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Pokémon Legends: Arceus | Gameplay Preview
The Official Pokémon YouTube channel

The Official Pokémon YouTube channel

Published on 2 weeks ago

Want a sneak peek at how your adventure in the Hisui region will look, Trainers? 🤩

Check out this new gameplay preview ahead of the release of Pokémon Legends: Arceus on Friday, January 28!


Comments :

Logen M

Logen M . 45 minutes ago

What about gym battles? I hope the gyms in this game have Zelda like puzzles except using Pokémon abilities to solve them.

Carolina Gonzalez

Carolina Gonzalez . 1 hour ago

Remember the video below us


ABHINAV KRISHNAN . 4 hours ago

Legend of Pokemon : Breath of the wild


우리엄마 . 8 hours ago

wish the graphic were better......its making me dizzzy really wish theres a better version for Nintendo Switch

Thee Awesomest

Thee Awesomest . 9 hours ago

Can we play on the lite too?


Robbo3521 . 9 hours ago

This looks amazing


Andominate . 12 hours ago



Andominate . 12 hours ago

I feel like they should be sued by Attack on titan

Devansh Jain

Devansh Jain . 14 hours ago

I can imagine 10 years my kids playing this on a switch emulator on their PC....and me sitting back and smiling.....

Gerardo Davila

Gerardo Davila . 15 hours ago

Time to buy a Nintendo switch


rubble . 17 hours ago

the lighting fucking sucks


Tommy . 19 hours ago

This game looks like shit...Nintendo are regressing in graphics....Pokemon Sword and Shield looked way better.....

Constantijn Pino

Constantijn Pino . 24 hours ago

re-used animations much it's just all the botw animations without the shield and sword

Benjamin C.

Benjamin C. . 1 day ago

but can you turn xp share off?

Amanda Lyons

Amanda Lyons . 1 day ago

Played the game for about an hour, honestly not impressed. I love Pokémon and I was super excited about the game, but the core mechanics, graphics and textures are NOT it. There’s little to no life. I honestly do t know how some of y’all could look at it and think it’s better than breath of the wild. I’m upset I spent $60 on it. Hoping it will get better…


ᏴᏞᎪᏟᏦ 999 . 1 day ago

Please give us this game in Android version. I am big fan of Pokemon.


Akira . 1 day ago

It looks like a shitty game from 2004, why would anyone buy this?

Miles Huff

Miles Huff . 1 day ago



Vertutame . 1 day ago

"this battle is tough!" 1 hit from psyduck almost knock him out, it's effective.


MrGoBoom . 1 day ago

Did Stealth Rock just do damage when used?


7molecules . 1 day ago

Things are looking good... But they really need to do something about Pokemon battles.. they get boring.

Jonnhy Landin Blace

Jonnhy Landin Blace . 2 days ago

graficos ps1


Moon. . 2 days ago

Wait Can I Get A Flabébé?

Tri Tran

Tri Tran . 2 days ago

I can see the two thing I wanted a pokemon game to have now, monster hunter-like and open world. Shut up and take my money!


DPI . 2 days ago

Breath of the Dragon Quest 4: Pokemon Wild

Angelic Descent

Angelic Descent . 2 days ago

The different corps here reminds of Attack on Titan lol. Wonder if we we can join one and get faction rep or something?

Sophia Trevor

Sophia Trevor . 2 days ago

This looks exciting! It’d be super cool to see the Pokémon doing more action related moves in battle instead of purely turn based. Imagine being able to aim and attack or dodge as the Pokémon in the battle, just like the player can when the trainer gets to aim and throw balms at the noble Pokémon, or dodge attacks. I’ve always had a fascination playing as the actual Pokémon to utilize their types and abilities. Loving smash bros for including more Pokémon in their line up on ultimate I also love the researcher vibe as well as exploring the region using Pokémon to help :D

just a femboy

just a femboy . 2 days ago

i look forward to this game al i wanna know is will they make a terrorist group like oh they use pokemon as slaves or something like that

just a femboy

just a femboy . 2 days ago

i like how the pokebalk design and its capturing animation is more primitive than present pokeballs because these were the first pokeballs that were ever made


RandomMiniGames . 2 days ago

The legend of Pokémon: Breath of the Pokémon


Slyfe . 2 days ago



Roland . 2 days ago

The environment is too bland and boring...

Hunter Rice

Hunter Rice . 2 days ago

of course Bidoof would remain calm as you approach. Being the God of Pokemon, it has nothing to fear from you. (alternatively; while we all love them, they are collectively dumb as a box of rocks.)


scottyd71981 . 2 days ago

My friend refuses to play BOTW but says this game looks intriguing. How sway??

joe travieso

joe travieso . 2 days ago

wanted to buy it..that's why I'm previewing it here...but all I see is Breath of the Wild...disappointing

John Trompete

John Trompete . 2 days ago

Game is ass

Benjamin Abarca

Benjamin Abarca . 2 days ago

so it's still turn-based combat? hard hard pass. you can change everything else but at the core these games are about pokemon battles and if that stays the same.. meh


rxttencandy . 2 days ago



わに . 2 days ago


katana dog

katana dog . 2 days ago

Shit graphics

Bray Zap

Bray Zap . 2 days ago

Are there really no gyms or league? Wtf is that


KeiosKod . 2 days ago

Huh, that mechanic of calming the Noble Pokemon is interesting. I know it was already mentioned that you could throw food to distract wild Pokemon so that you can surprise them with a preemptive Pokemon ball throw, but I’m hoping there are more ways beyond that to handle them to make them easier to catch.

Lang Rangler

Lang Rangler . 2 days ago

Okay, so I’m the only one who heard specifically, “The Survey Corps” right? Those Pokémon did look pretty big…

Alvaro Baez

Alvaro Baez . 3 days ago

ZBOTW skin pokemon


HouseOfFunQuestionMark . 3 days ago

The Legend of Arceus - Pokemon of the Wild

Jason Young

Jason Young . 3 days ago

This is the pokemon game I've wanted since I played on Gameboy waaay back in the mid-90's... I am looking forward to this.


1234 . 3 days ago

the world seems very empty and dull in my opinion. and what happend with the colorfullnes like in old nintendo games ? like in gamecube the games looked better. this looks kinda gray and dull ? and dont fit imo.


thewewguy8t88 . 3 days ago

I am getting legend of Zelda breath of the wild vibes but I am a bit sad Battles are not in real time.

Sigmund Wolfgang Lancelot

Sigmund Wolfgang Lancelot . 3 days ago

Copia descaradamente mala de Zelda Breath of the PUAJ: Uno de los peores juegos de zelda de la historia.... Pues nada a seguir con fórmulas caducas....... Ya vieron las ventas que generó el Snap y no había que pegarse con ningún pokemon..... VAYA VAYA...... ¬¬ Esto solo tendrá todo tipo de violencia innecesaria y nada interesante ya que todo estará vacío y no se podrá interactuar NADA con el entorno

Daniel Hernandez

Daniel Hernandez . 3 days ago

It certainly pushes the graphical capabilities of the 3ds

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