Published on 5 years ago

Marking Heart Health Month, TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer kicks off a new TODAY series about foods that can help your heart. In the first installment she spotlights foods that can help lower your cholesterol, including apples, lentils and avocados.
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5 Foods That Can Help Lower Cholesterol: Apples, Lentils, Avocados | TODAY

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DARRYL PHILLIPS . 3 hours ago

Everyone's body is different what they say work doesn't work for everyone

Dead Bones Brook

Dead Bones Brook . 2 weeks ago

My cholesterol is high. It's the normal fluffy ldl cholesterol. High sugar causes bad dense ldl cholesterol. Low carb keto is healthy

Tarun Chauhan

Tarun Chauhan . 1 month ago

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Frankie Fernandez

Frankie Fernandez . 1 month ago

Cholesterol is the body's bandaid. Your liver makes up to 3,000 mg a day and sends it to the injured arteries that are inflamed from chronically elevated insulin. Lower insulin levels by cutting back on processed foods/carbs/sugars.

Margaret Belcher Rudd

Margaret Belcher Rudd . 2 months ago

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Anetor Berry

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Be1smaht . 2 months ago

she explained it really well.

althea McKenzie

althea McKenzie . 2 months ago

Thank you very much

ana marie Sales

ana marie Sales . 2 months ago

thnx for the info


Treesfoxhole . 3 months ago

Organic apples

Barbara Jean Lemon67

Barbara Jean Lemon67 . 3 months ago

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butt butt

butt butt . 3 months ago

Nice, 💖👍

Neth Cabangcala

Neth Cabangcala . 4 months ago

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Ox . 4 months ago

Why rush someone with so much important information

Marina William

Marina William . 4 months ago

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Wilson Ben

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Mary Yeboah

Mary Yeboah . 6 months ago

Great blessings to you all ,

Mary Yeboah

Mary Yeboah . 6 months ago

Great, blessings

Anaconda eunectes

Anaconda eunectes . 6 months ago

Love the lentils and oats. Apples upset my stomach and avocado makes my tongue puff up and make it difficult to swallow. Only thing is I love avocado.


Be1smaht . 7 months ago

I hate oatmeal

Tabasum Abdul-Rasul

Tabasum Abdul-Rasul . 8 months ago

It's very unfortunate that the presentator speaks constantly and keeps on interrupting the lady

Lori C

Lori C . 9 months ago

I was told I had borderline high cholesterol and they wanted me to go on Statins. I said no and wanted to try on my own. Here is what I did for 6 months... Apple cider vinegar with fresh lemon, ginger, cinnamon and flaxseed powder 2 x daily Intermittent fasting- 2 meals a day and 1 of them was oatmeal with frozen blueberries or dried cranberries ate an apple every day as my snack. Drank green tea with lemon lost 20 pounds and my cholesterol dropped from 200 to 150!

Daysi Salg

Daysi Salg . 9 months ago

Great info anbd not enough time for real important things

orrin ford

orrin ford . 9 months ago

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Danny Z

Danny Z . 10 months ago

600,000 Americans died of heart disease very year. More than COVID but yet COVID gets more attention. Lol FAKE MEDIA

Gloria Lucente

Gloria Lucente . 10 months ago


Robert Harvey

Robert Harvey . 10 months ago

rutgers workout

Thomas Bageo

Thomas Bageo . 10 months ago

Thanks for video and all this information , avocado is very good .


Shine40 . 11 months ago

REAL!!! lentils help me to reduce my bad cholesterol

Pat Evans

Pat Evans . 11 months ago

Apples have pectin Lentil. Have fiber Avodoc. Toast Oatmeal Chin seeds

Lovepreet Singh

Lovepreet Singh . 11 months ago

Thankyou very much. I was also suffering from 300 mg/dL cholestrol level and got no relief from Allopathic medicines. As I was too much frustrated, my friend told me to take Ayurvedic medicines of Planet Ayurveda. After trying their medicines, my cholesterol level decreaed down to 180 in just 2 months. Thanks to Ayurveda

Mary Duarte

Mary Duarte . 11 months ago

Thanks for sharing

meditation channel

meditation channel . 12 months ago

very informative blog

Pooja Kadakia

Pooja Kadakia . 12 months ago

This host is sooo rude

Khadijih Gore

Khadijih Gore . 12 months ago

Kind of wish blue dress lady would stop talking and cutting the other woman off. I get they are in a time crunch but I'm trying to learn here 😂

Maria Zapata

Maria Zapata . 1 year ago

Wow 🤩! Sounds phenomenal! Thanks for helping us have ideas to care for our health!😊


nurhayat81 . 1 year ago

I feel like they are rushing Joy too much. Allocate enough time to let the presenter take her time! God! No wonder our culture is now ADHD.

Taylor smith

Taylor smith . 1 year ago

why are the guests always rushed?!


Vanities . 1 year ago

1. Apples 2. Lentils 3. Avocado 4. Oats 5. Chia seeds

Hammad Khan

Hammad Khan . 1 year ago

I thought avocados are full of cholesterol, I wanted to eat them but I won't. Seems like I am wrong.

Jon Wesie

Jon Wesie . 1 year ago

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Sister vs Sis

Sister vs Sis . 1 year ago

Too bad for me I’m allergic to Apple

Amy Eitelberg

Amy Eitelberg . 1 year ago

Hi. Where can I find the recipes for the smoothie and oats? 😃

William Owens

William Owens . 1 year ago

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Peter Glenn

Peter Glenn . 2 years ago

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Aleeza Saeed

Aleeza Saeed . 5 years ago

Good information💏💏💏

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