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The Truth About Low Carb Diets And 'Slow Carbs'
Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic

Published on 6 years ago

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While low-carb diets have become a popular fad, carbohydrates are actually the most important thing you can eat for health and weight loss. Learn all about "slow carbs," why they're important to your diet and about all the beneficial things they'll do for your health and your weight.

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Comments :

Niti Gupta

Niti Gupta . 5 hours ago

Get a CGM!!! Even fruits spike blood sugar.

Shane Zettelmier

Shane Zettelmier . 8 hours ago

I agree, you can’t treat natural foods or some thing horrible. No carbs like green flower or vegetable/green oil or different, those should be kind of treated like poison and avoided. Flower or bread once in a great while isn’t bad but it shouldn’t be part of a staple diet, but we can’t look food as evil just because it has higher carbs. I do a very clean version of keto for the past few months I’ve tried to eat as perfectly as I can, I’ll still eat carrots I just eat a tiny bit, I had a piece of banana the other day but I only had a third of a small green banana. Today I’ll be eating some sweet potato but I’m eating it raw. You can diet and lose weight on a carnivore diet without eating plants at all but I think the benefits of eating Unappropriate diet with both is the healthiest and best bet. I think the most important thing on a diet though is to understand you can eat meat and you need to eat it in the right proportion with fat, without that you’re going to be hungry all the time. I can’t possibly eat enough vegetables in a day and since I learn to balance it and eat the right carbs and vegetables like you’re saying with the right amounts of meat and fats in the right types and balances I only need a couple of meals a day and eat about 20% of the food I used to and the wait is it going like crazy, I lost 40 pounds in the firstThree months and I’m still losing two or 3 pounds a week and I fast 18 hours a day and it’s very easy because I’m getting the right nutrients from both meat and plant in my body is satisfied and not begging for food all the time

Carl Hopkinson

Carl Hopkinson . 1 day ago

The Cleveland Clinic is a notorious Ministry of Truth branch. Caveat Auditor.

Saher Abdulrauof

Saher Abdulrauof . 2 days ago

what you are saying is literally called Ketogenic diet or healthy Keto version

Max S

Max S . 5 days ago

So 75% low starch vegetables (which are mostly low carb) and the rest protein and fat. I mean the guy is basically describing a low carb diet while saying that carbohydrates are the most important thing for weight loss.


Videnz . 6 days ago

but vegetables are toxic and useless you cant even digest them right so by eating fiber you could just eat nothing at all and it would be healtier i mean toilet paper is a fiber too wood is fibre too cardboard ist fiber too... do you want to say that toilet paper is an essintial nutrient? greetings from germany


BILL STREAM . 6 days ago

Look at history. Society's in the past with the worse health who had high carbohydrate were obese. Egypt in the past had high obesity rates

Frank Zap

Frank Zap . 7 days ago

Fruit are fast high carbs.. ever seen a fat fruitarian?


J. . 1 week ago

No thanks. You can keep your dirty carbs and your allegiances to big Pharma (obviously). I am healthier than I have ever been, immaculate blood work and 100% carnivore

Michael Maddox

Michael Maddox . 1 week ago

You're in Ohio. 0 credit to anything you say. Lol


Jan . 1 week ago

Many fruits have plenty of sugar that will spike insulin production

kimberlie hef

kimberlie hef . 1 week ago

I don't get it. while this is a good video is he not describing standard Keto?


Matrices . 2 weeks ago

Cite your science? Oh wait there isn't any and you are pontificating! Next


AwemanyFit . 2 weeks ago

If we eat low glycemic carbohydrates we would not have problems. Whole foods not processed foods. These keto dudes would never agree


Gail . 2 weeks ago

I'm not impressed

elbert Poh

elbert Poh . 3 weeks ago

This is healthy keto diet

Jake R

Jake R . 3 weeks ago

Yikes. Begone clickbait doctor head.

