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The Top 5 Vegan Foods For Weight Loss.
Melissa Alexandria

Melissa Alexandria

Published on 2 years ago

It's my 5 year Vegan Anniversary and I'm sharing the top 5 low-fat, inexpensive and filling foods on my #vegan grocery list.

Calorie Density Information: https://www.forksoverknives.com/the-calorie-density-approach-to-nutrition-and-lifelong-weight-management/#gs.7g9iyo

If you think potatoes and rice will make you gain weight, watch this inspiring story (starts at 5:00mins) : https://vidio.asia/watch/CbyCJY7AC4k

Great Presentation by Dr. Lim on Calorie Density and not counting calories / weight loss: https://vidio.asia/watch/kg1d6LGeMr4
Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Gravy: https://www.forksoverknives.com/recipes/mashed-potatoes-and-gravy/#gs.7g8fdn

Apple Pie Rice Pudding: https://dev-recipes.instantpot.com/recipe/almost-instant-apple-pie-rice-pudding/

Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili: https://shaneandsimple.com/sweet-potato-black-bean-chili/

Kale and Banana Smoothie: Kale, Water, vanilla extract, 2 ripe bananas. The more ripe the bananas are, the sweeter the smoothie will be.

31 Best Vegan Recipes with Potatoes - Namely Marly: https://namelymarly.com/vegan-recipes-potatoes/

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The Top 5 Vegan Foods for Weight Loss
How to lose weight on a vegan diet
High Carb Low Fat Vegan Diet

Comments :

Iris Eiselt

Iris Eiselt . 3 days ago

I want to go vegan 🌱 For one week to loos weight 🥰🥰🥰


lizzzarduh . 2 weeks ago

Is it possible to lose weight while still eating a small amount of cashews?

Crystal L. Glenn

Crystal L. Glenn . 3 weeks ago

I'm doing vegan because I want to maximize my health and have a smaller waist.

Micheal Torres

Micheal Torres . 1 month ago

So i am curious about going the next step we have been vegetarian for 2 years now but my wife still has an addiction to dairy she cant stop drinking cows milk and cheese...how does one go about taking the next step ...? I have went to oat milk but i do still eat cheese....like dairy cheese. ...help!

Kathryn Veach

Kathryn Veach . 2 months ago

I am newly vegan. I was a vegetarian for a long time (about 12 years) and then had started eating meat in my thirties. I did a lot of reading and watching of YouTube videos, on health/nutrition, to lose weight and to solve a lot of health concerns ( both physical and mental). I had decided that whole food plant based was the smart choice for my health. Then I discovered the dramatic impact that eating animal products has on the environment!😱 Now I am committed to being vegan for life, not just for my own health, but for the health of our planet 🌎.

Peter Joyce

Peter Joyce . 2 months ago

Am here to thank Dr Aluda on YouTube for helping me, I ordered and make used of his herbal supplement, now I no longer suffer from HPV

Lulu yusif

Lulu yusif . 2 months ago

thumbnail looks like a young Blair Waldorf 😩

alexis bautista

alexis bautista . 3 months ago

How much rice would you eat at meal times

Mister Nick

Mister Nick . 3 months ago

Just curious, do vegans want to get rid of animals that prey on each other?

Mister Nick

Mister Nick . 3 months ago

😂 yea carb up to loose weight...

Anita Virginillo

Anita Virginillo . 3 months ago

I've been vegan for 10 years and the best thing I have ever done!

Ayden The Baby Penguin

Ayden The Baby Penguin . 3 months ago

As of rn I am a vegetarian and I'm slowly working up to vegan and I decided to try it cuz the keto diet I was on previously gave me digestive issues so this was the next diet I wanted to try

Foxiepaws ACAnderson

Foxiepaws ACAnderson . 4 months ago

I cut out dairy and gluten and I rarely eat anything animal anyway so am thinking of going all the way because gluten and dairy free is not nearly as expensive as I imagined...you can even make Scottish potato scones...I love banana and avocado. This is great. I have been practically vegitarian for years due to animal concerns but only decided recently that enough was enough and moved on to the exclusion diet. Its gone so well that I am not going back. Its always the initial steps in any change that I find difficult and that works well for me because I dont want to have to repeat it, I am more likely to stick to it.

