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Thomas DeLauer

Published on 4 years ago
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Ketogenic Diet: Low Carbs vs. Slow Carbs | How to Balance- Thomas DeLauer… Low carb diets limit the carb intake and the slow carb diets concentrate on the glycemic index in foods - Low carb reduces the total volume of carbs, while slow carb changes the type of carbs consumed.
Glycemic Index: The “glycemic index” is a term used to describe the blood glucose response to a particular food. The glycemic index is a method of ranking the effects of carb-based foods based on their effects on blood sugar - refers to how quickly sugar reaches the bloodstream after food consumption. High-GI foods pass rapidly through your digestive system and into your bloodstream, driving up your blood glucose levels and causing insulin to spike. Low-GI foods, on the other hand, pass more slowly through the digestive system and enter the bloodstream gradually, which keeps insulin levels low (1,2)

Slow Carb: Your gut quickly absorbs high-GI carbs and spikes your blood sugar, resulting in high insulin that can increase storage of belly fat, increases inflammation, raises triglycerides and lowers HDL, raises blood pressure, lowers testosterone in men, and contributes to infertility in women. High-fiber, low-sugar carbs, are slowly digested and don’t lead to blood sugar and insulin spikes. These slow carbs reduce cancer risk and increase your body’s ability to detoxify (3)

Blood Glucose and Insulin: When your blood glucose and insulin move up and down rapidly or stay high it disrupts your natural blood glucose balance. This can lead to your body having trouble responding to your blood glucose levels, which may contribute to insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is associated with many health problems - type 2 Diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease (4)

Study: A study published in August 2015 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition analyzed data from about 70,000 postmenopausal women. They found that women who had higher dietary glycemic index intake had increased odds of developing depression within the three-year study. They also found that higher consumption of added sugars was associated with depression risk.
On the other hand, women who ate more fiber, fruits, and vegetables (which often have lower glycemic indexes) were shown to have a lower chance of developing depression, per the study’s findings. Researchers suggested that the association may be due to many different mechanisms. Refined carbohydrates contribute to inflammation, insulin resistance, and cardiovascular disease, which are all associated with depression (5) Low GI Food Benefits Summed - Increase the body's sensitivity to insulin, improve diabetes control, reduce hunger and keep you fuller for longer, minimize carb cravings, and minimize energy crashes

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Comments :


Skinnybobblues . 1 month ago

The trouble with lectins is that they build up over time in the body like joints and causing big problems in older age. Some cannot be cooked out. Dr. Gundry is an main expert on lectins.

Rhian alxantara

Rhian alxantara . 1 month ago

From my own experience, do not start the keto diet. It's very hard on the body and outright dangerous. Listen to your doctors. I tried the *Agoge diet* and I lost so much of that persistent belly fat.

Armaan Aggarwal

Armaan Aggarwal . 2 months ago

Before trying the *Agoge diet*, I tried keto and many other diets but none worked. With the Agoge diet, I lost so much stubborn belly fat, finally getting that fit look.

Marjune Makantal

Marjune Makantal . 3 months ago

It's not possible to stick with the keto diet long term and stay healthy. I tried it, and it was awful. I recommend the Agoge diet though, because it is diverse and will help you get rid of fat without starving yourself.

Samsung Device

Samsung Device . 3 months ago

My experience suggests that the keto diet is over-hyped. A good diet is supposed to be easy to stick with and be healthy. *Agoge diet* is a good option, I lost a lot of belly fat.

Justin Finkelstein

Justin Finkelstein . 4 months ago

What do you mean when you say "separate fats and protein"? Can I use oil to stir fry?

Lotta T

Lotta T . 4 months ago

This is very complicated. I don't know what to eat if I can't eat red lentils. 😢😭🤯

Rodney Johnson

Rodney Johnson . 5 months ago

I'm on a low-carb diet where I can let carbohydrates be about a quarter of my food however I try to make it a little less and I am losing weight at a good rate that being said what works for me might not work for other people and what works for other people might not work for me everyone is different you need to find what works for you


kaaajeee . 6 months ago

how long do you need to wait between fat and carb meal in your opinion?

Kathy Dryland

Kathy Dryland . 7 months ago

Thanks AGAIN Thomas. How long do you do the SLOW carbs ? Did I miss it?


DutyofCall . 8 months ago

Can I still eat meat with carbs as long as it is lean?


GlamUpWithYeri . 9 months ago

When Thomas says to not combine fats and carbs when eating, how long should I wait to eat the other macro?

shikha b

shikha b . 9 months ago

So carb and fats shouldn't be mixed what about carbs and proteins? Is it okay to eat them together?

My Reviews

My Reviews . 9 months ago

Man, that sounds like a lot of work. I just got out of keto and started on slow carbs. I'm gaining muscles and losing fats as planned.

KC Crow

KC Crow . 9 months ago

So only get one 7-layer burrito and no more chalupas?

Lovely Ana

Lovely Ana . 10 months ago

I'm sorry, can you give me an example of a fat and carb combination so I have an idea please? This is all new to me and I've been following lately and need a bit of help! Thank you so much for all this info by the way!


