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Exandria: An Intimate History | Narrated By Matthew Mercer
Critical Role

Critical Role

Published on 2 weeks ago

Take a deep lore dive into the history of how Exandria came to be, from the Founding, to the Calamity, to the Age of Arcanum, and beyond -- narrated by Exandria's architect and our very own Game Master Matthew Mercer.

Join us for the premiere of Critical Role Campaign 3 on Thursday, October 21st at 7pm Pacific on http://twitch.tv/criticalrole and http://youtube.com/criticalrole

Check out all of the amazing artists who contributed to this video!
Pieces are in order of appearance:

The Arrival by Cyarna Trim || @Cyarna (Twitter)

The Divergence by Cyarna Trim || @Cyarna (Twitter)

Elves by Claudia Ianniciello || @claudia_ianniciello_artworks (Instagram)

Dwarves by Ari Orner || @ornerine (Twitter)

Humans by Kathryn Wheeler || @Azraillu (Twitter)

Friendly Giant With Flowers by Nikki Dawes || @nikkidawesdraws (Twitter)

Goblinkin by Nguyen Hieu || @WTH153 (Twitter)

Halflings by Kathryn Wheeler || @Azraillu (Twitter)

Half Orc With Sheep by Nikki Dawes || @nikkidawesdraws (Twitter)

Devilkin by Kathryn Wheeler || @Azraillu (Twitter)

Illustrious Guardians by Ameera Sheikh || @mikandii (Instagram)

Vasselheim, The Dawn City by Kent Davis || @iDrawBagman (Twitter)

God Symbols by Conceptopolis

Three Spellcasters by Linda Lithén || @LindaLithen (Twitter)

Age of Arcanum City by Cyarna Trim || @Cyarna (Twitter)

Construct by Nguyen Hieu || @WTH153 (Twitter)

Planar Mage by Linda Lithén || @LindaLithen (Twitter)

The Pursuit of Power by Jessica Nguyen || @Jessketchin (Twitter)

Ghor Dranas by Clara Daly || @EldritchBlep (Twitter)

Herd of the Damned by John Anthony Di Giovanni || @ja_dig (Twitter)

Flame Reach Outpost by Bryan Syme || @SymeBryan (Twitter)

Fall of the Mentor by Wesley Griffith || @justwesley (Twitter)

Spire of Conflux by Jessica Nguyen || @Jessketchin (Twitter)

Star Razor by Jessica Nguyen || @Jessketchin (Twitter)

Plate of the Dawn Martyr by Jessica Nguyen || @Jessketchin (Twitter)

Agony by Jessica Nguyen || @Jessketchin (Twitter)

Circlet of Barbed Vision by Jessica Nguyen || @Jessketchin (Twitter)

Armor of the Valiant Soul by Jessica Nguyen || @Jessketchin (Twitter)

Calamity by Andrey Vasilchenko || @drawborn (Instagram)

Calamity's End by Svetoslav Petrov || @SvetoslavPetro9 (Twitter)

Rifenmist by Caio Santos || @BlackSalander (Twitter)

Umbra Hills by Cyarna Trim || @Cyarna (Twitter)

The Observer by Clara Daly || @EldritchBlep (Twitter)

Emerald Citadel by Kent Davis || @iDrawBagman (Twitter)

Furnaces of Kraghammer by Bryan Syme || @SymeBryan (Twitter)

Stillben by Kent Davis || @iDrawBagman (Twitter)

Elven Peaks by Kent Davis || @iDrawBagman (Twitter)

Reconstruction of Tal'Dorei by Wesley Griffith || @justwesley (Twitter)

Fateful Moment by Adrián Ibarra Lugo || @Ailustrar (Twitter)

Exandria Map by Andy Law || @Hapimeses (Twitter)

Tal'Dorei Map by Andy Law || @Hapimeses (Twitter)

Gwessar by Adrián Ibarra Lugo || @Ailustrar (Twitter)

Emon Harbor by Kent Davis || @iDrawBagman (Twitter)

King Drassig by Claudia Ianniciello || @claudia_ianniciello_artworks (Instagram)

Battle of Umbra Hills by Jeleynai || @Jeleynai (Twitter)

Sovereign Tal'Dorei by Nikki Dawes || @nikkidawesdraws (Twitter)

Nicodranas by Caio Santos || @BlackSalander (Twitter)

Rexxentrum Castle by Kent Davis || @iDrawBagman (Twitter)

The Barbed Fields by Clara Daly || @EldritchBlep (Twitter)

The Tundra of Eiselcross by Jonah Baumann || @GalacticJonah (Twitter)

Goddesses in Balance by Zuzanna Wuzyk || @Zuzartii (Twitter)

Oasis by Ameera Sheikh || @mikandii (Instagram)

Thordak Throne by Kent Davis || @iDrawBagman (Twitter)

Heroes Old & New by Adrián Ibarra Lugo || @Ailustrar (Twitter)

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Comments :


Courtsport25 . 13 minutes ago


Javier Salomón Cruz Lastra

Javier Salomón Cruz Lastra . 6 hours ago

Is there a way to have this narrated in another language? Spanish in my case? Regards from Tabasco, México [Land of The Olmecs]!


ViciousTriangle . 11 hours ago

The whole betrayer God becoming filled with grief cause their people were dying so they wanted to help kill everything and start over? What am I missing here, that doesn't make sense


Kyle . 1 day ago

Matt and My name is BYF are so amazing at narrating lore....