Luv AriGrande

Luv AriGrande . 4 months ago

I love all but banana because I was allergic

Hong Le TV

Hong Le TV . 4 months ago

Thank you very much for share top 5 Vegan foods for weight loss. Banana, Potatoes, Rice, Greens, Beans. You are so beautiful too.


min . 4 months ago

Vegan for the animals and the benefit on the body such as less acne and losing weight, etc

Elsa Gonzalez

Elsa Gonzalez . 4 months ago

Melissa thku 4 sharing. HOW MUCH OF THEM? I need to loose weight. Blessings 🥉🥙🥑🥝🥕🙋🏻

olivia scott

olivia scott . 5 months ago

I am 24 and I have been vegan for 27 days now


Mr.Thwippy . 5 months ago

What are the best vegan foods to grow weight alongside exercise I’m kinda a skinny guy already

Seth Bender

Seth Bender . 5 months ago

I went vegan about eight days ago. Which is not much, but let me tell you what changed. Over those eight days, TMI -not once was I constipated. At all. I was extremely energized. Felt really good every day. Yesterday, I made the mistake of eating a McChicken from McDonald’s. And in less than 12 hours I had no energy, I was constipated, and just felt like crap. That sold it for me. I am going to try and be vegan for myself. Now I love meat. Personally and I’m not saying that I won’t have a little bit of cheese or sour cream once in a while, because I do love those. But I would say 98% of the time my goal is to be vegan. Give it a shot.

Laura C

Laura C . 5 months ago

Going vegan tried oatmeal and salad and frozen berries with walnuts on the oatmeal. I was starving. Your list is basically what I have settled on.

Chippy_ Chip

Chippy_ Chip . 5 months ago

First year vegan and I’m still going threw the junk food phase 😅

Scorp 83

Scorp 83 . 5 months ago

I swear by potatoes and sweet potatoes!

Coco Lata

Coco Lata . 5 months ago

I watched game changers about a year and a half ago

rick f

rick f . 5 months ago

i went to visit a friend he went vegan for his colitis, he delt with it for ten years and was getting suicidal , he said he was off his medication and it was gone, that day i went vegan and never relapsed ,it was like he turned on a light switch, after i became aware of the ethical issues , i don't think i could ever bring myself to eat animal tissues again -its disgusting........ i used to be the guy at the bbq that said ill skip the veggies and eat all meat................ change is possible when you are aware....

Moon Flower Faerie

Moon Flower Faerie . 6 months ago

Well maybe my metabolism is weird but I eat those foods and very healthy without a lot of oil Serv, and I’ve gained so much weight and six inches in my waist. I’m just now starting a low carb diet with high fats like avocados. I’ve never had this problem with my weight before. I don’t know what to think.


Ella . 6 months ago

I did for nature and animals


Ella . 6 months ago

also legumes😋

Alexis Rose

Alexis Rose . 6 months ago

Loaded vegan baked potatoes are so bomb


Nakaye . 6 months ago

I want to try to go vegan for my health not to mention it’ll help the animals and the environment I just don’t know any vegan recipes bc just eating salads ain’t gonna do it for me

Alex Lewandovski

Alex Lewandovski . 6 months ago

i went vegan because of every time i ate meat i had stomach pain


NotMxlissa . 6 months ago

Im vegan for the animals ever since i was 10 now im 14 and amost 15

SBV xvx

SBV xvx . 6 months ago

Am I the only vegan who hates rice? (Luckily, I love potatoes!) I've been vegan for 18 years - but was vegetarian for 13 years before that. I went vegetarian when I opened my eyes to the animal cruelty and decided not to contribute to it. Though back in the early 90s there was no internet. I didn't realise how cruel the dairy industry was. It was 2002, after interviewing a vegan, that I knew I wanted to do more for animals, I HAD to do more - so went 100% vegan. The best thing I ever did!

