Perez TV

Lennis Perez TV

Published on 2 years ago

REDUCE LDL CHOLESTEROL NATURALLY (IN JUST 10 DAYS) // Want to lower LDL #cholesterol levels? In this video I will show you how to lower your LDL cholesterol by sharing what foods to avoid to lower cholesterol and what foods help lower bad cholesterol.

You can use diet to lower LDL. Actually, diet to lower LDL cholesterol is the fastest way to do it. Here I’m going to show you how you lower LDL cholesterol without medication.

When you lower LDL cholesterol with diet, you are setting yourself up for success and be able to reduce LDL for a long time.

For details on what are normal LDL Cholesterol levels check out this episode: https://vidio.asia/watch/fpvP2YR_c-I

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Comments :

Lennis Perez TV

Lennis Perez TV . 2 years ago

Hi Everyone, I'm curious to hear from you. Would you try these tips? Please note this is not MEDICAL advice and you should ALWAYS consult your PCP if you have further questions.

Donald Stratford

Donald Stratford . 7 months ago

Lennis this works in 10 days ???

Valerie Anderson

Valerie Anderson . 7 months ago

What if I'm a vegan with high cholesterol? Then what do I do?


Ensign . 7 months ago

My ldl cholestero is 217

Mayra Hernandez

Mayra Hernandez . 8 months ago

I love healthy food but healthy food is more expensive than junk food😡

Monica Govender

Monica Govender . 8 months ago

Hi. What is the name of the blood test for detecting if you are generically susceptible to high cholesterol.


K C . 8 months ago

You mentioned genetic predisposition testing for the mutation but I didn't hear the name of the test. Can you share the name of the test? Thank you!

diana denton

diana denton . 8 months ago

I was upset that my doctor did not tell me how to do this, she just wanted to start me on a statin! I refused. I increased my fiber, eliminated sugar (this is huge) added Metamucil, fish oils and ate fresh, foods, limited fast foods! It worked!!!

Deep Diver

Deep Diver . 8 months ago

What about low fat yogurt ?

Ann Marie Chadee Music

Ann Marie Chadee Music . 8 months ago

turmeric tea with pinch bl.pepper works wonders...no need for statins

Deb Stay Blessed

Deb Stay Blessed . 8 months ago

Thanks for the video. What are you suggesting as 'high fiber '? Whole grains or legumes or fruits? Thanks.

Kim Chi Tran

Kim Chi Tran . 9 months ago

Only 20% of cholesterol comes from food while 80% is produced by the body.

Bessie Hardin

Bessie Hardin . 9 months ago

What is the best cooking oil


ROSA SALAZAR . 9 months ago

Thank you do much, I am gonna try this for my Husband and myself. I will continue to watch your very informative videos thanks.👍

riff raff

riff raff . 9 months ago

Hi from Australia! I enjoyed listening and will continue. Very much a common sense tutorial. Thanks.

Montaz Ali

Montaz Ali . 9 months ago

Hi, thank you for this. My cholesterol total is 6.5 and I'm trying to lower it naturally (but not having much success). But, like you, my cholesterol is genetic related (I'm of Bangladeshi origin), and I have been doing the traditional natural diets - 1 Avocado a day, lots of extra virgin olive, pistachio nuts, fatty salmon fish, flax seeds, and omega 3 fish oil capsules. Now, you are saying that people who have genetic related cholesterol need to drop those items. Is that right? What do I need to eat instead? Do I need some oil in my diet? Help would be appreciated.


Sveska . 9 months ago

LDL cholesterol is good for you though. It is a common misconception that it causes heart disease.

Dave The Man

Dave The Man . 9 months ago

brilliant video

Ruben Vargas

Ruben Vargas . 9 months ago

My cholesterol is 240, thank you so much

Michelle S

Michelle S . 9 months ago

My gp told me it takes 6 months to lower cholesterol through diet

Dabunny Rabbit

Dabunny Rabbit . 9 months ago

excellent video, no b.s. no incessant droning, just right into it what's good what's bad and what to do. thank you.

Mayeli Lema

Mayeli Lema . 9 months ago

If you have a genetic predisposition to LDL and triglycerides you are supposed to actually increase your good fat consumption ( nuts, avocados) which will increase your HDL and will clean up your arteries from the bad cholesterol

