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Explaining The Pandemic To My Past Self Part 6
Julie Nolke

Julie Nolke

Published on 2 weeks ago

What would happen if I tried to explain what's happening now to the August 2021 version of myself?
Part 1 here: https://vidio.asia/watch/Ms7capx4Cb8
Part 2 here: https://vidio.asia/watch/xdyDpP2s-og
Part 3 here: https://vidio.asia/watch/Pbdk_lBCxJk
Part 4 here: https://vidio.asia/watch/VYdAQKoUm7o
1 Year Later here: https://vidio.asia/watch/fqlPsAAsZss
Part 5 here: https://vidio.asia/watch/fmADQYJe6ZY

Written by: Julie Nolke
Shot by: Samuel Larson
Editor: Alec Mckay
Production Assistant: Jill Agopsowicz

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Comments :

Ja Sten

Ja Sten . 58 minutes ago

the only place where there is a pandemic, is on TV. i am lucky. because i do not have a TV, i do not have a pandemic

Gabe Saravia

Gabe Saravia . 1 hour ago

It’s somehow so healing rewatching this. Thanks


CycleQ . 5 hours ago

This is therapy

Shawn Varosky

Shawn Varosky . 5 hours ago

I gave you a thumbs high as soon as you Betty White. Thank you.

Yan Yu

Yan Yu . 5 hours ago


Caleb Flood

Caleb Flood . 5 hours ago

"Whoa! Everything's the same!" "what? 😐" Yeah, I'd ask to be put back into cryosleep until 2222. 💪🏻 Part 7: The Queen is dead. Once the Queen dies, it's officially Armageddon. 🤝🏻

The Guy

The Guy . 7 hours ago

The algorithm randomly gave me this video, immediately flew through all six parts (to date), instant subscription. Well done, Julie.

Espresso Buzz

Espresso Buzz . 9 hours ago

Idea: bizzaro-world version of this video where a conspiracy theorist goes back in time to warn his former self about stuff, and the former self is shocked to hear the crazy stuff current self believes. Older self says, "Are you OK? These things are insane!"

Manny Queiroga

Manny Queiroga . 10 hours ago

When TF our socialists going to wake up and understand all of our freedoms our on the line?

Juan Pena

Juan Pena . 10 hours ago

damn this is so F real that I'm even more depressed now

Hummingbird Saltalamakia

Hummingbird Saltalamakia . 11 hours ago

"New variants, people still not getting the vaccine" Funny that, when you have an experiment conducted on you, you're the one who experiences change. Unvaccinated people are essentially the control, no alteration. The vaccines cause mutations. Coincidence that we didn't start getting new variants until after the first batch of experimental vaccines rolled out. Natural immunity is a thing. We have immune systems that cannot work if you don't let them. Never forget: delta+omicron=media control Check the anagram for yourself. Coincidence doesn't exist. Yeshua is the way, the truth, the life. I hope Elohyim opens more people's eyes to the truth. The conspiracy former president JFK warned us about, and was assassinated for, did not die with him. We're in times of deceit. Call it whatever you will; misinformation, lies, misdirection, etc. This thing was clearly man-made. Unfortunately, many people are putting their trust in the government, the media, and politicians. Governments giving out free money and people on unemployment are getting benefits. People are literally being bribed to keep voting for literal traitors. The penalty for treason is death. You can bet your everything that if you committed even slight treason, they wouldn't hesitate to put you to death. Logic is panics prey. Fear and ignorance (which we've been purposely kept ignorant by the American government) Every American is being oppressed and we're being purposely divided at every turn. Whether it's coke vs Pepsi Xbox vs Playstation Vaccinated vs unvaccinated Pro gun vs anti gun Democrat vs republican All the way down to which lives actually matter. Note: human lives matter regardless of age or color. Character not color. That's what matters. This is why God tells us to love and not hate. If you are convinced Adonai doesn't exist, sincerely seek Darash and bakash Darash: to search carefully Bakash: to seek something desired (In that order) If you want to learn truth Realize absolute truth does exist. The statement "there are no absolute truths" itself would be an absolute truth if it were true, rendering the statement false. In truth there can be no lies. Yeshua Ha'Mashiach et Adonai

Maelstrom - Mech Arena - Live Stream - Minecraft

Maelstrom - Mech Arena - Live Stream - Minecraft . 12 hours ago

Two weeks later: "Russia"

Timothy Knoll

Timothy Knoll . 12 hours ago

I'm gonna be on the lookout for that table


Awelbeckk . 12 hours ago

I imagine myself talking to my past self - I stopped shaving ! - Yeah, but why ? We don't like beard. - You know razor blade, right ? The thing we use to shave, right ? - Huh, huh, and ? - Do you know it can be used to slit your wrists ? - Yeah, it could, but that's stupid ! - EXACTLY ... It's like selling guns. Too easy, to I stopped using them, having them at home ... I'm still thinking about it though ... - Shaving ? - No, I ... Yes ... Yes shaving ... I miss not having razor blabes at home so I can't shave myself when I'm despaired and think ... about shaving ... to leave ... errr ... to leave the bathroom ... shaved. - I've got big issue in the future ? - You have no idea.

nwo detox

nwo detox . 12 hours ago

not taking them because i believe in jesus .