Ffff Tufu

Ffff Tufu . 3 weeks ago

i prefer keto (for example Hyperketo program) - but it's personal of course

majlis e aza

majlis e aza . 3 weeks ago

I have been living a ketogenic lifestyle for over a year now and it has been the best decision. I used to be anemic, had migraines all the time, and was always tired. I don't even get migraines anymore and my energy levels are through the roof. The thing that really gets me going is that my hair looks better too! Hyper


TEAM LOLLIPOP . 3 weeks ago

I have been on a keto diet for about a year now and I was not happy with the results. I always felt tired and hungry. I know there are other keto diets out there, but HyperKeto is the only one that really understands what you need to eat, how much protein you need to eat, etc., etc. It's been great!

Crazy Fearless Hacker

Crazy Fearless Hacker . 3 weeks ago

I tried all the other keto diet programs and they just couldn't keep up with my needs. I don't know how they do it, but HyperKeto always has just the right meal plan for me. The moment I started following their plan, my weight loss goals were achieved much faster than I had anticipated. After only a month on their program, I lost 10kg

Mian Saab

Mian Saab . 3 weeks ago

I am a huge fan of the HyperKeto program. I've been on it for about two months now and I can see great results. I'm not saying this just to earn a commission - I truly believe the content is high quality and the diet has been well adapted to my lifestyle. I can't do without it now! I've been on a diet for about two weeks and I can see the difference. It's not that I eat less, but that the food I eat is tailored to my needs. The program is designed in such a way that it helps me plan what to eat without sounding like something is out of reach. It also helped me keep track of my meals.

ig؄n๏๏乃 yt

ig؄n๏๏乃 yt . 3 weeks ago

The keto diet has been difficult to follow in the past. I would find myself craving carbs and not eating enough fats because I found the whole thing too messy to maintain. HyperKeto, on the other hand, was a perfect solution to my problem. They offer a personalized keto plan that's easy to stick to and 100% customized for your goals! The best

XSPG music

XSPG music . 3 weeks ago

I've been on the keto diet for about a month and I've been trying to get into the rhythm of things. I tried HyperKeto and I'm happy to report that it helped me lose 15 pounds and feel great!


TheHeroSmasher . 3 weeks ago

If it tastes bad and isnt poison then its good for you but be careful the more healthier you become the better these "bad" foods taste... moral of the story: EAT VEGETABLES

Maudie Icrochet

Maudie Icrochet . 3 weeks ago

If you are insulin resistant carbs will make you feel like you're starving. I've lost 48 pounds on keto diet and my anxiety has diminished greatly. I feel better than ever.


greenlizardballs . 4 weeks ago

This might be the dumbest video I have ever seen. "From an accredited hospital"

Blinks Bill

Blinks Bill . 4 weeks ago

This doctor has the right idea

Mickael Slomka

Mickael Slomka . 4 weeks ago

Just say eat soluble fiber ….

cosmic microwave

cosmic microwave . 4 weeks ago

For the love of God, don’t cut out rice and potatoes


gohdux . 4 weeks ago

Today I had a bowl of steam with lemon and then for dessert I splurged by eating an ice cube.

Frank Barragan

Frank Barragan . 4 weeks ago

This was a bit "click baity"

Mya Gomm

Mya Gomm . 4 weeks ago

Unless you're histamine or salicylate intolerant. Most fruits and vegetables are the worst thing you can eat.