Soochoup . 1 day ago

Me suddendly getting just how much the vestiges of divergence ARE a big deal: :surprised-pikachu:

Gui Shu

Gui Shu . 1 day ago


Tor Bjørnson

Tor Bjørnson . 1 day ago

I need one of these for all the seasons


Crow . 1 day ago

I loved this soo much! TO journey for a moment into the mind of Matt Mercer... Wow. What a world! Such depth of history, truly inspiring.

Gull D. Sea

Gull D. Sea . 2 days ago

I will say as John did once.. I've got chills aaaand boy are they multiplying!

Lucas Maciel

Lucas Maciel . 2 days ago

I absolutely need the image at 8:23 as a wallpaper. Can anybody help me look for it?

Josh Gerschutz

Josh Gerschutz . 2 days ago

But I need more

Niko Greenwood

Niko Greenwood . 2 days ago

Anyone know why my podcatcher feed stopped updating halfway through Ashley's one shot??

Artie Rupinen

Artie Rupinen . 2 days ago

Drink every time Matt says Magic.

angela evans

angela evans . 2 days ago

I want see books of adventures in this world

R -C

R -C . 3 days ago

do narrative telephone with this lol

George L.

George L. . 3 days ago

Matt should have said: "Welcome to Exandria. My World." I have seen every episode this man every DMed on video and he is by far the best dungeon master I have ever seen. What a talent. (Second would be Brennan Lee Mulligan, amazing DM as well btw). The critical role cast is living the dream. Which one of us DnD lovers wouldn't want to be them right?! Okay, back to my mundane life...

glasgow. k

glasgow. k . 3 days ago

Did i miss nature magic, or is that just arcane

FlintySole57 Gaming

FlintySole57 Gaming . 3 days ago

Yep I'm definitely using this as the into video for my newest exandrian campaign

Andrew Kasiba

Andrew Kasiba . 3 days ago

Next Kickstarter. EXANDRIA AN INTIMATE HISTORY: THE DOCUMENTARY. And it will be a feature length film


Logan . 4 days ago

I love when Matt and I get intimate


griffus111 . 4 days ago

Love the lore! thank you!


ShiivaWilding . 4 days ago

Classic and safe, the perfect setting for difficult stories.

James Ryan

James Ryan . 5 days ago

As a newbie, I really appreciate these intro lore videos. Are there others?

Iziliaeth the wazurd

Iziliaeth the wazurd . 5 days ago

There is just something very soothing about Matt's voice

Dana Reed

Dana Reed . 5 days ago

Keep writing Matt! You're really awesome and cannot wait for more


M B . 5 days ago

Simply amazing. Well done!


Kronosxviii1 . 5 days ago

Possible subplot: The outsider gods "invaded" and enslaved the natural order of the world to bend it to their will. They created the mortal races as faith & followers directly increase the power of said gods. The "betrayer" gods seeing the anger of the worlds natural residents felt guilty and were willing to go elsewhere. The "prime" deities having already expended a great deal of divine power were greedy and demanded that they gain some benefit for expense. Divine political infighting ensues and one faction wins... As they say history is written by the victor...

Kyle Grillo

Kyle Grillo . 5 days ago

“With that much money you could flesh out the entire creation and divinity”- end of the Kickstarted This is the gift we created for ourselves!!

Thad Lozensky

Thad Lozensky . 5 days ago

That was really cool

Max Martin

Max Martin . 5 days ago

Magic: the Gathering - Exandria


Magpie . 5 days ago

3:57 - I WOULD LIKE TO MEET THE SKELETON CENTAURS PLEASE. There's probably a proper name for them but I do not know it, I just got Very Very Excited because they look so incredibly badass.

Trial & Error

Trial & Error . 5 days ago

Will they return.....find out next time on Dragonball Z

House DM

House DM . 5 days ago

Such a good run down of Mercer's World. Love it!

Justin Kitchur

Justin Kitchur . 5 days ago

Ok, just, wow. I could have listened to this all day.

Crystal Chappelle

Crystal Chappelle . 5 days ago

amazing art!

Timothy Whitney

Timothy Whitney . 6 days ago

This was amazing! Thank you Matt and Crit Role team!!!!


Onuma . 6 days ago

Looking forward to seeing how large the Meat Man's empire has become.


Jackal1412 . 6 days ago

So..... Is it Thursday yet? SOOOOO CLOSE!

Raistlin Majere

Raistlin Majere . 6 days ago

THis was so good and every single bit of art needs a museum showing

George Lyst

George Lyst . 6 days ago

I need a campaign from the calamity

Burrell Bullock

Burrell Bullock . 6 days ago

Masterfully done my friend! I loved every moment in this video and inspires me to create more in my D&D world!

Rye BarRez

Rye BarRez . 6 days ago

I'm so proud of you Matt.

avans kow

avans kow . 6 days ago

Nice, good animated summary

Portland Blue Wizard

Portland Blue Wizard . 6 days ago

"How was Exandria started?" "Invading colonizers kicking the original inhabitants off their land and locking them in a prison. You know... the usual."

Victor Ballard

Victor Ballard . 6 days ago


Rōnin Belle

Rōnin Belle . 7 days ago

Omg we are gonna explore the desserts!!! Campaign 3 I'm so excited


E S . 7 days ago

oh that last screen shot: Jesters pen, Veth;s buttons, Percy's glasses , Beaus ball bearings.... what else ?

Korthall S.

Korthall S. . 7 days ago



pernus . 7 days ago



squarebrain . 1 week ago

How did the four formless deities become a fully fledged pantheon?

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