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Kevin Rudolf I Made It (Cash Money Heroes)


Published on 12 years ago

Music video by Kevin Rudolf performing "I Made It" (Cash Money Heroes). (C) 2010 Cash Money Records Inc.

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Comments :

Baldev Rajpoot

Baldev Rajpoot . 56 minutes ago

I look up to the Sky and I remember that Era when people used to love and Cherish life man Nostalgia 08,09,10 when great music was made

Nuno Alexandre Pinto da Silva

Nuno Alexandre Pinto da Silva . 10 hours ago

Nice song

Poey Torres

Poey Torres . 14 hours ago

Underrated song of all time by the way I still listening

m has

m has . 14 hours ago

I used to dream about the life I'm living now he'll yeah no doubt I made it


Akashi805 . 1 day ago

Essa musica me lembra um video do neymar bem antigoooo

aman khurana

aman khurana . 1 day ago

Lyrics still going strong for me.

Joshua Nyingile

Joshua Nyingile . 1 day ago

Shawn Michaels last clash with the Undertaker at WrestleMania 26

Kavil Bhagwandas

Kavil Bhagwandas . 2 days ago

This should be a billion views

Anissa Djerroud

Anissa Djerroud . 5 days ago


Susou Fofa

Susou Fofa . 6 days ago

I Love Jay Sean

Luljeta Lajqi

Luljeta Lajqi . 6 days ago


Shade Jackson

Shade Jackson . 6 days ago

*inhales* ahhhh yeah

Mpendulo Masuku

Mpendulo Masuku . 7 days ago

January 21, 2022 YOOO!!!!!! We made it through COVID 19 We lost a lot; jobs, homes, hope and worst part was losing our loved ones. But WE MADE IT!! God bless you and yours. You are loved ☺️

SALAS BALDEON Otany Shaarawy

SALAS BALDEON Otany Shaarawy . 1 week ago

Esta canción está más infravalorada,es un temón.

Love and Faithfulness

Love and Faithfulness . 1 week ago

Titus 2:11-14 For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men, teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly in the present age, looking for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ, who gave Himself for us, that He might redeem us from every lawless deed and purify for Himself His own special people, zealous for good works.

Amir Akhavan

Amir Akhavan . 1 week ago

i remember a blonde girl made a cover of this song it was epic and she was so beautiful i searched the whole web but i couldn't find it :(

Steven Young

Steven Young . 1 week ago

I was at wrestlemania the year this was the song great memories

Google User

Google User . 1 week ago

I just heard the song "Don't say goodbye, say goodnight" in a local radio station and found it great. Thus, I searched for its lyrics so I can find the title. I'm very surprised the song was from Kevin Rudolf. Can't believe so I have to verify it's the same singer who sang I Made It and Let it Rock... the genre are very different, but both are great 😎


VisionsXDZ . 1 week ago

2022 and it STILL hits different

Flávio José

Flávio José . 1 week ago

que nostalgia perfeita

Flávio José

Flávio José . 1 week ago

alguem 2022

Ibrahim Ahmed Bulale

Ibrahim Ahmed Bulale . 2 weeks ago

Mannnn this song took me back to when I was young and used to play computer games and jam to this… good times

Chirag Patel

Chirag Patel . 2 weeks ago



Mulany . 2 weeks ago

Still my favourite in the yr 2022

Ameer Amirul

Ameer Amirul . 2 weeks ago

About 12 years ago, Wrestlemania 26 Theme Song... I really love to hear this song...today, I replay this video

Ammar GG

Ammar GG . 2 weeks ago

come here every once a while bc it reminds me of wrestlemania 26 :(

Allen Price

Allen Price . 2 weeks ago

I Made it. The price family hit the lottery!

Hector Valdez

Hector Valdez . 2 weeks ago

hey guys i am pitbull

Emmanuel Ẹnísàn

Emmanuel Ẹnísàn . 2 weeks ago

2022 Still ringing💫


Rahman . 3 weeks ago

Simply a legendary song



Wrestlemania 26. University of Phoenix Stadium.

Jay Dhan

Jay Dhan . 3 weeks ago

Please don't let it die

khalil ammour

khalil ammour . 3 weeks ago

Career Vs streak Thank you HBK 18-0

Spring's live

Spring's live . 3 weeks ago


Alex Tellez

Alex Tellez . 3 weeks ago

One of my favorites WrestleMania 😟 Such a good memory 💔

Gaurav Kumar

Gaurav Kumar . 3 weeks ago

This song came out when i was in 5th standard. I listened to this song everyday. Good memories coming back 😢, glad this song became part of my life. Those were the good old days.

Gift Jsec

Gift Jsec . 3 weeks ago

I made it to 2022🤝 I just had remember to watch after 11 years 💪🔥

Chris Allison

Chris Allison . 3 weeks ago

2022 and still blasting this

Lotovale jnr Nanai

Lotovale jnr Nanai . 3 weeks ago

Love the concept of making it..they didn't believe me now there calling my name 🤪😎😉

Gerry Shom

Gerry Shom . 3 weeks ago

Wrestlemania was full of this song that I just picture Cena and them lot pointing at the sign

Liam Kleid Ancheta

Liam Kleid Ancheta . 3 weeks ago

I got a job finally I MADE IT 😁

Soman Sajid

Soman Sajid . 4 weeks ago

2022 anyone?

jeffery haber

jeffery haber . 4 weeks ago

Doubt people come check out this video anymore but best wishes.. 2022, anyone who see's this!


Jacky URUJENI . 4 weeks ago

pure talent 😍🐱‍🏍


BN23 . 4 weeks ago


Fine Moala

Fine Moala . 4 weeks ago

A few years ago. I thought I was gonna die. Suicidal thoughts. It's 2022. I made it!

amila suresh

amila suresh . 4 weeks ago

Still a legendary song listining to this master piece 2022 ,01,01

Cryptocraze Mané

Cryptocraze Mané . 4 weeks ago

2022🥳🥳we made it😎

Emanuel Ávila

Emanuel Ávila . 4 weeks ago

Nostalgia 😢


neXxsuss . 4 weeks ago

- rolling into 2022 hoping...

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