8BIT GAMES . 1 month ago

You re recommending potatoes from Peru 🤨


arie1985uk . 1 month ago

So true!


altectechy . 1 month ago

For the record, when keto dieters talk about low carbs, they're talking about low NET carbs, fiber carbs or "slow carbs" as you put them, are essential to the ketogenic diet. They are not counted towards your total carbohydrate count when determining your "low carb" status. So if to be in keto you needed under 30g net carbs, you could still eat 30g of fiber a day, and still have enough room to have another 29g of "fast carbs" and still be in ketosis, even though your "total carbs" are at 59g. Your net carbs are still only 29g.

pierre jean

pierre jean . 1 month ago

doctors want us to eat a lot of carbs so we get sick and they keep chaarging us bills

Gregarious Antithesis

Gregarious Antithesis . 1 month ago

Its simple low glycemic load vegetables good, high glycemic load vegetables bad. I look at peoples responses snd its like a deer in the headlights. Its no wonder people are clueless about healthy food and how to loose and maintain weight loss. Sugar and starch and all those foods the body readily turns into sugar, baked potatoes, rice, bread create an insulin spike. Insulin spike tells the body to store fats or convert sugars into fat. So why would it be so hard to understand that if you want to loose weight, avoid health problems like heart attacks and strokes the single most important thing you could possibly do is eliminate or at the very least limit sugars and starches.


A K . 1 month ago

Wise, wonderful advice. I trt to get 30g of fiber in per day and keep my carbs under 40g per day. It's actually pretty easy & makes me feel amazing!

Bacon Bandit

Bacon Bandit . 2 months ago

I hate to pop Dr. Hymen, but it sounds like he's taking credit for Dr. Atkins work. I lost 140 lbs on low carb. Dr. Atkins gets the credit.

Chew Her

Chew Her . 2 months ago

But I get sooooooo hungry. I can't stop thinking about bread, rice and pasta. Lord....


freelancerAM . 2 months ago

I don't see anything wrong I'm eating whole grain pasta or brown rice or a sweet potato on occasion. They are not evil foods. Everything in moderation folks.

John Doe

John Doe . 2 months ago

I wants some frosted sugar cookies from the store 😭

Glacivee Studios

Glacivee Studios . 2 months ago

Weight gain is simply caused due to excess blood sugar. Reducing your blood sugar is as simple as skipping a meal or two. Your blood sugar will go back low and you'll start losing weight instead. Stop dieting, start fasting!

Gail Gerlach

Gail Gerlach . 2 months ago

Keto does not cut out good vegetables period. It cuts out refined sugars and starches. We don't even count carbs from good green veggies. You could live the rest of your life and never eat another processed sugar laden mass produced product, or any sugar. We don't need sugar, it is not a nutrient and not needed at all. Eat all the vegetables you want or can on keto, you can do vegan keto. Stop the obesity problem the type 2 diabetes problem and live a healthy happy life. Cut out man made sugars and thrive.

Len Black

Len Black . 2 months ago

Strange that he also endorsed the "Grain Brain" Keto diet book.


Free SPIRIT . 2 months ago

Low carb diet is keeping my blood sugar stable.

Lotta T

Lotta T . 2 months ago

If you don't eat alot of different vegetables then you're not doing keto right. Check out healthy keto!

Shane Zettelmier

Shane Zettelmier . 2 months ago

I think people need to understand the word carbs is a pretty huge category, they are definitely not all the same there are many carbs the human body should not consume at all and there are some we should consume daily. Also with hybridized fruits and vegetables some of them are ridiculous now, things like corn on the cob we buy or any corn any kind of process grainAnd a lot of the starches like the rice and most potatoes prepared the wrong way or horrible for you, you might as well be eating sugar because it basically turns to sugar the second it hits your stomach acid. So just saying carbs are good or carbs are bad is misleading and completely useless. People need to understand the differences they need to understand how to balance fibers they need to learn how to hydrate in the form of electrolytes not just drinking more water which doesn’t help unless you’re just not drinking water, otherwise you’re just using ridiculous information out of context late counting calories. People need to understand nutrition understand what they should and should not eat, and some people get by with almost no carbs eating carnivore diet for decades and are fine, so saying that the most important food is not very accurate, they are one of many types of food we need to consume to nourish our bodies

Lauren McGee

Lauren McGee . 2 months ago

This mans skin glowsss so pass me the broccoli

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