Baileigh S

Baileigh S . 6 months ago

I went vegan for the animals and the enviroment 2years ago and I'm not a person who will try to convince anyone, but I am so healthier since I started and I changed so much in better that 1 of my friends turned vegan and 2 of them turned vegetarian, we are now spreading the message together 😂😍

Isla Oscar

Isla Oscar . 6 months ago

I never regret ordering dr Ogedegbe herbal products for curing my Fibroid. Of course  it works like magic, thanks you so much sir. I want to appreciate dr Ogedegbe on YouTube for the help he rendered me with his herbal treatment..

Lightness Prevails

Lightness Prevails . 7 months ago

My 11 year old son and I watched a documentary on Netflix called "what the health" we were shocked and disgusted. We started this journey a week ago. My son is more into it than I am pretty much forcing me I to it rather than the other way around 🤣. For a few years we have been trying to eat healthy thinking that animal product is healthy and good for you, I'd buy lean meat and all of that. So apparently we've been doing it all wrong.

Zack C

Zack C . 7 months ago

Def going vegan for my health 🥒🥬🥦

Jessica Allison

Jessica Allison . 7 months ago

Starts at 2:15

prime ronaldo

prime ronaldo . 7 months ago

I love meat and chicken

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⟭⟬Games with Ame’s⟭⟬ . 7 months ago


⟭⟬Games with Ame’s⟭⟬

⟭⟬Games with Ame’s⟭⟬ . 7 months ago

Im vegan

Pantelitsa Tsavari

Pantelitsa Tsavari . 7 months ago

I think that the amount of money that you have to spend to eat vegan highly depends on the country and where you livr, I hear my friends from America saying that it;s expensive to buy fruits and vegies which is really sad but me who lives in Greece , when I go to the farmers market I buy a crazy amount of vegan foods(not proccesed foods ofcourse) with less than 20 euros and I buy fresh produse that last me at least one week and a bunds of dry goods that last me for 3-4 weeks and maybe in some countries it;s even cheaper

Allen Kass

Allen Kass . 7 months ago

You spend way less money as a vegan at the grocery store lol


Mommasita . 7 months ago

so i have a question is it good to not eat 1500 calories in a day? I'm trying to loose weight like 20 lbs. I've been eating better but i see different places say different things. thanks

Nhisan Gaming

Nhisan Gaming . 7 months ago

thank you for this vedeo

Garry Victor

Garry Victor . 8 months ago

very interesting

Victoria Mason

Victoria Mason . 8 months ago

My body hates the starchy carbs like rice, Potatoe. I Just have to inhale them and boom weight gain

Sun Flower

Sun Flower . 8 months ago

I have been forced to go Vegan because, of diabetes. My father died from it but, he wouldn't quit eating S. Food. However, Vegan foods are providing a much better life for me and I'm not sick all of time! I live down the road from a slaughter house and that alone was enough for me! After eating Southern foods, meat and breads all my life I feel so much better now I never thought I would EVER go Vegan!! However, I recommend it for anyone with health issues or just love animals ☺️


Bobby . 8 months ago

I lost my Mom 2 months ago to heart failure and now my father is in the hospital with the same thing with a poor outlook. I was in the Air Force for 20 years and was in top shape since I was in special operations. Since I transitioned from the Air Force in 2008, I have gained a good amount of weight and need to get healthy. I am going to go Vegan this week. Are there any good resources on how to cook and eat vegan with flavor? I was cooking with olive oil which added flavor and used butter on baked potatoes. Thanks! (picture is from 7 years ago when I was in great shape)


L D . 8 months ago

I think the easy way to convince someone to go vengan is teaching them how to cook and show easy meals that was my case I started watching videos how to cook the same meals that I love but without meet it change my life so thank you so much for sharing love your channel 😘😍

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