Laurie M

Laurie M . 9 months ago

Thank you Lennis for your great information here. My cholesterol is high, both LDL (5.12mmol/L)and HDL(4.83mmol/L). I was vegan for three years after being vegetarian for two years. I ate no added fats and I ate no processed foods. Whole foods only. I didn’t eat much nuts really, as I know they have high fats. When I was vegan my cholesterol was HDL 1.30mmol\L and LDL was 4.59 mmol/L I returned to eating animal proteins because I had T2diabetes. I had heard that Keto was helping many people with their health. Then my numbers jumped up. My doctor want to put me on medication for high cholesterol. I don’t want that. Seeing as my HDL went much higher, and I’ve been seeing that it’s better if it’s high, why would that mean medication for me? Is it because of the LDL being high? I’m confused by so much info saying HDL should be high. Can it be too high? I always track my foods. Can lack of exercise cause high cholesterol? Can Keto cause this also? Bigger question, can overeating, and eating when not hungry cause high cholesterol? After so many diets and food changes. Things don’t seem much better, even with exercise added daily. But I do tend to eat when not hungry. I noticed in a food documentary a man over ate and it had the same effects as alcohol in causing liver damage. Could over eating even low or no fat foods, healthy things, no visible or added fats, cause high cholesterol? Sample meal, 1 cup cauliflower/broccoli mix, 150 grams plain tofu 1/4 cup vegetable broth 2 cups romaine lettuce, lemon juice and salt as dressing. Water and green tea. I snack on berries, cucumbers, broccoli, peppers, I alternate with legumes and seitan for protein. I stay low carb at all times. I know I’m asking a lot, but this is a very tricky issue and a lot of us don’t understand why here getting these numbers. With covid quarantine and curfew, we’re turning to snacking for entertainment, especially those with food addictions. Covid is hurting us in so many ways, even indirectly like this! Thank you for any comment you can offer. ♥️ I hope we can all find a way to fix this issue and live longer and healthier. Love to each one of you suffering from health issues. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Johnny Flores

Johnny Flores . 9 months ago

My LDL is 152 Total is 226 triglycerides 107 HDL 52 my Non HDL is 170 started eating better after eating bad for a few months my moms is lower than mines so it doesn’t run in my family eating well is key as well as eating healthy fats i also take ashwaghanda to help i also take physillium hulls fiber

Nobel William

Nobel William . 9 months ago

Thank you very much for the helpful instructions That was wonderful I will try to follow. 🙏👏👍

Muhammad Noman

Muhammad Noman . 9 months ago

yes i have my ldl is 162 and hdl 34

jesus christ

jesus christ . 10 months ago

don't eat any meats or seafood or dairy and stay away from oils and processed foods and all your health problems will be cured


Vanities . 10 months ago

1) keep track of what you eat for the next 3-4 days write them down 2) look at how much fat you are eating 3) reduce / eliminate the amount of fat increase fibre high fibre is key


hajumasih . 10 months ago

You are great

Mark Anthony Estrada

Mark Anthony Estrada . 10 months ago

yes i have

The Amazing Goldfish

The Amazing Goldfish . 10 months ago

I've heard that cholesterol is the Bodies internal band-aid, so my question is:> can drinking to many "diet" sodas cause your body to "produce" excess and or bad cholesterol?

Sadia Omar

Sadia Omar . 10 months ago

Thank you so much for this wonderful advice thanKs and godbless,..

M Avila

M Avila . 10 months ago

My ldl is 160 so no more mexican food


ceason62 . 10 months ago

Wow thank you for this video ! I just subscribed to your channel

Brinely March

Brinely March . 10 months ago

Hi, Lennis! I’m just turned 20 and my LDL level is borderline high, 154. My doctor wanted to put me on medication but I wanted to try to lower it naturally, first. I like to think I eat pretty healthy already, I do eat a lot of protein like chicken and ground turkey. Do I have to cut these out? Anything else you recommend?

Kevin Sauceda

Kevin Sauceda . 10 months ago

"That was me almost 20 years go" ... looking 20 as she speaks lol

Qazanova Limited

Qazanova Limited . 10 months ago




Very impressive. Thanks lot.


TrumpWon . 10 months ago

Thank you sooo much for this! Great video.


MissSerialFan . 10 months ago

Lennis, what do you do after those 10 days? Can you slowly start again with dairy? I also thought fruit isn´t that good when on a low-cholesterol diet? :( (genetics here)


Leimarldedrei . 10 months ago

Good day Lennis! As I observed all foodsin the supermarket have total fat. So are we going to eliminate all these? Or just choose the food that has a lower fat content? What is accepted total fat content of food to be consumed for people with high ldl genetically predisposed.I’d love to hear your answer.

Kathleen France

Kathleen France . 10 months ago

Thank you for your advise, I am going to start eating healthier.

Lynda Rossi

Lynda Rossi . 11 months ago

How much fat daily is too much and isnt olive oil better?


Eliz13 . 11 months ago

so technically be a vegan and don't eat sugar?

Gut Health Homeopath

Gut Health Homeopath . 11 months ago

Great video! You explained the natural ways to lower cholesterol really well. As a qualified Nutritionist, I completely agree that the best way to lower cholesterol is by changing your diet and including the right foods that help lower ldl levels.

Dimple Gibbs

Dimple Gibbs . 11 months ago

My name is Gibbs my cholesterol is 256 and I can't get it down,

Kishore Gopal

Kishore Gopal . 11 months ago

How about eggs? egg whites vs yolk?

Mi M

Mi M . 11 months ago

ok thank you i will do this i have a high ldl cholesterol

Joie Rowello

Joie Rowello . 11 months ago

Drinking lemon grass tea (boil fresh) lower your cholesterol 👍👍 it’s really works. My GP stop my prescription drug and let me continue drinking lemongrass tea.

Fast Food Runner

Fast Food Runner . 11 months ago

I have a normal BMI and I keep fit, I’m vegan with zero oils and I eat a vary high fibre diet but still my cholesterol is through the roof, I cannot Believe I’m on a statin in an aspirin now as to be genetics I’m only 53

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