SUDDEN FAITH . 12 hours ago


Chad Newcomer

Chad Newcomer . 13 hours ago

The title gets more funny as the numbers increase lol

Adventure Kyles

Adventure Kyles . 13 hours ago

Do one where the first you talks to the latest you.

Harley 2die4

Harley 2die4 . 13 hours ago

I'm dealing with Covid syndrome! Contractor was in process of building a new horse barn and suddenly stopped demanding more money. Reasoning Covid, cost of materials has increased significantly. $125,000 barn is now $47,000 more. Company refuses to continue, my deposit 50% covers labor/materials so far. What about the contract I signed? His response, US Gov't/CDC told us March 29, 2021 get the vaccine, you'll be fully vaccinated and masks are no longer required and didn't keep their agreement now were told to get 3-4 boosters and how many more thereafter. Under Covid, it's uncharted times and just the way it is can't be helped


potatogirl . 15 hours ago

when she laughed at the begging, i felt that

Matt Richardson

Matt Richardson . 15 hours ago

I share similar new years resolutions. Thank you so much for the laughs. This video had me laughing and crying all the way through. Again, thank you for the much needed laughs.


katchowski2 . 15 hours ago

This hits hard because I also just went blue in the hair...


AyjayAlleyway . 16 hours ago

People not getting vaccinated isn’t the reason everything’s the same.. lmfao.

DeHart Family

DeHart Family . 17 hours ago

Thank you for doing this. I’m so disappointed we let it get here. To this point. Utterly and completely disappointed.

Tony 2026

Tony 2026 . 17 hours ago

Part 50 will be a banger


Aj . 18 hours ago

The MSM can lie or stay as silent as they want. But the truth will only get louder! The people are on the rise! Kim Iversen: Media BLACKOUT On MASSIVE Trucker "Freedom" Convoy Protesting Vax Mandates https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArYtup2o_qU If the Pandemic Thinking Was Applied To Everything https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEkxWTsBINI What the FDA is Like… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Czu11HmhfAY&ab_channel=AwakenWithJP Why You Need a Second Life Jacket! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omrVpA14FpY Is The Public Being Gaslit? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZ7xKo5218c

kibum is not amused

kibum is not amused . 18 hours ago



OddOne . 18 hours ago

2022? What’s that? It’s been a long March 2020, I’m a bit confused.

Vagian Tuerous

Vagian Tuerous . 19 hours ago

A wonderful performance: The character of an aging spinster realizing she has no control over her own life and lacking the necessary self-reflection to understand her role as the willing fool: A lab rat stuck in her house, as in her own mind, descending into madness while howling at the world. The internal torment, regardless of its source, a horrifying construct entirely of her own making.

Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne . 19 hours ago

its fake and ghey, saved you 5 min


THX91101 . 19 hours ago

Past self… total bs…. get a life.

Colin Kamoda

Colin Kamoda . 20 hours ago

The blaming the pandemic on unvaccinated people is hilarious, Israel is almost completely vaccinated and they are still having new cases. The Joe Rogan thing is the equivalent of saying the World Health Organization was involved in a horse dewormer thing. If this idiot was to end the pandemic, go live your damn life.

Throwawayga2 Throwawayga2

Throwawayga2 Throwawayga2 . 20 hours ago

Take care of yourself and others. Even the ones you disagree with. That's how humans have survived this long. Not by dividing. That's how societies collapse. Read a book. It's true 100% of the time. Great videos by the way.

Ken Garcia

Ken Garcia . 21 hours ago

Oh Betty. Sure do miss you.


G19Kev . 21 hours ago

Forgot to tell her the table isn't coming for at least 6-8 months...

Wreno Granite

Wreno Granite . 22 hours ago

imagine a disease so deadly, that it doesn't affect the people that don't give a shit


fuckyomama . 1 day ago


Dimitri Vodka

Dimitri Vodka . 1 day ago

1:30 Like people not getting the jab is the problem here ...

april generic

april generic . 1 day ago

Betty White died of Ghosting...all the american world war 2 fallen came for her, it's still a COVID death tho because the hospitals are still claiming that free $12,500 medicaid payment for covid related expenses.

sarkar mrigank

sarkar mrigank . 1 day ago

Now explain the future you are gonna face to your future self.. matter of time and point of view


corinne . 1 day ago

“come up with something original” thanks julie, now there might be an impending war

Thalia Hart

Thalia Hart . 1 day ago

…ww3 talks


Renehta . 1 day ago

Really relate to the increasingly unhinged vibes

Cole Eandro

Cole Eandro . 1 day ago

Yawn. She’s beautiful. Who cares?.


Vvmopz . 1 day ago

I mean, as far as pandemics in hisotry go, we should be greatful.


droserabinata . 1 day ago

Ah I see the finest minds of the internet are all here to open our eyes to the truth about vaccines


NVRAMboi . 1 day ago

My new year's resolution is to stop voting for plant-based political candidates. I'm restricting myself to free-range sociopaths only at this point.

Nene Roars

Nene Roars . 1 day ago

Bi Polar Julie.

Nein Gagging

Nein Gagging . 1 day ago

Really repeating the script from Jan 2020 by starting ww3 again

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