Pixel . 10 months ago

The slow carb diet is starting to come back into the spot light. I just saw it on my news feed.


MileyOnDrumz . 10 months ago

But you didn’t mention the insane “do whatever” (spike the F outta your insulin, for some thyroid thing) once a week on Tim Ferriss’ slo carb diet... that had to be a calculated move NOT to mention that key element of TF’s diet... I’ll search more of your other vids, maybe you answer this


Solbris . 1 year ago

U need 2 stop eating animals. It is poison 4 ur body!


GIGIFit . 1 year ago

Pls make for us a vedio low carb brb

Krishna says WOW

Krishna says WOW . 1 year ago

What about eating fats with low GI carbs? Does that make you fat?

Tore Ege

Tore Ege . 1 year ago

Please elaborate on the WHY you do these things.

Brishae Loftus

Brishae Loftus . 1 year ago

What about the Mediterranean diet? You recommend it, but they combine lots of olive oil and cheese and avocado with carbs like rice, beans, etc...?????

Brishae Loftus

Brishae Loftus . 1 year ago

What about the Mediterranean diet? You recommend it, but they combine lots of olive oil with many different types of carbs??

Raining Storm

Raining Storm . 1 year ago

tim ferres said to go crazy in cheat day but im really lost here


Liz . 1 year ago

Can you speak a whole video on the mental health part. This is so important for women


TARIK MOUNIH . 1 year ago

Actually 2B more serious in my tlk "in my comments I mean" : Ketosis is the bst diet ever , fe real !!! 💎🔥💎🔥💎


TARIK MOUNIH . 1 year ago

2:26 The Hidden point behind this research is that : Real men don't #Carb 😁 Jjjjj !!!

akshith juluri

akshith juluri . 1 year ago

Hahaha..... Thanks for the added confusion. Finally it's Time for my KFC diet🤤

David cee

David cee . 1 year ago

Ok pizza it is

Marg Ona

Marg Ona . 1 year ago

I get all my carbs from my fat sources, nuts and avocados, in a day about 25-30 grams of carb. I know that if I go above 20 grams of carbs, I’m not keto.

Lauren N.

Lauren N. . 1 year ago

This is very helpful. To summarize: he takes several different diet approaches that reduce the impact of insulin. All the methods he used can be found in various diet books. But in summary, they all talk about how important it is to lower foods that impact insulin levels. So he is saying that he uses multiple methods to reach his goals, depending upon what he's trying to achieve.

Brenda Godinez

Brenda Godinez . 1 year ago

Your kitchen looks like the very cute modern kitchens from IKEA. I love it. Thanks for the info.

Brenda Godinez

Brenda Godinez . 1 year ago

What happens if I go 5-7 carbs over often , under what is assigned base on my weight and height on the keto app. Also what happens if I eat extra fat, or extra calories, or protein?? I’m sure you probably made a video of this, I just have not found it. Thank you honey 🙏🏻

rebeka talebi

rebeka talebi . 1 year ago

I know low carb is effective but i hate how I feel on it. I did carnivore which is much easier but Some people need to do keto carnivore to be healthy.

Andy McKenna

Andy McKenna . 2 years ago

Has anyone watched: What the Health on Netflix about diabetes? It blames fats and processed meats! But Keto states otherwise. And these doctors are saying sugar is fine for the body but processed meat causes cancer by 18%. It's rediculous what I was watching.

Moonlight Absol

Moonlight Absol . 2 years ago

I like your videos, yes it's a lot to take in, but nothing is simple what's to do with food and our bodies. What do you think about certain blood type being allergic to certain foods? And could you do a video of L-lysine ? Thank you!

Merav Haik

Merav Haik . 2 years ago


Baby Bruce

Baby Bruce . 2 years ago

What should our fats and proteins be on low carb days? Normal amount?

Adel Almasood

Adel Almasood . 2 years ago

Talks too much and none-sense and confusing..

jesus Bitter

jesus Bitter . 2 years ago

So fucking complicated


MaxFrame . 2 years ago

How do the oats influence on level of insulin?

IG michaelrmcf

IG michaelrmcf . 2 years ago


Ban Dar

Ban Dar . 2 years ago

Separating fats and carbs!? But doesn't fats buffer the insulin rise caused by the carbs? Like the way it does with protein?

Mehmet Yener

Mehmet Yener . 2 years ago

how long you do slow carbs? 1-2 days or a week?

Mountain Bike Addict

Mountain Bike Addict . 2 years ago

Keto is dangerous

Ty Rell Wh

Ty Rell Wh . 2 years ago

So youre saying can't eat hamburger?  That would be fats with carbs correct.  What about butter on bread?

Marin Maznev

Marin Maznev . 2 years ago

Hi Thomas. What do your macros look like when you are on the slow carb diet?

brandon anderson

brandon anderson . 2 years ago

Is adding a sweet potato or some oats really going to stop your progress? Curious because we act like a carb is a carb meaning oats are as bad as pancakes.

Sandi & G

Sandi & G . 2 years ago

Excellent video! 👍

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